Iggy's POV

I stumbled out of bed and hit my foot on something hard. I chose a few of my favourite curse words to yell and hopped around holding my foot.

"Iggy!" Max yelled as she walked past my room.

Of course she had to walk past at that moment.

"No wonder Gazzy and Angel are turning into such foul tempered kids" she said disapprovingly and walked off. Sure, blame me.

I sighed and made my way out of my room. Once again I misjudged the door and I clipped my pinkie toe on the door frame. Once again I replayed my swear words and hopped on my foot.

"Iggy!" I heard Max yell from downstairs

. I mumbled under my breath and made my way downstairs. I made sure to count the steps this time since yesterday I didn't and ended up flat on my face.

"Morning Ig" I heard Nudge say as I walked into the lounge.

I just grunted at her, too busy concentrating on not running into something.

I made the right amount of steps to the chair and sat down, only to land flat on my ass.

"Ok, who moved the chair?" I asked, my face red as I rubbed my sore butt.

"Oh, sorry Ig, I moved it over here so I could see out the window for when the postman came" Nudge babbled.

"Thanks for warning me" I sighed getting up and heading to the kitchen

. As I walked in I could smell the already cooked pancakes.

"Who's been cooking?" I asked.

"Fang and Dylan" Max said and I could hear her mouth was full.

Wow, Fang and Dylan actually managed to do something without killing each other.

I pulled out a frying pan and walked over to the fridge. I felt around until I found the frozen solid bacon. Sighing I smelt it, but it was still ok.

The bacon put up a good fight but I managed to pull it apart and throw it on the hissing frying pan.

It hissed at me and spat fat everywhere as I cooked.

"Mmm bacon" Gazzy's voice came from behind me.

I piled all the bacon on a plate and Gazzy took it over to the table. I heard everyone head into the kitchen and start chowing on the bacon.

"Your welcome" I said as if they had said thank you, which they hadn't. They just mumbled at me and I rolled my sightless eyes.

I walked over to the table and sat down. I could hear the loud chomps of Fang beside me. For a guy who was so quiet, he ate so loud.

"Pass some food?" I asked him.

"Get it yourself" he said with his mouth full.

"I can't" I said with a 'duh' tone and he sighed and I heard a plate slide in front of me.

I felt the bacon was slightly burnt more than the rest and the pancakes were a little cold.

"You snooze you lose" Fang said and I suspected he shrugged and went back to eating.

I sighed and scoffed my food like everyone else.

"So what's on the agenda today?" Max asked once everyone started finishing up.

"Well we could go see Dr. M and Ella" Angel suggested and I silently groaned.

After we had, Max had, saved the world we lived with them for a few months. I developed a crush on Ella. Angel said she felt the same way. I confronted her about my feelings one day when she was getting ready for a date with a boy from her school. I didn't want to not say anything and regret it. She gently told me she felt the same way, but us dating probably wasn't the best idea and there probably wasn't a future in it or anything. Then she left on her date. I think she's still dating him.

A few weeks later we had our own house not too far from theirs and we've been here for a month or two now.

I'm 16 at the moment, probably 17 soon. And I still haven't even kissed a girl yet.

When I was younger and lived at the E house and all, I just automatically thought it would be Max or Nudge that I ended up with seems we never got out.

Then I noticed it would be Fang and Max, I never stood a chance there, didn't matter though, I don't like Max that way.

So then I thought it would be Nudge seems we were the closest to age other than the others. But I just couldn't make myself feel that way for her and we were just better off as brother and sister, then when I met Ella it just seemed so perfect.

But I guess I was too much of a freak for her.

Now what? I'm out of options.

Fang and Max have each other. Dylan has plenty of girls, Nudge and even Ella would go for him. Gazzy is too young but even in the future he might have Nudge or at least could live a normal life and have a regular girl.

But I have nothing. I'm a blind freak with wings. I'm impossibly tall for my age and naturally thin and pale with pale blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. I just don't fit in.