Hey all my followers I have an announcement since I have a new laptop I will be back to writing stories slowly but surely.

So since I made you all wait I'd like to give back

So I am going to ask for my readers to send me in prompt ideas they would like to read and I will try to write them for you and include your name in the credits and dedication.

I will probably only pick 5 so send in your best submissions in the reviews



Sir Liam : the princes knight- this is a Lilo fict. About prince Louis Tomlinson and sir Liam Payne of validor. Louis is a handsome loving prince in Directia. After his last knight quit on him Louis father Harold (harry) holds a tournament to find the bravest and strongest knights in his kingdom. This fict will include king Harry of Styles, lord Zayn of Malik and king guard Niall of Horan. (could become a chapter story depending on reviews)

Dare me love- this is a Ziall fict. One the night the boys are chilling and having some midnight memories when they decide to play truth or dare. What happens when Niall is dared to Give Zayn a lapdance?

Backstage and backdoors- this is a Larry fict. When the fans scream and cheer Harry gets the most awkward performance boners and Louis is just not helping with his perfect ass and angel voice. Harry always did like back door jokes.

Danced into my heart- this is a zarry fict. Harry styles is a stripper and a very good one at that, he never goes home with a client but when a tall dark and hnadsome business man walks in with pools of amber for eyes and a jaw line that could cut glass, harry is having trouble keeping his hands to himself (could turn into a story depending on reiews)

Black snake- this is a severus x Sirius fict- he was bullied and beaten up as a child for his odd name, public schools were cruel and Sirius fucking black james fucking potter and remus just remus lupin didn't make it any easier. But fate has a way of balancing the world and when Sirius needs help who can he turn to but his play toy? (will be a chapter fict)

Angels and deamons_ this is a destiel fict. Very first supernatural fict cant say what it will be about until I watch some more of the show.

Updates on blitzkrieg, hotle suites, baby breath, and emo. Sorry for the lateness