Blind. The very definition of the word is losing the ability to see. However, that statement is false. Complete rubbish if you ask me. For when you lose one sense. You heighten the others.

Brunette hair dashed around the small back room of his home. His shoes clashing against the harsh flooring of his apartment. The subtle annoyance of the harsh squeak against the less than cheap tile flooring much to loud rousing a sleeping blonde out of his chemical induced slumber. With a disapproving grunt the brute slowly felt his heavy lids brush over his eyes. The familiar sliding of skin over silky eye fluid a natural occurrence… but there was just one problem. The world was still black. Not just the usual black cloud that accompanied the blonde on a daily basis as he tried to get through his day, but black.. completely black. His lids closed and slid up once more. Nothing. Grumbling he heard shuffling and all of his senses went on high alert. Had he been kidnapped? Was it just that possibly those smirking lips and raven hair had finally ended him and he was on his way to the fiery pits of the hottest hell reserved for protozoic monsters? No… every suspicion he had cleared as the familiar sigh of a friend relaxed his overstimulated senses and blinked again. Grunting as the thought of those carmine eyes half lidded in a lazy smirk pissed him off to no end. The blonde couldn't help but make a snarky comment to his childhood friend Shinra Kishitani as he came to.

"You better not be experimenting on me you fucker." Shizuo grumbled angrily as he slowly sat up quite cross at his young friend for trying to pull a fast one on him. Shizuo moved his hands back behind him to stabilize himself. An unwanted wave ran through his head fogging up his brain for a brief moment before stabilizing and giving a curt yawn sitting back on rough yet plush pillows. The shoe squeaks stopped as a surprised gasp escaped the doctor in trainings stunned being.

"SH-SHIZUO?" The doctor yelped in surprise as he ran to his annoyed friend and hugged him around his shoulders tightly. Said friend tensed and grimaced as the tone of the others grotesque voice stabbed at his ear drums. His shoulders locked as the whole uncomfortable scene played out before him. The blonde gave a disgruntled huff and squirmed successfully prying himself out of Shinra's grasp as he relaxed once again and sat back against those rough pillows. "I- I didn't think you would wake up," He heard the worry in the others voice as the tone of it changed into a small chuckle and a half hearted chuckle, "but I should have known better than to underestimate the great-" Suddenly the doctor stopped. The brute blinked once and scowled as his vision had not yet returned. "Shizuo…" Said blonde huffed and sighed annoyed at his friend. Couldn't he just tell him what was going on. "You were in an accident…. and.. and I am afraid that.." The brunette sighed in frustration. If only he were a better doctor he wouldn't have to explain to a dear friend of his that his eyes were not covered. "You have permanently lost your eyesight…"

The whole room stood still. Air caught in the now sightless blonde's throat. Of course, something inside of him snapped as usual. His hands snapped up to his face in disbelief. His chest heaved up and down as he felt that nothing was over his eyes. Guttural growls erupted from his chest as he gripped the sheets that pooled around his lower body and flung them from himself swinging his legs over the bed standing up on the icy floor. Wobbling legs tried to account for the being they belonged to but found that they no longer could as the blonde collapsed on the floor gasping for air. Brown glassed eyes widened as the teen rushed over to his friend. Anger and rage pooled up and out of Shizuo's mouth as he roared.

"Shizuo! You shouldn't stand!" Shinra tried to reason as he placed his hand on the blonde teens shoulder. The blonde's hand immediate reacted and grabbed at Shinra's wrist but the hand missed and made Shizuo collapse onto his shoulder… down on the icy cold floor decorated with the scuff marks of squeaky shoes.

Shizuo shot up in his bed as his REM sleep faded off into oblivion as his clouded silver eyes stared blankly at nothing. That's all he had ever truly seen.. Nothing. The blind man pointed out the subtle snoring coming from the room adjacent to his own as he woke up before his six thirty alarm once again.


An angry pale fist slammed onto the small machine crushing it against the solid cool mahogany dresser. Sighing, the teen pushed the broken array of pieces into his steel blue trash bin as the blanket slowly fell to his hips revealing the pale flesh of his torso. Begrudgingly the blonde swung his smooth legs over the bed and got up to start his awkward daily routine of trying to get ready without being able to physically see himself.

The accident haunted his sleep… every single night the dream was the same. Replaying that fateful night that he lost something he took for granted. You never know what you have until it's gone. Shizuo missed the way people could look at him with fear in their eyes, he missed seeing his brother's stoic face… hell he even missed recognizing the smirk and ink black hair that bounced the with the way an impossible louse walked with that same bound in his step.


Two ends of a toothbrush fell into the sink as the blonde let out a disgruntled rumbling in his throat as he felt around the cold counter to find that familiar dip in the surface that was the sink. Shizuo's fingertips slid along the smooth surface until there was a dip in the counter top and the coldness of the water reached his fingertips as he sighed and grabbed the broken toothbrush cursing his inhuman strength that made him oh so very misunderstood for what must have been about the billionth time.

Once done in the bathroom the blonde teen glided his fingers along his smooth blue walls feeling every bump and imperfection in the otherwise smooth surface as he made his way to his dresser. As he walked Shizuo tripped over something and almost lost his footing had it not been for his stomach bumping into his dark mahogany dresser. The cool brass knobs pressed against his hip as he slid his fingers along the width of his dresser judging how far he had to step back as his mind dwelled on why he had to do this in this first place.

No. Not today Shizuo. The blind teen reassured himself as he proceeded, with difficulty, to get dressed using his fingertips and other heightened senses to judge wether or not everything was aligned on himself properly. His face, however, was a different story.

Stormy eyes looked up at nothing, those silvery irises forever locked into staring at empty space as his ever silent brother took to smoothing the bleached soft tufts of hair atop his older brother's head. Both of the boys completely silent as Kasuka set down the brush and patted his older brother's head twice showing his affection for his brother a ghost of a smile playing on his lips as he walked out of his brother's room to head out to an audition under a different name. Shizuo frowned at that… his brother auditioned under a stage name and his hair was brown. Shizuo sighed deciding to curse his strength and anger once again.

The fifteen minute walk to school with Shinra always took longer on mondays. Mondays were the days a certain louse would be waiting to taunt him, knowing he would never be able to do anything back… But this day would be different. Shizuo had learned to control his senses more than he had last year. He began to pick up on a lot more than usual. Like the way the flea always leans in when he smirks. Another tell tale sign that his wit would strike a blow at his eyesight. Today will be different. Shizuo thought as he followed Shinra who was tugging on his sleeve pulling him in the direction of their class.

A pair of devil red eyes watched the pair from his perch on a high wall. The pale pink lips curved into a smirk. As the impish grin reached his eyes a familiar glint sparked in his eye as he hopped from the ledge with all the agility of a feline.

"My, my, Shizu-chan… Don't you just love fresh flowers in the morning? All of the bright colors so vivid and beautiful.. It truly is a sight to se-" Izaya gasped in mock surprise as the two teens turned to him. Placing a hand over his mouth the raven leaned forward slightly smirking. "Oh Shizu-chan, please forgive me… I had completely forgotten." Izaya falsely pleaded as his smirk grew wider by the second.

Shizuo's rage bubbled inside him as he let out a roar and went to run but was desperately tugged back by Shinra. Bubbles of laughter and giggles escaped the raven's mouth as he went to run away then stopped as he sighed shaking his head stuffing his hands in his pockets. All three of them were silent as they realized that nothing would ever be the same…. no matter what the other did to provoke Shizuo.. he could never chase back. This had dawned on Izaya a while back… when he first gazed into those sickly beautiful silvery grey eyes that complimented blonde hair and pale skin making his rival look perfectly angelic in his light blue uniform. That nothing would ver be the same again.

"You always ruin my fun you damn protozoan." Izaya sighed as he looked at the floor scowling shoving his hands deeper into his pockets. Shinra let go of Shizuo's sleeve knowing that the tension was to high for either one of them to start something now. Not a single object had been out of place in the school for over a year now.. No one had been chased.. or injured… minus Shizuo running into things. Shizuo sensed the discomfort in knowing that Izaya's fun with him was over. He wished he could see the disappointed look on the flea's face. Desperately to see those blood red eyes gaze at him when the raven thought he wasn't looking. But no.

Soft thuds of shoes against the pavement thudded in time with Shizuo's heart as Izaya walked away looking rather crest fallen at his lack of the one thing he has always wanted. To control his beautiful rival. To see his mocha eyes staring back into his own as he killed him. To see the life drain from beautiful eyes filled with fear and anxiety mixed with pain as his switchblade dove deep into Shizuo's pale abdomen. But no.

Nothing would ever be the same again. But being blind doesn't mean you lose your ability to see. In fact it is quite the opposite.

For the silver eyed protozoan now felt his heart thud in anticipation as he felt his rival walk away from him… Because he knew that his rival with the beautiful ink black hair and smirking carmine eyes would never give up on him.

He knew that much.

But it was true….

Things would never be the same again.