Heya! I apologize in advance for the horribleness of this writing...I am just going blank right now, so I don't own TT and enjoy this bad ending...:/ Meh, might rewrite this. Fact, I KNOW I'm going to rewrite this...just not tonight...thanks for your awesome reviews!

He huffed and looked at her, showing sorrow in his violet eyes.

"It was...the color of my mother's eyes..." he said quietly.

"But is you mother not living still? Shouldn't you be proud of your heritage?" questioned Starfire as she reached for Robin's hand. She laid hers down on his, and Robin didn't even glance at it as he bit his lip.

"She's dead." he said flatly. Starfire gasped and looked at him.

"I am sorry, friend Robin...I didn't know..." she said softly. Her hand slipped away from his as she stood up and brushed off the dirt from her skirt.

"I should leave..." she said, hovering above the ground. She turned around and was about to fly off.

"No. Don't leave, stay..." commanded Robin. Starfire looked over her shoulder and gave him a confused glance.

"But I thought you were upset..." she said in a questioning tone. Robin sighed and stood up, his cape fluttering in the light breeze.

"I am, but I'd rather have someone with me than to be alone.." he admitted, turning slightly pink. Starfire smiled and floated back towards him, sitting down extremely close to him. Robin didn't mind, in fact, the boy blunder seemed to be moving closer to Starfire.

"Robin, I am sorry for your loss..." said Starfire, choosing her words carefully, "but on my planet, we mourn, and then we let go..."

Robin sighed.

"Six years. Six years since my mother and father died..." He slipped on his thin black mask once more.

"This..." he said, indicating to the mask, "masks my pain. You can't see pain though a mask, right?" he asked sadly. He stood up and sighed.

"I thought not... See you in the training room Star..." he said, slowly walking down the stairs.

"ROBIN!" cried out Starfire in a rush. He turned around briefly. She gave him a small smile.

"You were brave for unmasking yourself..." She floated over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "I..admire that..." She giggled and flew into the setting sunset, leaving Robin standing dumbstruck.

"Maybe I should take off my mask more often..."

Cheesy, overused, but hey! It's something! :)