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Chapter 1:

New Girl in Town

Dawn Florentia, a pale 13 year old, stood in front of Southdale Jr High. Today was her first day of public school. Her sleek black hair blew in the calm wind as she walked through the gates. Her gray eyes studied everything, and anything. The students, the building, the benches. She took a deep breath. 'Stop worrying,' she told herself, 'You only have to find the Clarks.'

Of course, she didn't have to. She just wanted to have fun before the bell. She took out her phone, unlocking it. If you were to look over her shoulder, you would've seen the four, normal Clarks clearly on the screen. They were walking to school. Nearly there.


Five more minutes and they were at the campus. Dawn put on a shy smile, and walked towards them slowly. They noticed quickly.

Tony saw her first,

"Hey guys, who's that?" The other three glanced in the direction he was pointing in. Marc said,

"She must be new. I've never seen her before."

Megan smiled, "A new girl's in town huh? I wonder if Tami's gotten to her yet."

Lee laughed a bit, "Chances are Tami will leave us alone for a week if she sees there's a new girl."

Said new girl shuffled over and stared at the ground. After a moment of silence, she said feebly,

"H-hi… U-um, can one of y-you please show me where the s-science room is…?" A close look at her face would easily show the large blush on it.

Megan politely said, "Sure. I'm Megan. What's your name?"

"D-Dawn Florentia."

"Then c'mon Dawn, let's go. Is science your first period class?"


Megan smiled, "It's my first period too!"

So the four Clarks and Dawn walked to the science room. Dawn was blushing and shy on the outside. On the inside, she was wondering if they would connect the dots. Obviously not now, but soon.

Tony cut into the small conversation Megan and Dawn were having, saying,

"I'm Tony Clark! Nice to meet you!" Dawn smiled and shook his outstreached hand. Marc walked in fron of Tony saying,

"I'm Marc Clark. If you need help studing, let me know." Dawn giggled a little. Marc gave her a questioning look.

"Your name ryhmes." Marc blushed, giving a little nervous laugh, and shook her hand.

Lee stepped in front of Marc.

"I'm Lee, the eldest. You should come over to our house sometime." Dawn nodded and shook his hand. Then she said,

"I have to meet with the teacher early. I'll see you soon." She said in a small, innocent voice.

Megan replied, "See you in class!" Dawn let herself in and gentley closed the door. She walked over to the center of the room and held onto one of the desks, thinking over everything that just happened.

Megan was definitely going to be her new best friend.

Tony would probably be her gaming buddy.

Marc was the smart one, so she'd have to be careful around him. But she very much needed any study time she could get!

Lee was the strong one, that was easy to see. The offer of going to their house was going to be accepted and she was going to need to show off a fraction of her strength.

She had a week.

One week was all that was guarteened unless something happened.

Sighing, Dawn faced the truth: She never got time.

That was proven when she heard a whoosh outside the door, where the Clarks still stood.

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