Korra added Avatar to her work/occupation


I'm the Avatar, and you got to deal with it!

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Korra has updated her location to White Lotus Compound, South Pole

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Firebending test today!

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Aww yeah! Three elements down, one to go! Can't wait for Master Tenzin to start training me!

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Katara: I think you and I should have a talk…

Korra has updated her location to Republic City

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Lin Bei Fong: I only added you to tell you to get the hell out of my city.

Korra: Your city?

Lin Bei Fong: You're damn right it is.

Korra: Aw, come on! I was only trying to help! Those hooligans were asking for it.

Lin Bei Fong: You're lucky Tenzin bailed you out.

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Korra: You aren't helping, Master Tenzin.

Tenzin: But I assure you I will. Tomorrow morning, bright an early when I start teaching you air bending.

Korra has updated her location to Air Temple Island

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Ikki: Korra how long do you think you'll be staying?

Ikki: Do you think it'll be a long time?

Ikki: I bet it will be a long time.

Ikki: Ooh, do you think you can play this new game with me some time?

Ikki: It's really fun!

Korra: Stop with the notifications! I'm right down the hall, just come ask me!

Korra posted on Tenzin's wall:

I'm not getting this whole airbending thing. Let's take a break. Probending match?

Tenzin posted on Korra's wall.

Absolutely not. And I told you, you just have to be the leaf!

Korra posted on Tenzin's wall.

What, why! What do you have against a pro-bending match? And "Be the leaf" is the worst advice ever. If I were a leaf I'd get my ass kicked by all the other elements. Because that's what happens.

Tenzin posted on Korra's wall:

It's not literal, Korra. You're missing the entire point. And pro-bending is a mockery of bending. If you want to learn air bending, you need peace and quiet and none of that nonsense.

Korra posted on Tenzin's wall.

I'm starting to question your teaching methods

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Korra: It's about time I had my own fun!

Korra has checked in at the Pro-Bending Arena

Korra: This place is awesome!

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Korra posted on Bolin's wall:

Thanks for saving my ass today!

Bolin posted on Korra's wall:

Hey, no problem! I'm glad you enjoyed the match.

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Korra posted on Mako's wall

Way to go, Mr. Hat Trick!

Mako posted on Bolin's wall:

Did you hack into my account and add the Avatar?

Korra: I can read this. Thanks a lot, you big jerkbender.

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Mako: Dammit, Hasook!

Korra wrote on Bolin's wall

Need a waterbender, I'm your gal!

Bolin: Isn't that…cheating?

Korra: Uhhh….let's go with no.

Bolin: Works for me!

Bolin posted on Mako's wall:

Dude. We need her.

Mako posted on Bolin's wall:

Dude. No.

Korra has joined the Fire Ferrets

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Mako: Goddammit.

Bolin:This is going to be so awesome! With you, we're going to win for sure!

Mako:As long as she remembers and follows the rules. Which she isn't too keen on doing.

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Korra: Hey, I did pretty well considering I'd never played the damn sport before!

Mako: What changed in that last round anyway? I don't recall you being hit with an earth disk. Did the water knock some sense into your or something?

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Tenzin: I'm proud to say this time around, that I take full responsibility for her actions. :D

Korra: har har. Very cute.

Amon: Time to accelerate my plans.

Bolin: So excited for the championship!

Butakha: By the way, you need 30,000 yuans for the pot to participate.

Bolin: …shit.

Bolin: Has a plan.

Mako: The ferret thing? Come on, Bo…

Bolin: Just you wait and see!

Bolin has checked in to Central Station

Bolin: Come one, come all! Watch Pabu cross over the LADDER OF PERIL

Shady Shin: I got a better idea.

Bolin: …I'm listening.

Mako posted on Korra's wall

Have you seen Bolin?

Korra posted on Mako's wall

No, not since this morning. Why, something up?

Mako posted on Korra's wall

Don't worry about it.

Korra posted on Mako's wall

Too late. What's the matter?

Mako posted on Korra's wall:

I can't find him and I just…well, he's the type that's always needed someone to bail him out. Kind of like you.

Korra posted on Mako's wall:

I'll deal with that comment later. I'll help you look for him.

Korra: Bolin's been kidnapped! Anyone know where he might be?

Korra posted on Mako's wall

Maybe there was something to your brother's trick show after all! He made himself DISAPPEAR!

Mako: Just keep looking.

Korra has checked in at Republic City Park

Korra: Waiting for the protester. Don't worry Bolin, we're coming for you!

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Mako posted on Korra's wall:

You drooled on my jacket. Also, you snore.

Korra posted on Mako's wall:

I regret nothing.

Amon created the Group Equalists

Amon posted on the Equalist's wall:

Tonight The Revelation will begin. Be prepared.

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Wearing Mako's scarf. Don't worry Bolin, we're coming.

Mako: We're undercover. Stop posting all this shit.

Korra: Make like a water bender and chill, hothead. I've got this under control.

Mako: Just, don't blow our cover. And try not to drool on my scarf as well, hmm?

Korra: :P



Korra posted on Mako's wall:


Mako posted on Korra's wall:

Normally, I'd tell you to calm down, but this is scary. How is this happening!

Korra posted on Mako's wall:

I wish I knew! I thought I was the only one who could do the really cool and powerful stuff!

Mako posted on Korra's wall:

…Do you have hidden pockets to store all that excess ego?

Korra: ha-ha. You SO knew what I meant.

Mako: Yeah yeah. Just keep your eyes open for my brother, got it?

Korra posted on Mako's wall:

I see Bolin!

Mako: Yeah, me too! Just lay low until I figure something out.

Korra: You'd better hurry.

Mako: No shit.

Korra: Time to break up this little equalist party. #fuckingshitup

Bolin: Someone please save me. Holy crap.


AN: There's my dignity. Over there. In shreds.

Kill me now.

Was this even funny? Probably not.

Also, #I-don't-use-twitter-so-I-don't-actually-know-how-hashtags-work-but-i-used-them-anyway.

Yep. that seems legit to me.

After the next two episodes, I'll write the next chapter.