Casey really didn't want to, but she knew she had to get out of bed and go to class. It was almost the end of the semester, and she hadn't missed a class yet.

"Babe, we've got class in half an hour." Cappie shouted from the shower. "You up yet?"

Casey sat up in bed, exhausted from not getting any sleep the night before.

"Kind of."

Cappie walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel.

"Kind of meaning no." Cappie smiled, going over to give Casey, and little KT, a good morning kiss.

"Do I have to?" Casey whined. "Our bed is comfy and so are my pj's."

"How about this, just put a sweatshirt on over your tank top and you can stay in your jammies all day." Cappie came up with a solution, knowing Casey would regret it if she skipped class.

"Ugh, fine." Casey complained, using all of her strength just to get out of bed. She went over to the closet, grabbed her favorite pink ZBZ sweatshirt, and put it on, zipping it to just above her gigantic baby bump.

"Much better." Cappie smiled, looking at the love of his life dressed down in sweats. Even when she looked like crap, she still looked like the most beautiful girl in the world to him.

Casey grabbed a small bottle of apple juice from the fridge to drink on the way to class. Ever since she moved into KT, the guys have been trying to buy healthier stuff to keep in the house.

Cappie parked his truck as close to the building as possible, and helped Casey out.

"Always such a gentleman." Casey smiled as Cappie grabbed both his bag and hers.

The two walked hand in hand into the classroom, where the teacher was very pleased to see them.

"Well, if it isn't my two best students." She smiled.

"Hi Professor Freeman." Cappie and Casey replied, taking their seats.

"Casey, you're looking absolutely radiant. That baby must be coming any day now." Professor Freeman said.

"Pretty close." Casey said. "My due date's not for another two weeks."

"I'm very surprised you're still here then." Professor Freeman added. "Most women are usually at home resting this close to their due date."

"Just showing the shift in the female mentality." Casey said, using what she learned in class. "As you've said yourself, women are becoming more independent and powerful in today's society, so by coming to class almost nine months pregnant, I'm just as strong willed as the many great female politicians we've studied this semester."

Professor Freeman smiled. She loved when people actually learned something in her class.

"And I see the high concentration of estrogen hasn't scared off our brave Mr. Cappie."

"Nope, but I must say, this class has opened my eyes to the gender inequality issues our country faces." Cappie said. "If I have a daughter, and she wants to do something only men are allowed to do, I will fight with every ounce of my being to give her what she wants."

"Sounds very promising Mr. Cappie." Professor Freeman said.

The last few kids came in and found their seats, and Professor Freeman started her class.

At the end of class, all the students left, except for Casey and Cappie.

"Professor Freeman, I have a quick question." Casey said.

"Yes, Casey?" Professor Freeman asked.

"I know I said at the beginning of class that I was going to stay as long as possible, but just to be on the safe side, since it's almost finals anyway, can I take your final a week early?" Casey asked.

"I don't see why not." Professor Freeman said. "The only thing you'll really be missing that week is the in class review, which I'm sure one of my best students doesn't need anyway."

Casey smiled. "Thank you so much."

"Not a problem. I'll let you know next class when you can take it." Professor Freeman said. "And Mr. Cappie, I'm assuming that goes for you too."

"Nope, I'll be failing miserably at the same time as everyone else." Cappie laughed, knowing he was going to pass without a problem.

"Well then, I guess I'll just see the two of you next class." Professor Freeman said.

"Thanks. See you next class." Cappie and Casey said as they grabbed their stuff and headed out of the room.

"Feeling better knowing she'll let you take your final early?" Cappie asked, knowing that was really bothering Casey.

"Much. I just hope all my professors don't have me take them early all on the same day." Casey said.

"I'm sure they won't. Most of the professors are good about that sort of thing." Cappie said. "They're probably just happy that you're willing to take them early. You're not trying to push them off until after the end of the semester."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Casey said. Then her nose picked up a whiff of something good. "Hey, do you smell...pie?"

Cappie chuckled. "Now there's my Casey. And I totally agree; an afternoon slice of pie sounds like a marvelous idea. And I've got just the place."

The two got in Cappie's truck and drove to a cute little bakery café just off campus.

"What is this?" Casey asked as she walked in with Cappie.

"This, my darling, is where the great pie connoisseur comes to get the best pie in all of Ohio." Cappie said, walking up to the counter.

"My my, our best customer has returned." The lady behind the counter said. "And it looks like he's brought a guest."

Casey smiled. Of course Cappie would be the best customer at a place that's main export is pie.

"What can I get you two?" The woman asked.

"Two slices of your apple pie please." Capppie said.

"You got it. Why don't you two cuties take a seat and I'll bring them right over." The woman said.

Cappie and Casey found a table along the window to sit at and watch the people running in and out of the little shops.

"This place is so cute. How did you find it?" Casey asked.

"Actually, it kind of found me." Cappie said. "Freshman year I was in my room waiting for Evan to get back from the library when I got a craving for pie. Trying to distract myself I was going to go for a walk and maybe stop at KT. I wanted to make sure Ev knew I didn't bail on him, so I left him a note. And of course, the only piece of paper I could find happened to be an ad for this very bakery. It was destiny."

Casey giggled. "You mean Karmic Synergy."

"Now you're talkin." Cappie laughed.

The lady came over and put a big slice of pie in front of each of them. "Here you are kids. Anything else you let me know."

"Thanks." Cappie and Casey replied in unison.

Casey immediately dug her fork right in and took a bite.

"This is delicious!" Casey said with a partial mouthful. She swallowed before opening her mouth again. "It tastes familiar."

"It should." Cappie interrupted.

"And why is that?" Casey smiled.

"I'll give you a hint." Cappie picked up a gooey apple with his fork and fed it to Casey.

As the fork slid out of her mouth, the memory related to it came to the front of her mind.

"Our Lit class last year." Casey could remember the moment like it was yesterday.

"Just another one of those major moments in our relationship." Cappie said, continuing to eat his own pie.

Casey ate another bite of her pie. "Have you ever noticed that these major moments always revolve around pie."

"Must just be our way of keeping track of every important thing that happens between us." Cappie smiled.

"Except for one kind of major thing." Casey smiled, rubbing her belly.

"So we were a little off our game." Cappie laughed, leaning over to rub Casey's belly. "This kid's going to be just fine. We've got the rest of his or her life to make sure every milestone comes complete with its own pie."