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Beep Beep sounded the horn. Looking out the window in the hall way next to the foyer Miley could see a black jeep pull up into the enormous driveway with a dark haired driver behind the wheel.

"He's here. He's here. Joseph's here." Miley heard Denise exclaim as she made her way out the door, Miley guessed to greet this person named Joseph.

"Lets go." She heard someone speak into her ear and lightly grab her hand. She turned around to find it was no one other than Nick. He pulled on her their intertwined hands and she was soon led out the door. She guessed she was to meet this visitor too.

"Time to meet my brother." She heard Nick mumble under his breath. But she didn't need to ask him anything because he continued on saying, "Twenty three works in advertising." He informed her. "And just as a head up so don't get offended if he tries anything on you." Nick rolled his eyes. "Because trust me he will. He never lets any girl go without at least one comment."

Miley rolled her eyes. Oh great she thought. : Another over confident Grey to put up with. As if she didn't have enough to deal with already.

The whole family had gathered outside on the gorgeous lawn, waiting. The minute Joe stepped out the door of his car Denise wrapped him up in her arms. Then he was passed on to Paul who gently hugged his son. When it was Selena's turn she squealed and threw her arms around his neck. "Joey! Long time no see!"

He laughed and hugged her back. "I missed you too Sel. But I'm sure you must have missed my good looks even more." If the guy was like this to his sister than Miley could only imagine what he was like towards other girls. But Selena didn't seem phased by this comment, she was probably used to it; all she did was giggle in response.

Then he made his way over to Nick. "Hey bro." He greeted him as they hugged. Then his eyes moved over to look at Miley who was standing awkwardly behind Nick, still grasping his hand tightly. "And who's this lovely lady?" He sent a smirk in Miley's direction. She held in the temptation to roll her eyes. How was she supposed to respond to that?

But she didn't have to because before she could even open her mouth to say something Nick spoke up. "Joe, meet Miley. My fiancée." He wrapped his arms around Miley's shoulders protectively. Playing along Miley leaned herself into him.

"Hi." Miley said holding her hand out to him, still in Nick's embrace. "Nice to meet you."

Joe reached out and shook he hand, the smirk still clearly present on his lips. After all it was his favorite facial expression. " Oh so this is the fiancée Nick can't stop ranting about. I'm Joe, Nick's charming older brother."

Miley smiled at him as Nick tightened his hold on her shoulders. She shot him a look before speaking up. "Oh I know Nick has told me so much about you."

"Oh he probably has. I'm pretty much all he can talk about. When you have a brother as good looking as me there's not much of to speak about."

At this Selena rolled her eyes along with Denise. Miley resisted the urge to laugh out loud. "I'm sure." Was all she sarcastically responded with.

"Well okay since we've all been introduced why don't we all go inside and sit down to a wonderful lunch. We have much to talk about." Denise interrupted the silence that had fallen upon the group. She was the take-charge kind of person and Miley liked that about her.

Lunch was full of many discussions concerning sports, work, and summer plans.

Miley was thoroughly enjoying the time. Her own family was never like this. And honestly their meals together were rather dull and boring. It got pretty lonely with only her Taylor, and her parents. But unexpectedly the Greys were lively and fun.

"So Dad." Nick spoke up. "How's work going?"

"Oh you know how it is, everyday full of work and work. We're short a lot of employees, everybody seems to want weeks off to enjoy their vacations."

Nick looked over at Miley. She had no idea what he had in mind. "Dad you know Miley's a journalist. I'm sure she would love to do some work for the company."

This brought a huge grin to Denise's face. "Oh that would just be wonderful. Selena is going to be working on the magazine too, she wants to do an interior designing column. It'll be loads of fun for the family to work together on something." She gushed.

Paul looked over a Miley and sent her a genuine smile. "If you want to Miley we would love to have you."

"That would be amazing." Miley said returning the warm smile.

"Great. You can come in Monday and we can talk about what you can do."

Miley couldn't hold in her excitement. This was her dream job and could open up so many doors for her.

"Thank you." She mouthed to Nick. He smiled and nodded in response.

'This vacation is already getting so exciting. Now we have to talk about Nick and Miley's engagement party that's coming up in a week." Denise turned her attention over to Miley. "I called your mother dear and she just adored the idea of a party. She emailed me a list of people to invite this morning. Do you have anyone you would like to have attend."

Miley looked down at her plate. She didn't see how they could pull this off. And most of all she really did not want to lie to everyone. She didn't want to disappoint anyone. "No. There's nobody." She didn't need more people there to deceive.

Denise turned her attention over to Nick. "What about you Nicholas? Any friends you want to invite?'

"No. I'm sure you've got everyone covered." He mumbled also looking down unable to look his mother in the eye. Clearly he didn't want to disappoint her, but that's where they were mistaken, in not trying to hurt anyone they were basically setting them all up for hurt, disappointment, and pain.

Denise took no notice in either Nick or Miley. Instead she went on doing what she did best: planning things out. "Well then we should talk about the venue. I booked the main room at the country club. It'll probably be short notice to change it but if you guys really don't like the location I'm sure we can find something." She looked over at Miley and Nick for an answer. Nick cleared his throat before opening his mouth to respond.

"Umm no, I'm sure that the country club's fine." He muttered out.

As Denise began discussing other aspects of the upcoming party, Miley couldn't help but look at the countless amount of photos adorning the walls of the dining room; picture frames completely covered the mint colored walls. There was one of a much younger Denise and Paul on their wedding day, another of what Denise pregnant with Selena and Nick with Joe at her feet, one of Halloween with Selena as a ballerina, Joe as a firefighter, and Nick as batman, on top was a picture of all three of them on the first day of school, next to it was a prom picture with Selena and Nick, under it was a picture of Taylor with his arms wrapped around Selena, and in the center of the wall was a picture of what Miley assumed was Selena's wedding with the whole entire family.

"I see you've taken notice in our wall of memories." Denise said with a smile full of pride. "We like to document all events of our family and what better place to hang them then in the room which we all share meals in. We'll put a picture of your party up there soon and you're wedding will go up there right next to Selena and Taylor's."

Miley couldn't bear to look Denise in the face knowing that their wedding would never happen. She saw Nick turn his gaze away too. Selena sent Miley a sympathetic smile; she knew what was going through her head at the moment. Miley didn't think she'd ever felt this guilty in her life. But she had a feeling that she would have to get used to it because this was going to become constant thing for hr for the next three months.


"Honey there's something I want to talk to you about." Miley looked up from drying the blue melamine plate she was currently holding. She had offered to help Denise was the dishes after everybody was finished with lunch.

"Yes Mrs. Grey?"

"Sweetheart I've told you many times to call me Denise. We're practically family now."

"Okay." Miley got out as barely a whisper.

"Hon you really do love my Nicholas don't you." She glanced over at Miley form her place at the sink. "I know how he feels about you from just looking in his eyes."

Instead of staring at the pale tiles of the kitchen floor like she had previously been doing, Miley looked Denise in the eyes before answering her question. "Yeah. I do love him." This statement came out easier then she thought it would have. Miley was never good at lying. But the words had just slid off her tongue.

Denise smiled at her. "I know honey. And I just want you to know that I am so happy for you. I am so happy for Nick. ." She put the dish that she had been holding back in the sink and wiped her soapy hands on a washcloth before turning to face Miley. "He'll never tell you this but Nick has always had a commitment issue. He used to date all these girls but he never felt like they were right for him" She paused. "Well until one, Melanie. He fell hard for her, too soon. And he's never been the same since. Well not until you that is." She paused again but only this time it looked like she was thinking something through. "But maybe that's a story he should tell you himself." And with that she wen back to washing the dishes like nothing had happened, like she hadn't said anything.

Miley thought about this new piece of information that she had just been given. She wasn't surprised that Nick hadn't told her. Why would he? It wasn't like they were really in a relationship anyway. His past relationships were none of her concern or her business. But still se couldn't help but wonder what had happened between them. Honestly she couldn't imagine him "falling for someone". It just didn't seem like him. But then again she didn't really know him. Or at least that's what se kept reminding her. Miley considered all this as she walked up the stairs. She was questioning whether to talk to him about him or not when she heard someone call out her name.

"Oh Selena. Hey. I didn't see you there." She said turning around on the last step. She made her way back down the stairs to where Selena was standing.

"So I was wondering if you wanted to take a walk with me?'

"To where?" Miley asked.

"Oh you know, juts to do a little shopping. I'm beginning to get a little bored."

Miley laughed. "There are no stores in walking distance from here."

Selena smiled sheepishly. "We'll just take a short drive then.'

Miley raised an eyebrow. 'You know you're mom just happened to tell me not even ten minutes ago that the mall is forty five minutes away. And the grocery store which is the closest store from here is miles away."

She let out a groan. "Okay fine. Then Miley do you want to get in the car and drive for forty five minutes to go to the mall."

"I'd love to." She said replying with a smile.

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