From Beyond the Grave, a Basilisk feels insulted that he's blamed for everything that happened with the Chamber of Secrets. From the Basilisk's point of view.

Why? Is it just because no one likes Basilisks? Do you think I just let some spirit from a book control me! The ParselMouth…No Serpent or Reptile can resist the command of it. It's natural instinct… If The Boy with the Glasses had wanted to, he probably could've redirected me to fighting the spirit and destroying it. I didn't mean to paralyze the Muggle Borns; it was because I WAS BEING CONTROLLED. Do you think I asked to be the birth of a Toad sitting on a Chicken's egg? DO YOU! Remember this when I see you guys in the Afterlife.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone has, but don't blame the Red Head either for it. She was being possessed by that one guy. Thom, or Paul or something. Maybe it was Tom? B

Sadly and completely unguilty,

The Basilisk that was in the Chamber of Secrets