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"Johnson's team sent over their case file for us to look over." Aaron said. He stood at the edge of the table, near the TV. It was unusual for their team leader to be the one to present the case, especially with JJ standing right beside him. Because of that everyone seemed to be a little more on alert than normal. All eyes were trained on him. "At Penn State University's College of Liberal Arts they have a confirmed serial killer. I've offered Johnson our assistance in this."

As Aaron spoke, JJ passed out case files around the table. Everyone opened theirs, looking at what was inside. The instant Spencer saw the pictures inside, a bad feeling built in his stomach. All the people in the pictures were couples. Gay male couples. It hit just a little too close to home to see the gay men slaughtered in those photos. He shivered only slightly, reminding himself to tune back in to what Aaron was saying.

"Now, as you all see, all the victims are gay males. The ages vary from early to late twenties for both partners. Five out of the seven couples were interracial."

Emily flipped the pages in her file. "The first two were both white while the last five were interracial. I'd say he's perfected his victimology." She input.

Checking the dates of everything, Spencer furrowed his brows. "There are fourteen deaths, which mean seven different couples. They're all killed around two months after the start of term and there's three terms per year at Penn State. That means that the Unsub has been killing there for over two years. That's quite a bit of control and quite a long time he's been free to roam." He looked up at Aaron, seeing his boss nod at his words.

Holding his folder in his hands, Aaron looked around the table again. "I'm going to lay this out plain. They're no closer to catching this guy than when they started. He could be either an older student or even a teacher at the University. The only way they can think of to catch him is to go undercover. Obviously, Johnson's team is out of the question, as they've all been seen in connection with the case. As has most all of the police department there. Not to mention that none of them are trained to observe quite the way we are. Johnson called me to see if we might be able to help and I told him I would talk to all of you first."

That bad feeling in Spencer's stomach grew. Undercover? His mind had absolutely no problem making the leap from what Aaron was suggesting to the only two people who would be able to fill that role. He couldn't stop himself from looking up quickly, a flash of eyes over towards Morgan before they went back down again.

It didn't take everyone else very long either. Morgan was the first to speak up, which wasn't really surprising. "You want the kid and me to go undercover at Penn State as a couple?" he asked with surprise. The surprise stung just a little. What, was it that unappealing to Morgan to have to fake a relationship with him?

Spencer chewed on his lips, trying to keep himself under control. His eyes were locked on the file in front of him despite the fact that he already had it memorized. Control. He needed to bring himself under control. Morgan probably didn't mean that the way that it had sounded. They were friends, after all. And really, they were the logical choice. Morgan, obviously because of the interracial factor in the last five couples. Spencer, because he was the only one close to Morgan's age who could be paired with him and still have one of them be the right age range.

On top of that, everyone knew that Spencer was in a relationship with another man and that Morgan was bisexual. Maybe Aaron assumed that it would make it a little more comfortable for them to fake it. If only he had any idea. Internally, Spencer cringed. The last thing he wanted was to be stuck living with Morgan for a while. He'd always harbored an attraction for the other man—an attraction? More than that, so much more—but he'd long ago learned to bury it, back before Morgan had even made his bisexuality known to the others. And now, now it was too late. You have Michael now he reminded himself. You have someone who loves you. And who is going to absolutely hate this.


JJ's voice pulled Spencer back up from his thoughts. He lifted his head, flushing slightly when he saw all eyes were on him. "Sorry." He murmured. "I was thinking."

"What's new?" Emily teased him. Her friendly smile took the any sting out of the words.

JJ rolled her eyes but gave Spencer a smile. "We were trying to get your opinion on this. Morgan seems to be up for it, but we don't want to commit you to something you aren't up for doing. The rest of us will understand, no matter what your decision is."

This time Spencer bit the inside of his lip, trying not to show his nerves. He forced down any emotions he felt and tried to focus on facts. "How long would we need to be undercover?" he asked his boss.

"Two weeks to get established and then potentially two months until he comes after you, if he takes the bait. Hopefully sooner than that if we can. But no more than three months, maximum." Aaron said.

Two and a half months? Inside, Spencer cringed once again. Michael was going to absolutely hate that. Two and a half months apart? He hated when Spencer was gone for a few weeks. This was going to make him blow a gasket. You can't say no, though. No matter how uncomfortable this makes you, you can't turn it down. If you can't suck it up and do your job, you don't deserve to even be in the FBI at all. He scolded himself. The mental lecture gave him the strength to lift his chin just a little. "I have no problems with it. So long as you're ok," He looked over to Morgan. "then I'm fine."

A grin spread over Morgan's lips. "Well then I guess I should say hey, roomie." He teased.

Rooming with Morgan. Sweet God. What had he got himself in to?

Aaron shook his head at the two, smiling slightly. He had complete confidence in the two friends being ok to pull this off. "We'll need to leave tomorrow to give you enough time to set up a home before term starts. Pack some clothes and any personal items you want. We'll have Garcia take care of the lease on a furnished house near campus. Report in the morning and we'll discuss the details of your cover before we all catch our flights out in the afternoon."