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Chapter One: Author

Most authors just want to write a good story.

No, scratch that; most authors want to write a really great story, a really fantastic story. Have it touch someone's life, make a difference somehow, make the darkness in the world fade a little... Maybe even give people hope that tomorrow might be a brighter day than the one they're currently living in...

Most authors do not expect the characters that they write to suddenly appear on their doorstep and demand reasons for why their lives had to be such hell.

Sure, some writers base characters on people that they know; the main character's hot girlfriend that loves him so unconditionally that she spurns all others might have traits of that popular chick that you never seem to get because you're always that 'weird nerd' or the psycho, wanna-take-over-the-world villain of the piece has the same sneer the bully that stole your lunch money and somehow managed to duct tape you to the assembly room wall in your underwear had...


Chuck certainly did not expect Sam and Dean Winchester-the actual Sam and Dean, and not another pair of crazy fans-to be standing on his porch, despite the fact that he had just been writing that they were coming there. To him, it had always been a book series, just a pair of characters going through adventures that helped garner him praise, and some times was the only thing that kept the roof over his head... Now here they were, the two people he had put through both torture and horrible writing, demanding to know what the hell was going on.

At first, he thought that it was a joke; who would believe that people you thought you made up in your head would come knocking on your door? Nobody, that's who, and he had become extremely tried of people demanding to know what was happening to the Winchesters when he nearly made him sick to write it half the time. So he did what any sensible person would have done, he attempted to shut the door on them, and get back to what his life amounted to, now that he stopped publishing the story of the two that seemed determined to overtake his entire life.

Dean had other plans and those plans did not include Chuck slamming the door in their faces. Needless to say, it didn't take a lot of convincing after that for Chuck to realize that he was actually dealing with the characters from his books, live and in person.

As he stood there, staring at the pair of them, in the flesh and blood, not merely the product of one massive headache and nightmares, Chuck was certain of two things: One, Dean was probably going to try to kill him before the day was out... and two?

He really needed a drink.

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