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Dr. Cockroach has already built something for Susan to become normal-sized or giant-sized as she wishes. It's a ring, which fits on her pinky finger when she's Ginormica, but when she shrinks to human size, it becomes a necklace. When she's human-sized, the Quantonium is stored in a small crystal that glows blue-green, indicating the presence of the Quantonium. When she's Ginormica, the crystal is white.

You won't see her as Ginormica in this story, however. Just all human-sized. I needed to explain this, 'cuz I feel like some of y'all might get confused.

Also, I'm sticking with the name Insectosaurus instead of Butterflyosaurus. Insectosaurus fits the big bug much better.

Also, I KNOW the president promised them freedom. He's kept his word, but they're still at Area 5*, because General Monger is currently looking for a place big enough for Insectosaurus to live. Even though it doesn't say in the chapter.

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"Will it work?" asked Susan anxiously. She was fingering a necklace, which was (predictably) around her neck. Dr. Cockroach PhD had made it for her nearly a month ago. On the end of it hung a tiny, blue-green crystal.

This necklace held the ability to absorb the Quantonium in her body, or return it, enabling her to grow and shrink at her will. All she had to do was mentally ask, and she could become Ginormica or Susan at a moment's notice.

At this time, she was the size of a normal human being. Which meant it was not the necklace she was asking about…

It was the giant, cylindrical chamber in front of her.

The person whom she was speaking to was none other than the creator of the machine, Dr. Cockroach himself. "It should work. If it does not, the most likely outcome is my being worse off than I was, or death." When Susan looked alarmed, the doctor quickly tried to gloss over his mistake. "But of course," he said hurriedly, "the chances of that happening are quite slim, my dear."

Susan bit her lip. "Okay," she said reluctantly. Behind her, Link and B.O.B. gave Dr. Cockroach the "thumbs up".

Peering through the door with one huge eye, Insectosaurus gave a roar of approval.

Dr. Cockroach nodded once, resisting the temptation to laugh maniacally (it would only scare Susan), and stepped into the chamber. Once inside, he pressed a small button on the right side, and the door swung closed in front of him.

The next thing he felt was considerable pain. It felt like every single atom was being ripped from his body and then being stuffed brusquely back into place again. The sensation lasted approximately 2.3 seconds before coming to an abrupt halt. The door opened on its own accord, and the doctor stumbled out, managing to catch himself before he fell.

Dr. Cockroach straightened up and looked at Susan, who had backed into a wall. Her eyes shone with tears and she had he hand covering her mouth. "Well?" he asked her.

Susan just shook her head, unable to speak.

"What? What is it?" he urged. The doctor turned to B.O.B. and Link, who were gaping at him open-mouthed. Silently, Link just pointed at a mirror that was across the room.

Fearing the worst, Dr. Cockroach slowly moved toward the mirror. As he neared it, he closed his eyes and walked the final steps. Then he opened them.

His mouth dropped open. He tried to scream.

No sound came out.

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