Blind. The very definition is to lose the ability to see. Which is complete rubbish if you ask me. For when you lose one sense. All of the others heighten.

However, not the one sense you needed. Not the sense of being wanted, needed, and loved. Sure your family loves you, shit, they shower you with all of the love and affection you could ever dream of. True love is nothing is like that. True love puts the air in your lungs, and the ability to rise each morning and not see the world for what it truly is. True love would and could only be shared between two people that adored each other with all of their being. Everything about the world love was supposed to be beautiful and happy, but lately that word's been misused.

People had placed love and kindness into Shizuo where it wasn't wanted. Before… when he was a monster, no one had loved him, no one had cared for him. Now he had girls cooing at him and fawning over him. He had people saying that he was attractive and a sight for sore eyes. Now that he was basically strapped down to the filthy ground with chains and led that perpetually held him down to the ground, leaving his blood to boil with anger, rendering him helpless to do anything about it, everyone saw him in a different light all of a sudden. Shizuo knew that if he ever got his eye sight back he would test his theory, and he knew exactly who he would take out his anger on.

Cackling laughter was heard a moment later.

"Oh Shizu-chan you really are too pathetic~" The slimy voice crooned into Shizuo's ear sending unpleasant shivers slowly rolling up and down his spine, making his bones go cold. Shizuo dropped down to his knees as his head hung low. He was so regretful. For what he didn't know. He would give anything to see that stupid smug face.. or that fucking stupid smirk on his louse face. How his eyes would fill with glee as he sprinted off looking back at Shizuo over his shoulder. Shizuo panted on the floor of the place in an all back room, exhausted.

"Izaya… Please.. I want to see you.." Shizuo breathed out. More laughter was heard after his request before the soft thud of foot steps echoed in the room. Izaya stepped into one of the few spots of light directly in front of Shizuo. Shizuo turned his head up slightly and saw the males shoes, then black pants, then his stupid annoying chain that jingled with every step he took. As Shizuo's eyes traveled up further he saw the bright red shirt and cropped jacket Izaya wore. His gaze traveled higher as he stood now looking down at the flea's pale white face, red eyes contrasting and sticking out like a sore thumb. Shizuo jumped back at the sudden emotion that flicked in those red eyes. Regret.

"Hello Shizu-chan…" Izaya breathed out softly looking into the blonde's mocha eyes as if it was the first and last time he would ever get to. Shizuo didn't answer. He took all of Izaya in. His perfectly arched eyebrows and his small face, his inky black hair and how small his frame was. Shizuo drank the sight of him in trying to memorize it. "You'll never remember it like that.." Izaya said matter of factly and grabbed Shizuo's hands bringing both of them to rest on his cheeks. Shizuo felt the soft perfect skin under his fingertips. It felt so soft… like silk. Izaya placed his hands on Shizuo's wrists leaning into the blonde's touch as he stroked his cheeks with his thumbs watching as Izaya closed his eyes. Shizuo felt his eyes sting with tears, yet even in his dreams he couldn't cry.

At that moment something for Shizuo clicked and locked into place.

"I'll never be able to see you like this… Even if you did like me the way I like you…. It's too late now.. I'll never be able to see what you look like…. I'll never be able to see you age.. Never be able to see you smile… I'll never be able to see your face.. Or anything at all…."

"Well then I guess Shizu-chan won't see me get wrinkles, ne?" Izaya laughed then opened his eyes to look at Shizuo. His laughter immediately silenced as Shizuo looked right through him with crestfallen eyes before pulling the smaller male into and embrace and sobbing without tears.

"I'm so sorry… I'm so sorry! I'm too late! Izaya please forgive me!" Shizuo choked out as he hugged the raven tighter afraid of shutting his eyes and seeing nothing again. Izaya wrapped his arms around the blonde tightly and rubbed his back, offering some comfort to the taller male.

"No you didn't you damned protozoan… It's too big of a concept for your tiny brain to comprehend, but it's not too late at all. Now quit feeling sorry for yourself and do something about this. Now, wake up.." Shizuo pulled back and shot Izaya a quizzical look.


"Wake up.. Shizuo wake up…"

Shizuo grumbled and turned around to face his younger brother, who was shaking his shoulder in order to wake him up.

"Kasuka what do you want?" The blonde said, his gaze not focusing on his brother or looking at him because it couldn't.

"It's time to get up, you slept through your alarm, and your friend is waiting to walk you to school." Kasuka replied before walking out of the room to brush his small teeth. Shizuo growled and sat up stretching his arms over his chest, working out the kinks in his back and neck before relaxing with a grimace on his face.

"It smells like shit."

After getting ready Shizuo slowly descended the stairs with the help of Kasuka and smelled his mother's sweet perfume, yet mixed with something foul. He recognized the smell immediately as he heard his mother laugh at something someone else had said who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs with her. Shizuo stopped dead in his tracks. No. Fucking. Way. Kasuka shot his brother a quizzical look, though he couldn't see it Shizuo felt it. His stormy eyes locked right onto Izaya who had previously been chatting with Shizuo's mother. Izaya looked at Shizuo and shivered slightly as he felt the silver eyes of his beautiful monster look through his very being.

"What is he doing here?" Shizuo growled out as the air in the room became noticeably more thick by the second. Izaya gulped and mentally cursed himself for feeling anxious and nervous and momentarily loosing his cool, he was about to speak up when Shizuo's mother piped up.

"Well dear, Shinra has come down with a cold and so Izaya offered to walk you to school and back until Shinra is better." She sang as she took note of the duo's body language trying to diffuse the situation. Mrs. Heiwajima glided over to her sons and grabbed Shizuo's other hand carefully and pulled him the rest of the way down the stairs slowly, Shizuo's grimace becoming more noticeable the closer he came to Izaya. "Now Shizuo, it was very kind of Izaya to offer some help-"

"It's not like he was offering any before I couldn't see!" Shizuo snapped and his mother sighed in sadness. Hearing that Shizuo immediately regretted what he said and wished with everything he had to take it back. If there was one thing he could not stand it was causing his mother grief even more so than he already did. Shizuo decided it was time to be a man and just accept his situation for what it was and make his mother happy even if it meant being nice to… Izaya. Shizuo looked down his bangs covering his eyes. "But… I still appreciate this. Thank you…" Shizuo growled under his breath, "Izaya."

Izaya's ears perked up at hearing his actual name being used instead of an insult. The latter smirked and nodded to the boy, taking note the Mrs. Heiwajima was pleased that Shizuo had been nice to him. The raven stored that information for later and formulated more plans around it.

"You're welcome… Shizuo." Izaya cooed causing Shizuo to snap his head up staring right at the snarky teen, his empty eyes looking confused. Shizuo's mother clapped her hands and smiled looking between the two of them noticing something the two didn't.

"Well! You boys don't want to be late! Thank you so much again Izaya for doing this it really is appreciated~" The woman smiled placing her hand on the boy's arm gently. Izaya immediately noticed her affectionate nature and smiled warmly at her nodding.

"It's really no trouble at all.." He insisted smiling more at her and inwardly jumping for joy. Shizuo's mother nodded and walked over to her son pecking him on the cheek causing Shizuo to blush and look down shifting uncomfortably.

"Awh mom.." Shizuo said clearly embarrassed at his mother's action, to which she scoffed.

"Shizuo Heiwajima you are still my son and as long as you're my son I'm going to kiss you!" She scolded lightly before grabbing Kasuka's hand before saying her goodbyes to the two teens and heading out the door to drive Kasuka to his audition. Shizuo put his hand up and Kasuka put his head under his elder brother's hand for Shizuo to ruffle his hair. After that Kauska walked up to Izaya staring at him with his always stoic face. Izaya smiled down at the younger boy and was met with a blank face, Izaya's smile faltered as the look he was receiving seemed to warn him if anything happened to Shizuo. Kasuka walked out of the door and joined his mother in the car heading to his audition.

After the hum of the car was out of ear shot there was practically no sound. You could hear a pin drop on the floor if it wasn't for Izaya's steady breathing. Shizuo frowned and took a step towards Izaya. This was awkward.

"So what's the real reason you're here? What did you do with Shinra?" Shizuo questioned. Izaya laughed a little then stopped and quickly made up an excuse as to not say that he missed the blonde.

"Shinra actually is sick Shizu-chan, and so I came to offer my assistance." Izaya smirked and bowed slightly before remembering that being a snark with his mannerisms was a moot point seeing as Shizuo could no longer see. Shizuo noticed the shift in air and recognized what Izaya was doing, shaking his head with a small sigh. Izaya smiled, "Well~ Shall we go then?" He insisted as he went to turn before feeling a tug on his sleeve turning to notice that Shizuo had gripped onto the sleeve of his uniform. Shizuo fought back a blush to no avail as he looked down.

"I broke all of my markers that I use to walk with Shinra…" He explained as his face turned a darker shade at having to stoop as low as to seek help from a smelly, rotten, no good flea. Izaya looked at Shizuo's hand then his face before laughing lightly.

"Ah, Shizzy if you wanted to hold my hand you could have just asked~" The boy jested as he shrugged before being smacked in the back of the head, the act catching him completely by surprise. He pouted rubbing the back of his head. "If you're going to help then help and don't be an annoying louse for once in your life!" Shizuo hollered cloudy eyes focusing on nothing in particular.

"Ow, okay okay, sheesh…" The raven frowned grabbing Shizuo's hand again placing it at his sleeve and Shizuo clutched it gently in his hand. It was soft.. and nice. The blonde remembered his dream from the previous night and again fought back a blush and looked down as Izaya led him out of his house shutting the door before walking with Shizuo on the sidewalk. The two walked in silence as Shizuo began to grow more comfortable with the situation as it went on but remained guarded. Izaya noticed the blonde's composure and decided to test the waters.

"Hey, Shizu-chan? I'm really sorry for what I said to you last week..." Izaya said trying his best to hold back the emotion he was actually feeling. However, it was as clear as day to Shizuo who was able to pick up on everything Izaya was feeling. Shizuo locked his eyes onto Izaya for the second time that morning staring at him with his mouth agape stopping dead in his tracks causing Izaya to stop as well turning to look at Shizuo before going pale and widening his eyes.

"Don't- Don't you fucking dare say anything else or I swear to god I will punch you so hard your ancestors are going to feel it." Shizuo's beautiful silver eyes shone with fresh tears biting his bottom lip so hard tiny droplets of blood were beginning to form. "I swear to god Izaya do not fucking do this to me. I get that you're so intent on making my life a living hell but when are you going to stop?! Do I have to die for you to stop?! Is that what you want?! Because believe me i've tried! What do I have to do for you to leave me the fuck alone?!" Shizuo cried now yelling at Izaya, who was now frozen in fear then quickly scowled looking into Shizuo's darkened grey eyes, watching as the blonde shook with anger. The jig was up.. Izaya was caught. Izaya let out an exasperated sigh as he stomped over to Shizuo.

"Do you know how much I hate you!? You're such an idiotic brute and it makes me sick. Why all of a sudden can you just look at me and know everything I'm thinking?! That's supposed to be my job! You're still the same protozoic monster that tried to punch my lights out the first time we met!" Izaya was now bubbling with rage and he could feel his blood boiling. This was not the way he wanted this walk to go. He was supposed to be somewhat of a hero to Shizuo for taking care of him and then he would apologize and then Shizuo would fawn all over him and then he could control his beautiful monster from a whole new angle, but as usual Shizuo did the unexpected and pissed him off. Izaya hadn't had time to asses the situation at hand and was now uncontrollably angry.

Shizuo on the other hand was assessing the situation, and the other boy's emotions. Suddenly his thoughts went back to his dream.

'No you didn't you damned protozoan… It's too big of a concept for your tiny brain to comprehend, but it's not too late at all. Now quit feeling sorry for yourself and do something about this.'

Those words rang through his head and his ears and then he was broken out of his trance by Izaya going off and yelling at him some more for not answering him and throwing more insults about his lack of intelligence. Shizuo sighed and thought about what he had to lose if he did what he was going to do. He would lose the one person on earth that loved him when he was a monster and loved him even when he couldn't be. The one person on earth who would never give up on him, but if all that was true, if Izaya really cared for him, this would work.

Izaya was still ranting and raving pointing out all of Shizuo's wrong doings and how impolite it was to interrupt someone but all of it was due to Shizuo's brutish nature before Shizuo placed both of his hands on Izaya's shoulders, missing his cheeks by a mile. Izaya shut up as soon as the blonde's hands were on his shoulders gaping at his monster before him. Shizuo slid his hands up Izaya's shoulders running his fingers up Izaya's neck and past his jaw, noticing that the skin was softer than he had ever imagined. The hands found even softer skin as his palms pressed into Izaya's cheeks gently, Shizuo slid his thumbs to the corners of Izaya's lips. The raven haired teen was frozen in his tracks as he noticed Shizuo's eyelids slowly closing, not like it mattered, as the blonde's head slowly leaned down. Time seemed to stand still, it all happened in slow motion to the two boys, it was as if they were the only two people in the world. Izaya opened his mouth slightly to say something but was immediately cut off as Shizuo's mouth found his in a soft, slightly clumsy, kiss. Izaya's eyes widened to the size of saucers as the situation finally caught up to him before inwardly smiling as this was what he had been going for. Yet it had happened completely by surprise as to be expected with his brute. Izaya's eyes slowly fluttered closed as he found himself responding back to the kiss now taking Shizuo by surprise as he placed his hands on Shizuo's wrists stroking them with his thumbs, just as he had done in the blonde's dream. The kiss seemed to go on for hours when in reality it was just seconds before Shizuo pulled away and felt his cheeks catch fire. His hands hadn't left Izaya's cheeks and he felt the other's face heat as well. Izaya slowly opened his eyes hoping to see mocha orbs smiling at him, however when he opened his eyes he was met only with beautiful silver eyes, yet was not disappointed in the least as he saw the scowl on Shizuo's face that didn't look quite so menacing anymore.

"God you just never know when to shut up do you?"