Starfire wasn't accustomed to the naming of sorts here on Earth, but she caught on soon enough. Apparently the giving of a nickname to someone was more of a token of affection. She was still confused, however, because some of these names could be insulting or degrading instead of kind.

'Star' was one that most of the team, and some honorary Titans, called her with. It seemed that everyone had had their name shortened to make it a single syllable; it wasn't that they didn't car enough to say the full name, which they did, but it was quicker to say if they were in a tight spot.

There were a few others. 'Red-head' was what Beast Boy decided on one day while the two of them were walking around the mall. He had pointed to one of those hair salon pictures and said the tall red headed girl looked like her, but he had also added that she was much better looking. She had taken his compliment in stride in addition to the endearment.

'Princess' and 'Ariel' were what Cyborg and Raven had come up with during movie night. They couldn't decide on what to watch so when Raven claimed she had never seen any Disney movies-just as Starfire hadn't-Beast Boy had sat them all down for a marathon of them. She had been entranced by the characters of Belle, Mulan, and Ariel. So the next day they began to throw those names into the running. Not that she minded of course.

Robin though, even to this day, made her blush and burst with joy. He only said it when they were alone, when the others were gone, and even then it was a soft whisper. 'Mine' is what he would say to her. Whispered right next to her ear, his arms around her waist, not wavering for a second.

'Troq' had brought to light that not all names were good ones, and then she saw what her team did to those that did throw those nasty ones out there, and she learned to ignore them. They still stung, of course they did since each of her friends knew the root of the cause was that they were different, but she never dwelled much on them.

Because one of her friends would be there in an instant, smile in hand with one of the names, the good and fond kind, ready on their lips.

Author's Note: There will eventually be one of these for each of the Titans...maybe some Titan East people I don't know yet but I've wanted to do something like thise for awhile. So review and tell me what you think.