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Lord Death watched as Excalibur paced around the room. "She didn't bring out the dancing lobsters," the legendary sword said in disappointment.

Lord Death rolled his eyes. "Just shut up all ready."

"No. Go check up on your son or something. He must be doing something interesting."

The Reaper shrugged and turned to his mirror, tapping onto it and getting a view of his son and Liz. He tilted his head. "What... Where's Patty?"

"Fool! How should I know?"

Lord Death looked closer into the mirror. "What is going on over there...?"

DWMA Rumble!

Chapter IX

The Reaper vs. The Devil

"Patty, get down from that tree!" Kid yelled at his weapon, who was standing tall and proud high up in a tree.

"No!" she yelled back.

"Seriously, Patty, we need to get going!" Liz called. "You're giving us too much attention!"

"Because that's new for her," Kid said sarcastically.

"I don't give a shit! I'm hungry and I ain't leavin' 'til I get some food!" Patty exclaimed angrily.

Kid sighed. "We're wasting time..." he murmured. "Patty, when we get off of this island, I promise, I'll take you to an all you can eat buffet and I'll get you a pony!" Patty blinked and narrowed her eyes at him.


"Go touch yourself, Kid!"

Kid and Liz groaned and face palmed. "Liz, can't you get her down somehow?" he asked.

"She's hungry, there's no way she's gonna listen to us!"

He sighed heavily again. "Well then, what should we do? Go up and get here?"

She retreated back. "Hell no. I'm not gonna risk getting my face clawed apart by her. Go use your Reaper powers to get her down or something."

"If I use my reaper powers then I'll be killed, along with you two," he argued.

"Then shoot her down!"

"I'm not using you without her! No way! It's not symmetrical!"

"Fine then, but this is on your part too!"

Both of them glared at each other before they shifted their heads towards another large tree to find two figures who had been watching them the whole time.

Kid scowled. "Lucy," he hissed.

Lucy smirked. "Kid."

"I take it you're here to fight?"

She gasped and put a hand on her chest. "Me? Fight you? Why would I ever so such a thing?" she asked sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes. "Humorous. Now if you'll give us a moment, we're having a few problems here."

Daichi grinned sharply. "I say we take his soul now while he can't fight," he said.

"No, that's not very fair," she objected. "It would be pretty embarrassing to explain that to my siblings, wouldn't it?"

He scowled at her. "You're such an idiot."

Kid, who was ignoring their conversation the whole time, went back to his problem with Patty. "Patty, let's go! We need to fight!" he called.

"Screw you!" Patty called back.

He threw his hands into the air. "Are you serious?!"

"Patty, get down right now!" yelled Liz.


Lucy rolled her eyes in irritation. "Pathetic..." She hopped down from the tree. "Then why don't we make it just between Kid and I?"

"Lucy!" Daichi snapped.

She ignored him. They all turned their heads to her. "What are you saying?" Kid asked.

"I'm saying the both of us will just fight. The Reaper versus the Devil. What do you say?" Kid narrowed his eyes at her and she sighed. "I promise I won't use any form of Devil magic as long as you don't use your Reaper powers."

He smirked. "But where's the fun in that?"

She smirked back. "All right then." She held her hand out and summoned her newly generated pitchfork. "Are you sure about this?"

"Just give us a second," he replied, turning to Liz.

Liz frowned. "Kid, do you really want to do this?" she asked.

He nodded. "I've been wanting to get rid of her for a while now and here's a perfect opportunity."

"Yeah, but..." she said unsurely. "She actually knows how to summon a copy of her own weapon. You don't have anything. When you look at it that way, it's not an even fight."

"I know."

"Before, you didn't even want to use your Reaper powers. Why now?"

"They wouldn't have really done anything. I could've accidently hurt Patty."

She sighed in defeat. "All right, fine. But I still don't like this idea."

He smiled a bit. "You don't need to worry, Liz. I'll be fine."

"Yeah, stop worrying so much, Sis!" called Patty with a grin.

"Shouldn't you be getting down from there!?"

"Nah, I'll watch from here!"

He rolled his eyes and turned back to Lucy, who was arguing with Daichi.

"Do you remember what happened earlier today? If it weren't for me, your stubbornness and cockiness would've gotten not only you killed, but me as well!" Daichi yelled quietly.

"I know I can win this time! Kid doesn't have any weapons, so I have a huge advantage!"


"Besides, this is my battle. Not yours!" She turned back around to confront Kid. Behind her, she heard Daichi murmur, "You better win this..."

Kid and Lucy slowly began to circle each other, waiting for the first move and holding the others in suspense. "Well? Shall we begin?" he asked.

"You first," she responded.

He smirked. "Really? I figured you'd be extremely desperate to get your hands all over me."

Lucy blushed and she charged at him with a roar. She swung her pitchfork down to his head, but he easily sidestepped out of the way and kicked his leg up right into her jaw.

"You're too slow," he said.

She scowled as blood dripped from her mouth and kicked his legs out from beneath him, smacking his forehead with the staff of her pitchfork. Kid fell onto his back but quickly kicked his legs up to push him back onto his feet. In the blink on an eye, he punched Lucy in the same spot of her jaw and threw her a few feet away from him.

Right when she flipped back up to attack again, she saw that he was gone. "What the...?!" she muttered.

The sound of a small engine caught her ears. She looked up and gasped to see a skateboard being hurled at her face. 'Not good!' she thought. 'Move, move, move!'

"Tornado Flip!"

Beelzebub nearly cracked in half from the strength of impact on Lucy's face. Lucy let out a piercing scream, sending shivers down Liz's spine. The Devil dropped her weapon and brought her hands to her face, taking a few steps back.

Kid picked up her pitchfork and snapped in half. He threw the pieces down to the side and they disintegrated into red smoke. "Now we're even," he said.

She lowered her hands to reveal a dark look on her blood covered face. "I'll kill you...!" she snarled lowly.

"Good. I'd be disappointed if you gave in this easily." In a flash, he was in front of her and kicked her in the gut, throwing her back again. "But I can't see you lasting much longer."

She growled and summoned three push knives in each hand. His eyes widened. "You're summoning your sibling's weapons. Doesn't that only drain more energy from you?" he asked.

"If it means getting rid of you then I don't care!" she shouted, lunging herself towards him.

"How are you feeling?" Jet asked Roy, carefully helping him stand up.

Roy smiled. "I'm fine, seriously. You don't need to worry," he said.

"I know, but that was a close call with that scary girl," Jet said. "I mean, we've made it so far. The strongest of the strongest are probably still out there."

"Just like us, right?"

He chuckled. "Yeah, just like us. So where to next?"

"I'm not sure, but anywhere that'll get that creepy sword out of my head. I feel like it'll be stalking us everywhere we go," Roy replied.

Jet shrugged and transformed back into his weapon form. "I go wherever my meister goes."

"Shh! You hear that?" Roy hushed him, making a firm defensive, stance. "It sounds like footsteps..." He quietly listened towards the direction of the footsteps. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a large sword moving towards them. Roy gasped and broke out into a sprint the other way.

"Not that sword again!" Jet exclaimed. "I though we killed her!"

"Looks like we were wrong!"

"That's impossible though! Unless... What if someone healed her?"

Roy shrugged. "It's possible. Either way, we need to keep moving! I don't want to fight her away!"

"Roy, look out!"

Roy came to a screeching hault as the sword came swinging down to his stomach, barely missing. Roy cart wheeled backwards. Not even bothering to stop and look at the weilder, he turned around again and made another run.

"How did she catch up so easily? You're one of the fastest meisters in the academy!" Jet shouted.

A drop of cold sweat slid down the side of Roy's face. "I don't know, but I'll make sure that we lose her this time!"

Roy began to pick up the pace and he became nearly blind to look at, hopping over bushes, boulders, and dodging trees. His legs began to tire out and his chest burn, but he kept running. Finally, he came to a stop right in front of the ocean on the beach.

"Is... She... There...?" he panted.

"No..." Jet replied unsurely. "But damn, you just ran across the entire island! New record!"

Roy slightly smiled and let out a long sigh. "Yeah... Tha-"

A sword was thrust through his back and out of his stomach. Roy's eyes widened and he looked down to be shocked to find a black sword. "W...Wha...?"

The sword was pulled out of his body and held to his neck. The wielder smirked creepily and spoke.

"Screech symphony."

"Y'know, you're not that bad," Twisted said, sitting on a log across from Satana.

Satana scoffed. "Whatever."

She rolled her eyes. "Drop the tough guy act, will you? It makes you look like a whore."

"Excuse me?!"

"Joking, joking." Twisted leaned back. "I call everyone a whore. Deal with it."

Satana glared at Twisted before sighing. "How did I get stuck with you...?"

"Simple, really. Because I'm a good person."


Twisted the staff of her axe above her head to block the impact of Satana's mace. The spikes hitting the staff made a loud clanging noise, ringing through both of their ears. Twisted took a step back, but look behind her to see that she was near the edge of a cliff.

"Shit..." she hissed.

Satana smirked. "Nowhere to go anymore," she said.

"Obviously," Twisted replied. She held her axe towards Satana's chest. "Only one of us will make it out and the other will be thrown off this cliff."

"Then may the best man win!" Satana swung her mace to the side to hit Twisted's side. She eyed a small wound there. 'If I reopen the wound then it'll all be over...' she thought cautiously.

Twisted ducked, but the mace just barely brushed over her face, managing to knock her glasses off of her face. The glasses flew off the cliff and down where it wasn't visible any longer.

"Damn you," she growled, jabbing Satana's stomach with the staff of her axe. Satana began to dodge a series of swings from the axe, which made her back towards the edge of the cliff. She took another step back, but her heel slid off of the edge and caused her to lose her balance. She began to swing her arms around to try and push herself back up.

Twisted cackled. "You look so stupid!" she exclaimed.

Satana blushed in embarrassment as she regained her balance. "Shut up!" she snapped.

Twisted smirked and readied her axe for another attack, when suddenly, a cracking sound rang through their ears. "What the-?!" she shouted. She looked down to see the cliff cracking with them both in the zone to fall.

"Twisted!" Angel shouted, transforming into a human and pulling her meister to safety. Right as the cliff broke off, Faith had transformed back into her human formed and grabbed Satana's hand. Faith sat on the edge, her back arched over as she held onto her meister's arm. Satana dangled over the vast ocean. She felt chills run up her spine and she looked up to meet Faith's eyes.

"D-Don't worry!" Faith said weakly, using all of her strength to hold onto her. "I-I'm not gonna let go, okay?"

"S-Sure..." she replied quietly.

Faith glanced over her shoulder. "Please help..." she said to the other two.

Twisted sighed and stood up. "C'mon Angel, let's go," she said, pulling her weapon away. Tears began to form in Faith's eyes.

Angel stopped on her tracks. "We should help them," she said sternly.

Twisted glared at her. "Angel-!"

"I'm serious! We should help them!"

"Are you out of your fucking mind?!"

"Maybe!" She turned around. "Look, I don't care if you say no. I'm going to help!" She ran over to Faith and grabbed Satana's arm, trying to help pull her up.

Twisted clicked her tongue. "Tsk, damn it!" she growled. She sprinted over to them and wrapped her arms around Angel's body, trying to increase their strength. "Satana, whatever you do, don't look down!"

"Yeah, thanks, asshole!" Satana called back.

The three of them used all of their strength to try and pull Satana up. "G-Guys," Faith squeaked. "I think the edge is about to break off again...!"

Twisted gasped and glanced over her shoulder to see that the ground indeed was about to break off again. "Hey, Satana, help us and pull yourself up, would you?!" she shouted.

"Be quiet! You think I'm just dangling here for fun?!" Satana shouted back. She lifted her arm up and began to crawl back onto the ground, managing to pull up her upper body.

Angel checked the cracked ground. "By my calculations, we only have about ten point four seconds until the cliff breaks off agai-"

"Oh, shut the fuck up, Angel!" Twisted interrupted.

"Gee, sor-ry for trying to help!"

"Well, you're not!" Satana intervened, finally managing to pull both of her legs up along with the rest of her body. Faith smiled in relief.

"Everybody jump!" Twisted shouted, pulling Angel over to safety. Faith followed her actions and jumped next to Twisted, along with Satana. The four watched as the ground broke off again and fell into the ocean.

Twisted panted and wiped the sweat from her forehead. "Damn..." she uttered.

Faith stood up and tackled Angel to the ground with a large embrace. "Thank yooooouuu~! Thank you so much!" she cried.

Angel sweat dropped and smiled nervously. "It's no problem," she replied sweetly.

Faith looked over at Satana. "Satana, don't you have something to say?" she asked.

Satana stared at the ground and stood up. "Yeah. The cliff's about to break off again."

"What?!" they shouted. They all quickly stood to see once again, the cliff was about to break off again.

"All right, fuck this, I'm out!" Twisted said, dashing away.

"Twisted, wait up!" Angel called, following her while Faith still clung onto her arm.

Satana sweat dropped and walked after them. "This should be interesting..." she murmured.

-Flashback End!-

"I saved your ass," Twisted said with a smug grin. "You owe me big time."

Satana scowled. "I don't owe you anything..." she said lowly, turning her head away. "Anyways, where's Angel? She should be back with food by now..."

Right on queue, Angel and Faith came walking back, Angel with arms full of strange looking fruit. "I swear to Death, if those are poisonous..." Twisted started.

Angel rolled her eyes. "They're not, so calm yourself," she said, handing her and Satana food.

Satana studied it carefully. "Where'd you get this from?" she asked.

She shrugged. "Dunno. I was about to fish until Faith handed them to me saying they were good."

Satana gasped and slapped the fruit out of Twisted's hands before she could eat it. "The fuck?!" Twisted snapped.

Satana sweat dropped. "Trust me. If Faith found it, you're bound to die..." She smirked. "Looks like I saved your life."

Twisted rolled her eyes. "Ah, shut up."

-DWMA Rumble!-

Kaiser kept bumping into Kento as they walked to purposely push him into Ven. "Knock it off," Kento murmured irritably, breaking the silence.

"So how about this sky? Blue as ever, am I right?" Kaiser said, breaking the silence as well.

Rein cackled. "Da fuck is that supposed to mean?" He grinned and shrugged.

"I'm hungry..." muttered Hiro, clutching onto his stomach.

Ven smiled nervously. "Yeah, you're not the only one..." she said.

"Duh, cuz we haven't eaten shit in days!" Rein exclaimed.

"What do you mean 'days'?!" Kaiser shouted. "First off, we've only been here for, what, maybe four days? And second off, you shouldn't be as hungry as us being that you STOLE OUR BANANAS!"

Hiro sighed. "Jeez, calm down, Kaiser," Kento said. "It's in the past now, right?"

"What if the word bananas was a term for your virginity?" Rein asked. She suddenly laughed. "I stole you guys' bananas!"

Ven sweat dropped and remained silent. "You're weird," Kaiser told Rein.

"RABBIT AHOY!" Rein suddenly shouted, pointing to a rabbit crawling out of a bush, blood trailing from its foot.

"Oh, it's all ready injured!" Kento said. "Someone go catch it!"

"I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" Rein yelled, breaking out into a sprint and leaping forward to tackle the rabbit. She disappeared behind many bushes while chasing after it.

Ven giggled. "C'mon, let's go after her before she gets lost."

Before they could move, Rein popped back out of the bush, holding the rabbit up by its foot. "Guys, I got it!" she exclaimed. Right when she was about to hand it to Kento, a sharp dagger with a black ribbon around it pierced into the rabbit and knocked it out of Rein's hand, making her jump in surprise. The dagger stuck onto a tree with the dead rabbit hanging from it.

Violet jumped down from the tree and smirked. "Thanks for helping us catch dinner," she said, walking over to the tree and pulling the dagger out, catching the dead animal in her hand.

"Gross! You just shoved me into a poor little rabbit's stomach!" May cried in weapon form.

"Good!" said Akio, also in weapon form.

Rein clenched her teeth. "Hey! Finders keepers you bastards!" she snapped. She held her hand out to Ven, who gladly transformed into a scythe.

"Finders keepers? Bitch, please! We've been chasing that rabbit for an hour now!" Violet retorted with a laugh.

"Too bad, nigga! It's ours now!"

Violet dropped the rabbit and twirled her daggers. "Seeing as you're one of the last students out here, you must be pretty strong."

"Hell, I'm the strongest meister here!" Rein exclaimed. Violet grinned and chucked one of the daggers at Rein's hip. The dagger deeply scraped her skin before Rein could dodge it. She hissed and dashed to the right to swing her scythe down on Violet's head. Violet side stepped out of the way and jumped into the tree above her. Rein didn't hesitate to follow her.

Kento, Kaiser, and Hiro stayed on the ground and stared into the tree. They couldn't see anything, but they could certainly here the clashes of metal and the sharp swings of Rein's scythe. "Should we go up there and help them?" Hiro asked.

Kaiser shrugged. "Nah, this is Rein we're talking about!" he said. "There's no way she can-"

Rein was suddenly flung out of the tree. Her back and head smacked onto the dirt, making her cough up blood. Her entire body was covered in small cuts and dripping with blood.

"...Lose," Kaiser finished.

Kento's eyes widened and he kneeled beside Rein. "Rein! Are you okay?!" he shouted.

Violet jumped back out of the tree and she looked like she wasn't even touched. "Not for long!" she said with a grin.

Ven transformed back into a human. "Rein, get up!" she cried.

"Kento, what should we do?" Kaiser asked.

Kento looked down for a moment before standing up. "Kaiser, Hiro, transform," he commanded.

Kaiser cringed as he began to glow. "You serious?!"

Hiro shrugged. "Here goes nothing..." The two brothers transformed into two large shuriken.

Ven's eyes widened. "What are you-?"

"Ven, I want you two to save yourselves, all right?" Kento said, glaring at Violet.

"N-No! You can't do that!"

"Yes, I can. Rein's hurt and you need to heal her." He paused before sending her a grin. "It's okay! I promise we'll meet up again, okay?" he said.

She nodded unsurely before placing Rein's arm around her shoulder and walking away from them. Kento watched as they left before turning back to Violet. "Playing hero, huh? That's kinda cute," she said.

Akio cringed. 'I hope she didn't mean that...' he thought.

Kento smiled. "Hey, what can I say? I'm a gentleman."

She smirked and twirled her daggers again. "You just dug your own grave," she said, aiming her left dagger at his neck.

Kid panted as he snapped a long red spear in half and threw it to the side. His clothes were torn in places and his left shoulder was bleeding excessively, though he knew that it would soon stop. What bothered his was the throbbing bruise above his right eye.

Across from him, Lucy's bruised legs were ready to give away at any moment. Her knees and elbows were cut open and bleeding, along with a gash across her stomach. Her jaw had a large bruise on it since Kid kept hitting her in the same spot.

She clapped her hands together and generated a long, black chain. Daichi scowled. "Lucy, stop summoning your siblings' weapons'!" he yelled. She didn't respond.

"He's right, you know. You're only weakening yourself," Kid commented.

"Shut... Up...!" she snapped, taking a step forward. Before she could swing the chain forward, she finally collapsed onto her knees and dropped her weapon.

Kid moved out of his defensive stance and began to walk over to her. "It's over, Lucy. Your pride led to your own defeat," he said. Daichi's fists clenched.

"Then just put me out of my misery all ready, will you?!" she shouted, hanging her head down. Tears began to form in her eyes. "What does it matter?! I'm useless to my family anyways! Having nine other siblings and being the weakest of them all doesn't exactly show a bright future for you!" Kid's eyes widened and she looked up at him. "So just kill me all ready! Don't just stand there and make me feel more worthless than I all ready am!"


After a moment of silence, he took a step forward. "Lucy..."

Lucy opened her mouth to speak, when suddenly, she saw Daichi pull his sharp stone out of his pocket and pull his arm back to throw at Kid. She gasped and without even thinking, she jumped onto her feet, embraced Kid, and spun him around.

The stone when straight through her back and out of her chest. Kid's eyes widened as he watched her body fall in his arms. Liz gasped and ran over to them while Daichi stood in the tree in shock.


"Why... Why would you do something like that?" Kid asked her. Lucy slowly looked up to him and coughed up blood. "You hate me."

She slightly grinned and wiped some of her blood on his cheek with her thumb. "G-Guess I-I'm startin' to like y-you, huh...?" she said hoarsely. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her body went limp. A sniper shot was heard and Kid and Liz glanced over to the tree to see Daichi falling down and smashing his head into the ground.

Kid sighed and lowered Lucy's body back onto the ground. "Well..." Liz said awkwardly. "That was... Unexpected..."

He slightly smiled. "You've got that right." He cringed at the pain in his shoulder and let out a hiss. "Can we go find a river or something?"

She nodded. "Sure. Patty, let's go!" she called.

"No!" Patty shouted. Liz stared at her in shock for a moment before Patty began to laugh. "Just kidding!" She climbed down from the tree and joined her partners. "You did a great job, Kid!"

"Yeah, thanks..." he muttered.

Liz arched a brow. "What's wrong?"

He closed his eyes and shook his head. "Nothing. It's nothing..." He walked on ahead of them. Liz only shrugged and followed behind.


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