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"Have you seen Robin?"

BB groaned as he slid his hand over his face, trying to hide his aggravation. She had been asking him constantly for the last 24 minutes. 24 extremely long minutes.

"Star, for the last time, I haven't seen Robin since this morning.." explained BB slowly to the Tameranian(is that how you spell it?) girl, hoping that she would finally get the clue and leave him alone to play his precious video games.

"Oh... so you HAVEN'T seen him?" asked Star innocently as she hovered above the ground.

"NO!" shouted BB, his veins popping in frustration. "Check the roof, he's always there!"

Star smiled and hugged her friend quickly.

"Thank you Beast boy... I could have never found friend Robin without you!" With that she flew up the stairs, leaving BB sighing a breath of relief.

"Finally she's gone..." muttered BB under his breath. His hands reached for a silver controller. It was almost in his grasp when-

"BB, you up for a two player game?" asked Cyborg as he slid onto the leather couch. BB yelped and glared at him, clearly fuming.

"Er...what I do?" asked Cyborg as he began to slowly back away.

Liney:(my personal line break OC) Hey! First time in Teen Titan land! *sees BB throwing spatulas* er...continuing on with the story..

Her red hair fluttered in the wind as she came to an abrupt stop on the top of the Teen Titan's Tower.

"Friend Robin! Where have you been? I have been so happy for you to try my delicious cooking!" laughed Starfire cheerfully as she held up what appeared to be a non edible dish.

Robin's ears perked up as he turned around, revealing an astonishing sight. Starfire gasped, her dish clattering to the ground with a gasp.

The food, now forgotten, was the last thing on Star's mind as she stuttered out:

"R-Robin, what happened to your mask?"

The boy wonder was indeed maskless. His slick jet black hair hadn't changed. In fact, it made his-

-violet eyes pop out even more.

"Oh c- Star, I can explain!" he said, slipping on his mask once more. Star floated over and traced her fingers around his mask. Robin blushed immensely but made no sign of stopping her. Her delicate fingers pried off the mask as she stared into those stunning violet eyes once more.

"Robin, why haven't you taken off your mask before?" asked Starfire quietly as she gazed into his eyes.

"Because... I-"

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