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Spirit rubbed his temples, standing in the Death Room behind Lord Death, who was staring into his mirror that showed the academy. "Lord Death..." he began. "Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this?"

Lord Death nodded happily. "Yup, yup! I'm definitely sure!" he said.

"How can you act so happy about this?!" Spirit shouted angrily.

Lord Death sighed. "Listen, Spirit, I know you're upset about this mainly because you're afraid that Maka will get hurt..."

"I am! I'm very worried!"

"Don't be. I'm worried about Kid too, but I'm still sending him on the trip. Oh, he's going to hate me for this..."

"How do you think I'll feel? My Maka hates me enough all ready!" Spirit cried.

"Trust me, Spirit. This will teach them all a very good lesson. Besides, Maka has Soul to protect her." Spirit looked down. "All of these students need to learn how to survive on their own, and right now, this is probably the best type of lesson."

Spirit rubbed the back of his head. "I... I guess so..." he muttered.

Lord Death clasped his giant hands together. "Good! Go call, Marie, Azusa, Stein, Sid, and Nygus," he ordered, turning back to the mirror and focusing the view on his son and friends in front of the academy. "Tell them to get ready... And let the rumble begin."

DWMA Rumble!

Chapter I

The "Field Trip"

Aven Lyn leaned her hands on her knees, a soft breeze blowing her short black hair around. The girl standing across from her, Violet, grinned. They stared into each other's eyes carefully without blinking. Minutes passed before Aven's eyes began to twitch while Violet held herself back from squinting.

"And the staring contest continues..." Akio said, clearly bored. "Can somebody just lose all ready?"

"How about a tie?" asked Carter. "A tie sounds nice."

Suddenly, May jumped onto Violet's back. Violet gasped and blinked three times. Aven grinned and laughed. "Ha! Victory!" she exclaimed. Carter chuckled and shook his head.

Violet growled and turned to May. "What the hell, May?!" she shouted.

May smiled and handed her a latte. "Here's your coffee!" she chirped. Violet face palmed and snatched the coffee from her, taking a giant gulp while Aven danced in victory.

"Yo, what's up, Kid!" called Black Star, sitting on the large staircase in front of the academy next to Tsubaki.

Death the Kid smiled. "Nothing really. Just waiting for everybody else to get here for this field trip," he said.

"Field trip, field trip!" Patty chanted.

"I'm so excited!" Liz exclaimed.

Tsubaki giggled. "I can't believe every single student in the entire academy is going," she said with a smile. "Just look at everyone standing out here, all excited!"

Two girls were walking up the staircase and Tsubaki waved to them. "Hi, Tsubaki," called a girl with long, brown hair tied into a braid that rested over he shoulder and her bangs were side swept. She had dark brown eyes and wore a grey sweater, jeans, and sneakers.

"Hi, Veniza," Tsubaki said, smiling.

"I'm so excited for this trip! I hope there's good food!" exclaimed the girl next to Veniza, whose name was Reinforce. She had long, black hair and the tip was tied up by a red bow. She had bangs that covered her forehead, but landed right above her blood red eyes. She wore a red tank top and black shorts with combat boots. Her gloved fists were tightened in excitement.

"I know, this is gonna be great! This is the perfect chance for everyone to recognize my godliness!" Black Star exclaimed with a wide grin.

"Godly my ass!" Rein retorted with a smirk. "You don't have the balls to be a star!"

He jumped up. "What was that, Rein? Care to say that again?!" Rein opened her mouth to speak, but Ven quickly dragged her away, waving goodbye to them. He huffed and folded his arms over his chest. "How dare she insult such a big man like me!"

"You two are just crazy," said Soul's voice. They turned to see Soul, Maka, and Crona walking up the staircase to them.

Black Star jumped up and high fived Soul. "And that's a problem? Everyone always needs a daily dose of Black Star!" he said proudly.

"Right, Black Star. We can't get enough of it," Kid said sarcastically. Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around Kid's neck and pulled him down, choking him. "What the-?!"

"Suddenly, a wild Sai Jones has appeared!" Black Star exclaimed. "She uses Choke on her boyfriend!" Kid quickly struggled free from her grasp and gasped for air. "It's super effective!"

"What the hell, Sai?!" Kid snapped, turning around to face his girlfriend.

Sai grinned toothily. She was nearly Kid's height and had red eyes with long, dark brown hair that went down to her waist, her bangs stretching across her forehead. She wore a white T-shirt with a sleeveless, opened red vest, a short black skirt, and knee-high black boots with two metal hinges on each.

"I'm all hyped up, man!" she exclaimed happily. "This is me and Sam's first field trip!"

"Sam and I," he corrected, lowering the red beret on her head.

"Whatever, man." He smiled and kissed her lips.

A red headed boy suddenly pulled her back. "Get your filthy, disgusting Reaper hands off of my meister," he snarled. He was very tall and handsome. His hair went up to his chin, side swept to the left, and he had black glasses over his hazel eyes. He wore a green turtle neck jacket, black slacks, and black dress shoes.

Kid folded his arms over his chest. "Is there a problem, Sam?" he asked.

Sam glared at him. "Yes, my problem is you. Do us all a favor and kill yourself, please."

Maka rolled her eyes. "You both are so immature," she said.

"Attention please!" They heard a loud voice speak over the ginormous crowd of students. They looked over to see Azusa on a giant megaphone by the buses. She didn't look happy at all. "Everybody please get onto their busses assigned accordingly to your classes. Single filed and in an orderly fashion!" she commanded.

Maka's group was first in line for their bus so they would get the very back of the bus. Soul grabbed onto her hand, holding it tightly so she wouldn't get lost in the crowd. "Hey, Soul," she said. Soul turned around. "What do you think we're gonna do on this field trip to an island?"

Soul shrugged. "I don't know. Kid said that it was something about training in a quiet place to clear our minds," he said.

Maka smiled. "That sounds nice, if I have to spend it with you." Soul lightly blushed and turned around. She snickered, loving to embarrass him.

The group had gotten onto the long buses. Crona looked around, seeing that most seats around his friends were taken. He then saw one open seat next to a girl with shoulder length black hair. She sat cross-legged in her seat, reading a book. "E-Excuse me, m-may I sit here?" Crona asked. She looked up at him with hazel eyes and nodded, going back to her book. "I'm Crona..." he said politely.

"Kiari," she responded. She smoothed out her black, strapless dress that went down to her knees before going back to her book. Crona shrugged and turned around to his friends.

Sai stretched and leaned on Kid's shoulder. "Well, while you guys enjoy the ride, I'm gonna catch up on my sleep," she yawned.. Black Star began laughing and ranted about how awesome the field trip was going to be. Maka hust sighed and stared out the window.

"Something wrong, Maka?" asked Patty, peering over her seat.

Maka smiled. "Nothing really, it's just that this is such a sudden field trip," she said.

"I know, right?" Liz agreed.

"When I asked my father the details, he changed the subject. Once again, he's hiding something," Kid said suspiciously.

"He's always hiding something..." Sai mumbled.

"Maka, did you ask your dad about it?" asked Tsubaki.

"Yeah, but for once, he didn't answer me. That really surprised me. This field trip is weird..." she answered.

Soul smiled. "C'mon guys. You need to chill out. This is supposed to be fun."

"Yeah, as long as we don't leave Kid and Sai alone!" Black Star laughed.

Sai blushed and kicked him in the face. "Eat a dick, Black Star!"

"You looking for a fight, Sai?!" he snarled, leaning into her face.

She smirked. "It'd be my pleasure!"

"You two! No fighting back there!" Azusa shouted from the front of the bus. They nodded and ceased their arguing.

"Haha, you guys got in trouble!" Patty laughed.

The bus suddenly rumbled and began to move. Maka smiled and stared out the window. She gasped though as the bus began to take to the sky. "Wha... The bus is flying!" she exclaimed.

Kid shrugged. "Well, we are going to an island off the coast of the Philippines, so yes, the buses have to fly," he said.

"We're like birds!" Patty exclaimed.

"Can I open up the window?!" Sai asked.

"No, you cannot open the window, Sai!" he answered.

"Kid, what island are we going to?" Tsubaki asked.

"It's a hidden one that's cut off from human travel. It's called Witch Island. Long ago, there was a huge battle between two witch clans on that island. They all ended up killing each other, wiping out the entire clans."

"Freaking cool," Soul said.

"And creepy," Liz added. Maka just nodded and went back to staring out the window.

-DWMA Rumble!-

The flying bus began to rumble and shake a little bit, causing most kids to wake up. "WE'RE CRASHING!" Patty hollered. Almost every single girl on the bus began to scream. Azusa began yelling at them, telling them that they weren't crashing and that they were close to landing.

Patty began laughing and Liz cried into her shoulder. "Don't joke like that Patty, that was scary!" she and Kid yelled.

"That was freaking hilarious!" Soul laughed. Maka rolled her eyes and Maka Chopped his head.

A boy sitting in the front of the bus sighed, running a hand through his spikey brown hair that he worked so hard on every morning. He glared at his meister sitting next to him, who was still asleep. "Wake up, fucktard," he smacking, smacking the back of his meister's head.

With a grunt, the meister sat up, rubbing the back of his head. "What the hell, Christian?! I was sleeping!" he snapped.

Christian rolled his eyes. "I'm sorry, Mike, I'll just leave you here on the bus so you can suffocate and finally die," he retorted.

"You're a cruel bastard, you know that?"

"Shut up, we're landing soon." Christian zipped up his white hoodie to cover his red T-shirt that said 'Fuck you.' Mike rolled his eyes at his weapon and stared out the window. "And while you're at it, do something better with your hair. It looks like you got it out of the dumpster you were born in," Christian said again. Mike glared at him, knowing that there was nothing wrong with his short brown hair.

"You're an asshole," he replied.

After about ten more minutes, all of the buses landed on the sandy beaches of the island. Maka was shocked to see that there was no resort or anything. There was just a large forest ahead of them.

"Everybody get into a crowd and stay on the beach, now!" shouted Azusa. They all cringed and listened to her, afraid of testing her power.

"Rein, look," Ven said with a smile, holding up a white seashell with a hole in the middle to her.

"Sweet, that's my good luck charm now!" Rein exclaimed, pulling loose thread out of her pants and tying the seashell around her neck. "Sexy, isn't it?"

Ven sweat dropped. "Yeah, sure..."

On the same bus as Maka, Ox, Harvard, Kim, Jackie, Kilik, Thunder, and Lighting walked out with a stretch. "Wow, would you look at this place..." Jackie commented.

"It's really pretty," said Kim.

"Don't worry, my Kim, I'll protect you if you're afraid of the forest!" Ox said.

Kim rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

In another area of the crowd, two twin weapons, Hiro and Kaiser, peered over everybody's heads. "Do you see her?" Hiro asked Kaiser.

"No, do you think I'm looking for Jackie? I'm looking for Liz!" Kaiser replied.

Their meister, Kento, rolled his eyes. "You two are pathetic..." he muttered.

"No, Twisted, put that crab down!" exclaimed a blonde haired girl with glasses that covered blue eyes, scolding her meister.

Twisted, who had short dark hair and also had glasses that covered blue eyes, glared at her weapon. "Aw, Angel, can't I crush it just this once?" she whined.

"No, no you cannot! That crab did nothing to you, so put it down and leave it alone!" Angel scolded again.

Twisted scoffed and dropped the crab. "You're no fun."

"If I let you have all the fun you wanted, most people here would be dead."

"Because I hate everyone... Except you. You're okay, I guess..."

"Well gee, thanks!"

Kid was talking with Sai, Soul, and Crona when he was suddenly kicked down, getting sand all over his clothes. "My clothes!" he exclaimed angrily.

There was a sharp laughter. "Aw, did the little Reaper boy get sand all over his clothes? Baby," snickered a 5'2 girl, towering over him.

He growled and stood up, dusting off his clothes. "Well, if it isn't Lucifer's daughter, Lucy..." he sneered.

"Well, if it ain't the Grim Reaper's boy, Kid," Lucy replied with a smug look on her face. She disgusted Kid in every possible way. Her skin was pale and her scarlet eyes matched her scarlet hair, which was short, choppy, and messy. She had red horns sticking out of her head and a red tail with an arrow at the end sticking out of her lower back. What was the worst was her clothing; she wore a small red shirt that cut off above her stomach and revealed some of her small cleavage, along with a tight and short black skirt. She had fishnets on her legs and topped it off with long black boots.

"Yoooo, Lucy!" Sai exclaimed, giving the Devil a high five.

"Yoooo, Sai!" Lucy replied, wrapping her arm around her shoulder.

"Come to bother my boyfriend again?"

"Hey, it's what I do best, am I right?"

Kid glared at Lucy. "Why are you here?"

Lucy blinked. "Did you not just hear what I said two seconds ago? You're such a dipshit, Kid."

He scowled. "And you're a disgusting whore."

She smirked and waved her tail around. "That the best you can do? Your insults have been slackin' lately."

He rolled his eyes. "I have better things to do than waste my time on you."

"Boo, that saddens me."

"EVERYONE BE QUIET!" Azusa's voice boomed through the megaphone, silencing every single person on that island. A few birds flew out of trees, startled from the noise. "And stay this quiet! You are all now going to listen to Sid's directions!" she shouted, handing the megaphone to the zombie.

"Talk about anger issues..." muttered Soul. Maka snickered and elbowed him. Tsubaki watched in confusion as the flying buses began to leave the island.

Sid opened his mouth to speak, but stopped and cleared his throat, as if he was having a hard time saying it. "..."

"Come on, Sid," Azusa said.

"It's Lord Death's orders," added Stein.

Sid sighed and nodded. "...I just want to say first... I'm sorry to all of you," he said, looking out to the crowd of DWMA students. They all began murmuring things and asking questions to each other. "This field trip... Is no normal field trip. I will tell you right now... About every single one of you will not make it off of this island alive."



There was dead silence. Maka's eyes widened and her stomach dropped. She wanted to look at Soul, but she couldn't. She was still in shock that she heard that. She was brought back to her senses when Soul grabbed her hand and held it tightly.

'Did I really just hear that?' she thought.


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