Rebecca was out for her usual mid-morning jog when she came across a girl carrying a pretty dress and wearing nothing but a guy's t-shirt. At first she thought it was some random girl from last night, but a double take revealed that she knew this girl.

"Claire?" Rebecca wanted to make sure it was who she thought it was.

Claire was about to run and pretend she didn't see her, but decided that would just make the situation look even worse.

"Hey Rebecca." Claire tried to play it as cool as possible.

Sensing Claire wasn't ready to spill just yet, Rebecca decided to bring it up a little at a time.

"So, how was your first All-Greek Ball?" Rebecca asked.

"It was fun. What about you?" Claire once again got the attention off of her.

"Beav and I had a great time. I'm so glad I chose him over the guys ZBZ picked out." Rebecca smiled. "The Kappa Tau's certainly made a good impression last night."

Claire smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Especially Andy." Rebecca added.

Claire's smile quickly faded. Her heart started to race and her facial expression definitely gave the look that she didn't want to talk about it. Rebecca had her exactly where she wanted her.

"Nothing happened!" Claire blurted out. She figured she would beat Rebecca to it before Rebecca went around to ZBZ lying about how she was a slut.

"I was just going to say that it was cool for Andy to get over his nerves and sing in front of everybody." Rebecca smiled. "But does that nothing have something to do with why you're wearing one of his shirts...and not much else."

"Look, nothing happened and I'm not a slut, so just let me go back to my dorm before I get in trouble for public indecency or something." Claire said, walking away from the situation.

"Hold on a second." Rebecca jogged a few steps over to her. "The ZBZ house is closer than your dorm. I've got some clothes there you can change into."

"You don't think I'm a slut?" Claire asked.

"No, but if you keep walking to your dorm by yourself looking like you do, other people might think so." Rebecca said. "At least if I go with you people will just think you're a ZBZ walking around in your jammies."

Claire laughed a little as Rebecca wrapped her arm around her shoulder to bring her to the ZBZ house. Everyone had told her about the bitchy and scandalous Rebecca Logan. It was nice to get to know the real Rebecca. She was actually somewhat normal, and kind of nice.

"Finally out of there." Cappie sighed as he drove down Greek Row. "I don't know about you, but the hospital at night is officially my least favorite place to be."

"Mine too." Casey giggled. "Who knew that many stupid people were getting themselves into trouble at that hour?"

Cappie chuckled as he put his hand on Casey's belly. "You hear that little one. Your mommy and daddy don't like the crazies of the night shift, and we don't want you getting mixed up with that, so how about you come during the day. Sound good?"

Casey smiled. She loved when Cappie went into 'daddy' mode.

"Now let's get you two home." Cappie gave Casey a quick kiss.

The kiss would've lasted longer, but he got a little distracted. Actually, they both did. As they drove closer to the ZBZ house, they saw a guy in nothing but his underwear making his getaway off the balcony.

"Ah, looks like somebody else is getting some use out of your balcony." Cappie laughed.

"And I know exactly who." Casey giggled.

"A pit stop to ZBZ it is." Cappie pulled into the ZBZ driveway.

The two nonchalantly walked into the house and were immediately bombarded by all of Casey's sisters.

"Are you guys alright?" One sister asked.

"We're so sorry we weren't around last night." Abby added.

The sisters continued fussing over Casey, who was trying to talk over them to explain what happened.

"Ladies, ladies, give the woman room to breathe." Cappie laughed.

"Sorry Case." All her sisters backed off.

"No problem. And last night you didn't miss much. It was just false labor." Casey said.

"So no baby yet?" Betsy asked.

"Not yet, but when little ZBZ decides to make an appearance, you guys will be the first to know." Casey giggled.

She noticed Ashleigh wasn't among the nosey sister. There was only one explanation for her absence, and Casey knew she would find it in her old room. She got away from the mob of ZBZ's and snuck upstairs as quietly as an eight month pregnant girl could be. The bedroom door was cracked just a bit, so she opened it ever so softly and crept into the room. Ashleigh was standing by the balcony door, in nothing but a silk bathrobe. This was going to be very fun.

"Hey Ash!" Casey said loudly.

Ashleigh jumped and smacked her face on the balcony door. "Casey, don't scare me like that."

"What're you looking at?" Casey already knew the answer. She walked over and looked off the balcony. The half-naked man Cappie and her saw before was long gone now.

"Oh, you know, just admiring the sunrise." Ashleigh lied.

"At 11 o'clock. The sunrise was like four hours ago." Casey didn't buy it.

"Oh it was." Ashleigh continued trying to play dumb.

"Yes." Casey pointed out the obvious. "And was that Fisher I just saw jumping off the balcony."

Ashleigh couldn't hide it anymore. "Ok, you got me. Fisher stayed over last night."

"Ashleigh Howard. What happened to the no boys upstairs rule?" Casey had a partial mom moment.

"It's still being enforced." Ashleigh said.

"Not very well." Casey laughed.

"I gave him a presidential pardon." Ashleigh giggled, still not believing the amazing night she had.

"Ash!" Casey laughed. "Ok, I seriously need to know details. And I'm hungry, so why don't the two of us go down to the kitchen so you can tell your favorite sister all about it."

Ashleigh giggled as the two left her room. "Little ZBZ has certainly given you an appetite."

"Oh yeah, and oh my god I need to tell you about my night." Casey said.

"We'll catch up over lunch." Ashleigh giggled.

The two walked down the stairs to see another duo walking into the house.

"Hey Bex, hey…Claire." Ashleigh was a little dumbfounded by Claire's choice in wardrobe.

"Hey guys." Casey was also a little concerned. "What's up?"

"I'm letting Claire borrow some of my clothes so she can get back to her dorm." Rebecca said.

"Oh, so it sounds like somebody else had a fun night." Ashleigh said. It finally clicked as to why Claire was dressed the way she was.

"Hey, if you want to talk about it, we're having a gossip session over lunch." Casey said. "Care to join us?"

Claire was happy that the girls didn't make a big deal out of it. She could tell these were girls that she could be friends with.

"I'd love too." Claire smiled.

The four girls walked into the kitchen to gossip about the night before. Each of them had their own interesting stories, and they couldn't wait to see which story was the best.