Schnapps was Sweet Tooth's favorite drink. It was irresistibly sweet, and it didn't have the bitter burn of other alcoholic beverages. He could drink it like water, though after all of the poison that had been dumped into Gotham's water supply, he didn't drink much water.

Tonight was a night of celebration. He had successfully pulled off another bank heist, and fully intended to get plastered. Sweet Tooth pulled a bottle of mint schnapps from the pantry and yanked off the cap. He could smell the heavenly aroma and sighed. Tonight was going to be a good night.

"Candy!" he yelled. He heard her skirt rustle as she skipped into the kitchen.

"What is it, Sugar Daddy?" Candy playfully asked.

"Grab a bottle, Jelly Baby! Tonight, we're going to celebrate another victory!"

Candy giggled and grabbed a bottle of marshmallow schnapps. Sweet Tooth raised his bottle above his head. "To taking back the town!" She repeated him and they clinked their bottles. Sweet Tooth took a swig and smiled. The nectar was perfect. He put the bottle to his lips again and drank half of the liquid. Candy hiccuped next to him. He put the bottle down and saw that she had consumed only a quarter of her own. Their was a fierce determination in her eyes to keep up with him.

"You know I can outdrink you," he said as he twirled her pink and blue curls.

Candy glared at him and pressed the bottle to her lips again. She drank too fast and started coughing.

"Are you okay?" Sweet Tooth asked, lightly hitting her on the back as she coughed.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I'll be okay," Candy answered. She hiccuped again. "It just went down the wrong pipe."

"Just be careful, Dove," said Sweet Tooth, sipping his drink.

"Know what would be fun?" Candy asked, sliding off the counter-top.

"No, amuse me."

"Peppermint patties," she answered as she opened the refrigerator door. Candy pulled out a bottle of chocolate syrup and Sweet Tooth grinned.

"Well, aren't you a Smartie tonight?" he said, taking the bottle from Candy. She sat on her knees on the wooden floor. "Ready?" she nodded. Sweet Tooth poured the syrup and alcohol into her mouth and she began to swish.

Candy smiled, her teeth stained with chocolate. "Your turn!"

Sweet Tooth knelt and opened his mouth. The liquids combined together in perfect harmony. He swallowed, his taste buds aching for more.

"Hey, ST?"

"What is it, Candy?" He looked up and saw Candy biting her lower lip.

One moment later, and Sweet Tooth found himself on his back, the result of Candy pouncing on top of him. Their faces were close to touching, and he could taste the sweetness on her breath. Their lips collided, and Sweet Tooth was again reminded that tonight was going to be a very good night.