Over the next few weeks, Cappie had gotten better and better. He had been going to rehab three times a week for his entire left arm. As that was being worked on, Dr. Keenan decided it was time to take the cast off his right wrist and forearm. Cappie couldn't have been happier. After a few more therapy sessions he was able to wheel himself around in his wheelchair. He could feel his independence returning. No longer would he have to have people waiting on him hand and foot, not that he minded it, but it was going to be good to do things on his own,at least a little bit.

With Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright out for the day and Rusty already at camp, Casey and Beaver decided Cappie needed to get out of the house and go somewhere other than the rehab center.

"Where to Case?" Beaver asked, finishing up a mid-morning snack.

"How about the mall?" Casey asked, changing the channel on the television.

"Sounds good to me." Beaver said. "Now let's go get his majesty."

"No need." Cappie smiled, wheeling himself down the hall. "I'm right here."

"Hey Cap!" Beaver and Casey said in unison. Then they both started laughing when they saw that Cappie tried to dress himself.

"What?" Cappie asked, wondering why they were laughing.

"You do realize you're not wearing pants." Casey laughed, staring at his 'Cappie's Butt' boxers.

"At least I put a shirt on." Cappie started laughing too. "I need a little help with the pants."

Both Casey and Beaver stared at each other.

"This one's all you buddy." Casey said to Beaver, still laughing.

"Fine." Beaver jokingly rolled his eyes. "Let's go Cap."

Cappie wheeled himself down the hall, followed by Beaver. Casey continued watching tv until she heard a slam coming from down the hall. She couldn't help but laugh, wondering what the hell was going on. A few minutes later, Cappie and Beaver came back out of Cappie's room with Cappie now wearing a pair of shorts.

"Everything go alright in there?" Casey kept laughing.

"Beaver stubbed his toe on the bed trying to help me put the shorts on." Cappie said with a smile on his face. He was trying to hide his laughter, but he really couldn't help it. It was funny.

"Well now that the two of you look presentable, let's go to the mall." Casey said, grabbing her keys and heading out the door. Both boys quickly followed, desperately wanting to go have some fun.

Getting Cappie in and out of his wheelchair had become much easier now that he had full use of his arms. In no time at all he was in the car and his wheelchair was in the trunk.

"All set." Beaver said, getting in the backseat. "I still don't see why I have to ride in the back."

"Because Beaver." Cappie said.

"It's my car, so I'm driving. And Cappie needs the extra leg room because of his casts." Casey added.

Beaver pouted and sat back against the seat. Both Cappie and Casey laughed at how childish he looked. The whole rest of the twenty minute ride was pretty uneventful. Cappie and Beaver played eye spy with the hot chicks they saw along the way. Cappie didn't seem as into it as much as Beaver did though. Casey figured he was just trying to be polite because she was with them.

Casey parked the car in one of the handicapped spots, which she was allowed to do thanks to Dr. Keenan giving Cappie a sticker to hang on the rear view mirror. She popped the trunk and Beaver grabbed Cappie's wheelchair and helped Cappie into it. Casey wanted to help, but Cappie wouldn't hear of it. Ever since he came home he made it his mission to keep her as stress free as possible. After Dr. Weber said how worried she was about the baby, Cappie didn't want anything else to go wrong.

"Where to first?" Cappie asked as he wheeled himself into the mall after Beaver opened the door.

"Doesn't matter to me." Casey said, walking alongside Cappie.

"Ooh, can we go to the toy store?" Beaver pleaded. "I want to buy a new water gun and see what they have for dart guns."

"I could use a new dart gun. The Kappa Tau arsenal is getting pretty slim." Cappie said.

"I guess we're going to the toy store." Casey said, wondering what every Kappa Tau's obsession with kids toys was.

Casey laughed as the two boys raced to the toy store as fast as they could. She was thankful it wasn't that far because Cappie got really tired by the time they got there. Beaver decided to be a nice guy and push him the rest of the way so Cappie could catch his breath.

"Thanks Beav." Cappie said, relaxing back in his chair.

"No problem man." Beaver replied.

When Casey finally caught up with them, the boys were already going through all the water and dart guns to try and find the best ones for the house. She was about to go join them when something stopped her. In the front corner of the store she saw all the baby toys. They were all so cute and little. Her eyes were especially drawn to the little stuffed monkeys sitting on a shelf with the other stuffed animals. She picked one up and noticed how soft it was. As she held it, she remembered her favorite stuffed animal as a baby. She wanted to be sure her baby had a favorite stuffed animal, just as she had one. She took the little monkey over to the boys to show them.

While Casey was looking at baby toys, the boys were looking at every kind of toy gun imaginable.

"Hey, what about this one?" Beaver asked, holding up a mini nerf gun.

"Small enough to fit in your pocket. Very stealthy; excellent choice Beav." Cappie replied. He reached down and grabbed a gun much larger than Beaver's. "How about this?"

"Holy huge!" Beaver shouted. "How many darts does it hold?"

"It says it holds 25." Cappie read off the back of the package.

"That means you have to reload less often." Beaver said. "A definite plus."

As the boys continued looking through the guns, a little boy came over and tried grabbing one off the top shelf.

"Scuse me mister." The little boy said to Beaver. "Can you get that for me please?"

Beaver thought the little boy was so cute and polite.

"For a polite little boy like you, I most certainly will." Beaver replied, reaching up and grabbing the gun the boy wanted.

"Thanks mister." The little boy replied when Beaver handed him the toy.

Just then his father had shown up.

"Got it buddy?" The dad smiled.

"Yup." The cute little boy told his dad. Before he left he happened to notice Cappie still playing with one of the guns.

"Why are you pink everywhere?" The boy blurted out.

"Timothy, that wasn't very nice." The dad said sternly.

"No, it's alright." Cappie replied, understanding the kid's curiosity. "I'm pink because the last time I went to the beach I forgot to put on sunscreen."

"Uh oh." The boy said, believing Cappie's lie.

"Yeah, and you don't want to be pink like me. Pink is a girly color. So the next time your dad here tells you to put on sunscreen you need to do it, ok."

"Ok." The boy replied felling satisfied with Cappie's answer.

"Are you ready to go now son?" The dad asked.

"Yeah." He said as he followed his dad up to the registers. "Bye misters."

"Bye." They both waved back to the little boy.

"He was cute." Cappie said.

"You're going to be an awesome father. You've got the lying thing down pat." Beaver said.

"Thanks Beav, I think." Cappie replied.

A few minutes later, Casey walked up to them, cuddling the cute little monkey in her arms.

"Looks like Casey found something." Beaver said.

"Looks like you guys did too." Casey replied, staring at the pile of guns in Cappie's lap.

"Our arsenal is officially complete." Cappie said.

"For now." Beaver added.

"Well while you boys were looking for your guns, look what I found." Casey said, handing the monkey to Cappie.

"It's so soft." Cappie replied, cuddling it in his hands.

"You think little KT will like it?" Casey asked.

"He, or she, will love it." Cappie smiled.

The boys decided to stop shopping before they bought up the stores entire toy gun collection. The three went up to the registers, bought their stuff, and moved on to the next store.

"I can't believe you two spent one hundred dollars on water and dart guns." Casey smiled. "Where in the world did you even get that money?"

"Kappa Tau arsenal fund." Beaver said.

"The what?" Casey gave the both of them a confused look.

"Kappa Tau keeps a separate fund for when we need guns and ammo for pranks and other war type situations." Cappie explained.

"You guys have funds for just about everything don't you." Casey said as they continued their walk around the mall.

"Pretty much." Beaver said. "Except for education related stuff."

"Of course." Casey giggled, rolling her eyes. The KT's never were that into their studies.

"Beav, remind me to tell Heath that we spent that money." Cappie said.

"Already ahead of you." Beaver said. "I texted him a few minutes ago. He said he would write it down and get back to me with how much is left."

"Heath's your treasurer?" Casey asked.

"It was originally Jeremy, but he kept losing track of all the money and the receipts." Cappie explained.

"Probably from living in the dumpster." Casey said.

"That's what we thought." Beaver said. "Heath is way more organized."

"Yup. He's the one that suggested we have separate funds for things." Cappie added, stopping his wheelchair when they were in front of Victoria's Secret.

Beaver soon joined him as the two stared at the window full of sexy panties and lingerie.

"Come on." Casey rolled her eyes, dragging the boys away from the window.

When they passed by American Eagle, Casey got a sad look on her face. "They have the cutest clothes ever this summer and I can't even wear them."

Cappie could sense Casey's disappointment and tried cheering her up.

"If it makes you feel any better, I can't wear them either. Those skinny jeans won't exactly fit over my casts." Cappie chuckled.

Casey gave a small smile. She could always count on Cappie to make her feel better.

"And hey, how about this, one of these next few weekends we invite Ash up so you two can go girly shopping." Cappie added.

"Oh yeah, my parents would just love that." Casey replied sarcastically. "They've already got two extra house guests."

"Exactly!" Cappie said. "So what's one more? If you'd like I'll ask them so they won't say no. It's kind of hard to say no to the crippled guy."

"Fine." Casey smiled. She was actually kind of happy Cappie suggested it. She could never go clothes shopping with either of the guys or her parents. It's just too awkward, especially now that she has to shop in the maternity section. She needed her best friend as her shopping buddy again.