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My Unnamed Phobia

Chapter 10: My Mischief

"The devil standing before you,
will offer you eternal life
in exchange for your luck.
But unlike all others
he asked instead for a game,
where victory will be achieved,
through luck."

People tend to have opinions on others. Even if they have only met the individual for ten seconds, it is in their nature to assume and judge others. And so there is no surprise that the first thing someone says about Hikaru would be, "Noisy brat with buttons for eyes."

Nevertheless, Hikaru is a teenager and is still figuring himself out. So you can't blame him that everytime he comes to visit his grandfather he haven't checked the plate of his neighbors.

If he had, he wouldn't be so stunned to find out that Touya Akira was in fact living next door to his grandfather's traditional Japanese house. Or that Murashita 9-dan lived across from Touya's. Hikaru only knew Honinbo whom he just left at the Go Association.

After all, it wasn't news that all Go professionals that lived in traditional homes usually gathered as if they were in their own community. Too bad no one bothered to inform the half blonde.

Akira on the other hand was wondering how such an oblivious teen could ever be his rival.

"So…do you want to come in?" Hikaru asked awkwardly.

"Hikaruuuuu!" A voice cried.

Akira was left stunned when he saw who had been wailing, and could not believe that it came from the admired Sai-sensei whom currently held the Oza title.

"What?" Hikaru snapped as he saw Sai come to the edge of the gate.

Sai was not deterred by the attitude, instead he jumped and nearly made both of them collapse on the ground. He held his little cousin like he would with a teddy bear. Akira watched in silence, not knowing how to react to the display of affection.

"Akira-kun?" Sai asked, a slight blush of embarrassment dusting his cheeks as he pulled away from Hikaru.

"You little shit, are you ready for your beating? No one dares to escape me without repercussion." Kaga slipped out of the gate and came trotting to the half blonde.

Sai exclaimed at the rude name the redhead had called his little cousin, while Hikaru studied nervously, hoping to somehow find a distraction in order to escape his current predicament.

His emerald eyes fell on the effeminate teen beside him and suddenly a brilliant plan lit up in his mind.

"Kaga do you remember the boy you lost to when you were young? The one you hate so much that you swore to beat in Go if you ever met him? That Touya Akira?" Hikaru said tauntingly as he saw the beginning of a volcano about to burst with magma.

Hikaru had to withhold his grin as he saw Kaga's dark eyes turn to the famous Go player. Akira had no idea what monster was coming, but Hikaru had no doubt that the other would be just fine.

Unless Kaga wanted to get physical and use his fist, rather than use the game to settle his lost. Then Hikaru would feel really bad as he made his run.

Kaga slowly approached the shoulder length teen while Hikaru silently backed away. Hikaru waited for the right moment when everyone wasn't looking at him as he made a run for it to Mari-san's apartment. The timing was just perfect, and as Hikaru made a dash for it he felt a sudden pull which caused gravity to take effect on him as he landed hard on the concrete ground.

Hikaru gazed at the sky, his eyes unfocused and his mind going in circles from the sudden impact. A red shaped figure stood above him, and foreboding was eating at his stomach as he began to realize what had just happened.

"I knew you were trying to distract me, but kid, I never fall for the same trick twice." Kaga bragged as he smiled toothily at the half blonde.

Hikaru heard knuckles cracking, and knew that he was at the mercy of the red head.

Just when Hikaru had given up, his cousin came forward and pushed with unbelievable force which made Kaga stumble and crash to the ground.

Sai dropped to the ground and pulled Hikaru forward, "Don't worry; I won't let him hurt you!"

Hikaru thanked the gods for having such an overprotective cousin, forgetting that he sometimes cursed said cousin for preventing his mischief schemes when he was young.

"I feel dizzy Sai, can you tell them to go away?" Hikaru mumbled, using his most pathetic yet cute tone to sway his cousin.

"Of course!"

Ah, he always fell for that one…

Hikaru mentally smirked as he wiggled his eyebrows at Kaga.

"You little shit! I might let you go today, but it won't happen again!" Kaga growled as he stood up from the ground and made his way out of their neighborhood. Hikaru watched in surprise, wondering why the redhead would give up so suddenly.

There was one thing Hikaru knew very well; Kaga can be a stubborn bitch from hell.

Hopefully his instincts were wrong and nothing horrible will happen to him while he was at his grandfather's place. Hikaru's emerald irises turned toward his friend Mitani, and secretly worried if he had ruined his friendship by hiding his connections to Sai and his grandfather.

"I will see you tomorrow." Mitani whispered, lowering his head and moving away. Although he felt betrayed, he still wanted to hear the half blonde's answer. Yet the solid gaze of Fujiwara-san left him speechless, and so he did not bother prying now.

"Akira-kun, I will be taking Hikaru now, he seems to be unwell. Good night." Sai said kindly as he pushed his little cousin up and half carried and half dragged to their home.

Akira stood there unsure of how to react. He still had many questions, such as what was his relationship with Ochi? Why was he disguised as Fujiwara Naoto? Why wasn't he a pro?

Akira moved toward his own home, knowing that he will have to ask tomorrow during class. He glanced one more time toward the Shindou residence. Maybe he should wait in front of the house tomorrow morning, knowing Shindou; the half blonde might try to escape during school.

With that in mind, Akira closed the wooden gate and entered his home while he announced to his mother that he was home.

Hikaru on the other hand continued to pretend, his mind imagining the scolding he would get once the doors were closed.

Instead, Sai let him to the tatami room where the goban laid and discussions were held. It's been a long time since Hikaru had entered this room; he usually avoided it like it held a monster without a name. Just like his phobia had no name.

"Let's have a game."

"Shouldn't you be in Kyoto, old friend?" Kuwabara Honinbo asked, breathing deeply on his favorite cancer stick.

"Only for a few days, I'm planning to go to Kansai next. Although I have retired, the Go Association would like me to be the presenter and discuss the match between Nakamura 9 dan from Kansai branch and Kurata 10 dan." Heihachi began, gently rotating his cup of tea before drinking it.

"Ah, but visiting me isn't the real reason why you are here, is it?" Kuwabara glanced from the corner of his right eye, hinting his suspicions as he flicked his wrist causing the cigarette's gathered ash to fall. A signal of his impatience if one knew him well, and Heihachi did so he continued, "I was at the go institute, how curious that a commotion would happen at the exact same time I was there to make my preparations to Kansai."

"Indeed." Kuwabara hummed, placing the cigarette between his lips and breathed in the smoke.

"I know you very well, and while I am grateful that for once your manipulative tendencies turned out for the better, I would like you not to do that to my grandson again." Heihachi placed the tea cup on the wooden table with unnecessary strength.

Kuwabara breathed out the smoke before he finally answered, "You could say I let him win, and it might be shameful for a go pro to do such, but then again it was never a serious game. The chance was there, but for someone that fears victory, that chance might as well have never been. So, when your grandson grabbed that victory it spoke volumes. A wave is approaching, stronger than when Touya's brat became a go pro. I was just that spark, but the force will be in the end your grandson."

Kuwabara Honinbo laughed; his cigarette squished on the ash tray was the proof that there was nothing more to be spoken.

"Very well, but I still believe it is too soon." Heihachi stood up from his seiza position and made his way out of the familiar home of his old friend.

"You will be surprised; his gaze was like a samurai ready to cut his opponent in half. When a domino falls, there's no stopping the chain effect. You shall see, it is right before you, inside your very own house…"

Heihachi stopped before the sliding doors, listening carefully to the riddles and sighed in defeat. Kuwabara was a manipulative old man, down to his very bones.

While Heihachi's go style was straightforward and aggressive, Kuwabara was cunning with traps and hidden tricks; they were the worse for each other. It is also why they were rivals since young and good friends after many games.

Listening to the words, Heihachi exited the traditional house and made his way to his own home which was a few houses away. Even though he did not want to visit his nephew and grandson, he wanted to know if Kuwabara's words were true.

And he knew he will be damned for being so easily manipulated.

As he entered his own home, it was unusually silent and there was a dark feeling gripping his heart as he slowly walked toward the tatami room. Once the sliding doors were opened it will reveal something, it could be a nightmare or a sweet dream from the past. Which one will it be?

"I am home." Heihachi said, pushing his resolve as he moved the sliding door.

"I won!"

To be continued…

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