For Gamma Orionis, because she went and got me to love this pairing, despite my early reluctance.

Warning: Incestuous thoughts. If you don't like it, for goodness sake, don't read it. Flames will cheerfully be used to roast marshmallows.

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Rabastan Lestrange doesn't much mind his life, most of the time. Sure, he seems to wind up with the short end of the stick pretty often, and he sometimes wonders if his brother stole all of the good breeding from their parents and left nothing good for him, but usually he's pretty much content. He doesn't need a whole lot to be happy, really.

He's always known that there are things he cannot have, and he's all right with that. He understands. That's just the way things are. There's no sense wishing for the impossible to happen, because it just won't, and that's then just a useless dream.

But every once in a while, Rabastan catches himself wishing. Wishing that they didn't live in a society with such strict rules. Wishing his parents weren't so harsh. Wishing he didn't have to be what everyone else wanted. Wishing he was better, braver, stronger.

Wishing that his brother wasn't his brother, so that maybe Rabastan's desires weren't so impossible.

Not that, honestly, it would make much difference if the weren't related, as both of them are clearly male, so it's already impossible. In the society in which they live – no, that would be completely unacceptable, brothers or not. And Rabastan knows that – it wouldn't make any difference to the forbidden aspect.

But it might make some difference to Rodolphus.

And Rabastan hates himself for wanting such impossible things. He hates himself for wishing for what will never happen, what he'll never have. He's wasting time, daydreaming of such things. A waste.

But his heart does not listen to reason, and his brain daydreams no matter how many times he tries to force it back into order.

And he imagines what it would be like, if they were somebody else. He imagines his brother's strong arms wrapped around him, and what it would feel like when finally, finally their lips met.

If it wasn't so impossible.