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Part One: Chapter One

"Properly speaking, history is nothing but the crimes and misfortunes of the human race." – Pierre Bayle


She was screaming, sweaty, and very uncomfortable. Pain was ripping through her and she couldn't— wouldn't— stop it. Her baby must be born and safe within her arms. Another scream tore across her throat as another sharp burst of pain assaulted her. She needed this child out, now before it killed her!

"A little more dearest, a little more. Push…yes, like that. A little more," her mother cooed over her screams and wails. A little more? She had been pushing for what seemed like hours! When was this child going to leave her? Didn't it know all the pain and trouble it was causing her? Finally, she felt the child slip out of her smoothly.

"It's a girl," her mother announced. Though Katerina feels her body sagging with relief and exhaustion the thought of her raising a baby girl revives a small about of energy in her being. And she yearned to touch her girl and look into her eyes that she hopes will look so much like her's. "A girl. Please mother," Katerina reached for her baby, "let me see her."

"Woman, don't!" Her father's voice boomed and Katerina had almost forgotten her father was there watching her give birth. Dread filled her being as she remembered what her father was going to do. "What are you doing?"

Her mother handed the child—her child— to her father and her heart shattered. "Let me at least hold her once…just once!" Her arms reached out for her baby. She had all these plans, all these dreams made for her and her child, but now they wouldn't come true. Her child, her beautiful baby whose face she had never seen, was being taken away from her.

"Forget it! You have disgraced this family!" her father snapped. His tree bark brown orbs seemed to glow with a red fire and usually she would cower and bend to his will. However, this was her child and nothing would separate them. She would do anything in her power to get her back.

"Father, please! No, father, don't!" Katerina howled as her father stride out of the room. Each step devastated her and made her want her child even more. Tears clouded her vision and with a small burst of might, she tried to get herself off the bed, but her mother prevented her from even making a move off her divan.

"No, Katerina, its better for her," Mother told her. And she was right. Her father would scorn the child that was his granddaughter and if her daughter grew and walked around the town, everyone would act as if she had the plague due to the fact that she was a child born out of wedlock. Her daughter would be a pariah. So yes, this was better for her. But it didn't make the separation hut any less bitter. It fact, it made it worse knowing that she, Katerina Petrova, her mother, would be unable to make a happy life for her.

"No, mother, please," she pleaded pathetically. She was still crying and this just made her weep harder.

"Let her go…let her go, Katerina." Katerina cried harder. Of course, her mother would side with her father. She had no will and was so submissive. The "perfect wife" as they liked to call her.

"Please, mama…" It was a sad display and she knew it, but what was she to do? It was all she had left. The energy that she had before was slowly draining out of her and she was deflating.

A simple mistake.

Simple mistakes were causing her all of this pain and suffer. She had suffered for months holding that child; she had suffered rejection from that child's father. And now she was losing the child. It was too much; he had given away so much and now had gotten nothing in return, but tragedy.

Looking at her mother with her tear stained face and said in the smallest of whispers, "Please."

It wasn't just a plea for her child any longer it was a plea begging for:



And a chance for redemption.

Routines. She had hated and dreaded them as a child. Always doing the same thing every single day and with scarcely anytime for fun. She use to grimace at the thought; so repetitive, so dull and drab. However, now the word routine was her savior. She liked the thought of dull and drab. The spontaneous life she had planned before was too scandalous, bright, and vivid now.

The future she had planned for her and her baby (who would be two months old as of yesterday) was too exciting. Now that she didn't have her—

Katerina's train of thought stopped as she felt her body ache at the thought of her baby. She unconsciously rubbed her stomach, as if she would feel a kick or the bulge that proved that she had once a held a child within her. When she felt nothing her disposition dampened. Her father had made sure that she lost every trace of pregnancy by practically starving her and making her take long walks in the yard after every meal.

"Katerina?" a maid said as she poked her head into the room, "You have guest awaiting you." Katerina didn't move an inch and the maid didn't anticipate her too. The door finally creaked close and Katerina made a move. She looked around her black and white room; white walls, black furniture, and white sheets and curtains. It was simple, dull, and drab.

Just the way she liked it.

"This is the guest room," Katerina said as she showed her new "friend", that her parents got her to her room.

Carolina was a rainbow. She had long blonde curls that fell to her hips, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and she wore a red dress with long fringed sleeves. As Katerina said, the girl was a rainbow. "Thank you," Carolina said. A small accent was laced around her words showing just how foreign she was.

Katerina nodded, "Call a maid if you need anything." She turned to walk off, but Carolina quickly clamped a hand around her wrist preventing her from doing so.

"Can I…can I ask something of you?" Carolina asked bashfully. Katerina nodded.

"Since you know this place better than I could you be kind enough to show me the town?"

"No." Going into the town meant facing people. And facing people meant that she would have to withstand their judgment and she just wasn't ready for that. But then her mother's plea started to ring in her ears. Act pleasant and be kind and patience with Carolina. This is the first time she has ever been to Bulgaria. That was her only request and who was she to deny her mother such a simple thing.

"Actually," Katerina said turning to face Carolina, "I would love to go into town with you."




The next day was sunny and Katerina awoke to an incessant pounding on her bedroom door. Grumbling, Katerina marched over to her door and ripped it open. "What," she bit out, looking at Carolina's cheery (but still shy) smile.

"I was wondering if we could go into town now…after breakfast," she said quietly.

And that was Katerina's morning. Her breakfast was short due to the fact that Carolina was so impatient. They were currently trying to decide one dress out of the numerous dresses of the seamstress, though it wasn't fun for Katerina. She could feel the whispers and the stares hitting her back. All the rumors that had spread around must have been a tremendous amount considering how she was barely seen for the past two months.

"So Katerina? What is a daily life here in Bulgaria?"

"I'm not really sure," she said as she pasted on a fake smile. For two months, she had in hibernating; never leaving her room only to bathe or walk. Frankly, she had forgotten all the daily things that she used to do. That was a sad thought not to mention pathetic. She could feel Carolina's pitying and confused look and was about to defend herself when: "Katerina?"

Turning, Katerina's eyes widened as she saw that man. His hair was up to the nape of his neck and was a sandy looking brown color. Sea green eyes looked at her with surprise as the small stability that Katerina had crumbled slowly underneath her feet.

"Katerina? Katerina Petrova! Oh, how good it is to see you again! I…I thought that you would still be with our child…" he continued on with amazed look on his face. Carolina's eyes flashed between him and Katerina when she heard the mention of a child. Darius; that was his name. Katerina wanted to kill him yet embrace him and cry onto his shoulder. Darius, was well known for being sleazy, suave and maybe, depending on his mood, rude and vulgar. He was also a notorious drinker. And now he was also going to be known as the father of her child. The man that helped her make that simple mistake and wasn't there to at least comfort her when the consequence became too much or to at least prevent her father from taking the child away from her.

"And who are you?" Katerina caught. Looking up she saw Darius looking at Carolina as if she was a holiday feast. Katerina looked down and if she wanted to, she would have cried. But she was a Petrova. She wouldn't shame herself in front of him and left her pride be hurt by something as trivial as this.

"I am Carolina. And I am sorry to leave so abruptly, but Katerina and I have an appointment that we just cannot miss. It was a pleasure meeting you…"

"Darius," he answers as he took her hand and kissed it, "and the pleasure was all mine."

Carolina smiled at him then quickly grabbed Katerina's hand and walked off. They rushed all the way to the Petrova manor and went and hid in Katerina's room. Katerina plopped herself down on her bed and said nothing. Carolina waited for her to speak, but she didn't, so she started the conversation.

"You had a baby?" Katerina froze and was waiting for the judgment and the remarks that would burn her skin and make her feel even hollower on the inside, but they never came. "Were you in love? With that man?"

Did I love Darius? Katerina thought to herself. He was very good looking and at the beginning of their courtship he was so sweet and kind to her. And he was so loyal to her, always wanting to spend time with her and always trying to talk to her and know how she was doing. Then they started to lay together and all of the previous sweetness had banished. After he lay with her she had to ask him to spend time with her and when she did he usually left her in favor of going to the local tavern. He still kissed, but he never really spent time with her anymore and that made the kiss meaningless. Darius no longer wished to spend time with her, unless it was to sleep with her. And now, the way she saw Darius looking at Carolina she now was completely sure that his loyalty never lay with her, but to his own need for pleasure.

"No, I do not believeI love him now…but at one point, I-." It was shameful to say it now. "I believe that I did love him at one point."

"Did you love the baby?"

"It pains me to know that my child will be calling another 'mother," Katerina said. Her eyes drifted to the ground and her heart swelled with sadness. Carolina looked at the brunette with pity.

"Then my friend you need a change of sencery."

"What?" Carolina smiled as she gazed at Katerina's flabbergasted face.

"Well you claimed that it pained you. The next logical step would be to escape the pain. I can barely stand my position as it is."

Katerina shook her head. "Carolina the very thought is mad. Get the notion out of your head."

When Katerina said the word mad a dark look flashed over Carolina's face, but she quickly fixed her feature and smiled, "Fine, but my offer still stands."

Katerina tossed and turned in her divan. Images of the most gruesome looking night ghast danced before her eyes taunting her. Groaning, she turned over on her side and opened her eyes only to be embraced by the sight of darkness.

At least, she thought to herself, I am not screaming and crying uncontrollably. Ever since the departure of her child, she had been plagued by horrible dreams that would seemingly plague her during the day. Every turn she would make she would think there was a monster trying to eat her or was already eating her child. She would cringe at the thought and close her eyes tightly until she finally thought it was gone.


Someone entered her room and was holding a candle. Squinting her eyes, she noticed that it was Carolina. "Carolina? What are you doing awake at this ungodly hour?"

"I could ask the same of you." Carolina set the candle holder on her night stand and looked at her closely. The intense stare make Katerina feel bare and made her flush lightly (not that Carolina would see it in such low lighting). "What ails you?"

"Silly, nightghast dance in my dreams as soon as my eyes close." Carolina smiled at her and leaned in, "I once had the same problem, but then I got myseld a dreamcatcher."

"A what?"

"Wait." Carolina quickly scurried off, taking the light with her. But she was back as quickly as she had left with a small, oddly beautiful little trinket in her hands. "Here," she said as she shoved the object into her hands. Looking at it Katerina was curious at the simplistic beauty it held. A handful of colorful string was weaved around a craved wooden circle. The string was weaved around the circle so that it looked like a spider web, but with the center open in an octagonal like shape. Two pieces of the string dangled down from the bottom of the circle, the string were about five inches long and had a long feather and multiple beads attached to the end of it. It was simple and plain, but seemed shine with and aged beauty.

"What is this," she asked as she turned it over in her hands.

"A dream catcher. You hang it up over your divan and when the night ghast come to plague you the dream catcher will seize it through that hole in the center. Then it shall sprinkle down good things for good dreams on you through the feather," Carolina explained.

"Is this witchcraft?"

"Oh, heavens, no! If it is I shan't ever use it again."


"Where shall I hang the dream catcher?" Looking around they decided that they would hang it above her head where a painting of her father's property in England.

"There," Carolina said, obviously satisfied. They hid the painting under Katarina's wardrobe which was large enough to hold two small women.

"Are you sure the dream catcher will work?" Katerina asked. She still had a slight fear that it was witchcraft.

"Yes, now goodnight." And without a sound Carolina left taking the candle away…leaving Katerina in the dark.

Knowing that sitting up in bed doing nothing wouldn't help her, Katerina laid herself down and closed her eyes until she fell asleep.


Blood was everywhere.

The walls; the floor boards; every niche, nook and cranny was hugged by a sea of crimson. Walking farther into the home she felt her silk slippers being stained. Blood dripped from the ceiling dropping into her hair as if she was being anointed with oil.

Turning a corner, Katerina walked into a sitting room with the only drops of blood being the ones her stained clothes brought. The pristine room was pure white. White oak table, white cushions, white curtains. The room was so innocent it hurt to look at, but the person in the room was what she looked at.

Wavy hair. Chocolate brown eyes. A small pointed nose. She would be beautiful when older, but for three years old, she would be the handsomest baby ever alive. Katerina knew what happened next. The baby would smile at her and she would rip the baby, her child, to shreds with only her teeth. Her body would move then the next thing known to her would be a dismembered body.

However, when Katerina started moving forward everything faded. And she was all that was left.

It was just what she was asking for.

/Dreamsequence END\\

"So Katerina hiw did you rest last night?" Carolina asked the next morning. Everyone, mostly the Petrova's, were also wondering how she slept the night before. They hadn't heard any weeping.

Katerina took her sweet time with sipping her tea and putting jam on her toast. Everyone waited with baited breath for her response.

"I rest well last night. The best rest I've had in a while."

If there was one thing that Katerina liked, even in this (now slightly) monotonous life she now lived, was archery. She loved the feeling of a bow and arrow in her hand, the whistle the arrow made as it cut through the air, and the last (and best part) the loud thwack that it made as it hit its mark. And now as she heard the sound of the bow making a new home inside her target, she inwardly glowed with pride.

"Nice shot." Looking behind her, Katerina spotted Carolina standing behind her. Katerina 'hm'ed in response; she still was not as comfortable around Carolina, but she was slowly getting there. They had many conversations with each other after the sharing of the dream catcher and Carolina was slowly growing.

"May I have a try?" Carolina asked. Not really wanting to be impolite Katerina huffed as she shoved the bow and arrows in to her hands. She was a little bitter that Carolina was disturbing her. Carolina quickly settled herself in the stance that all archers stood in and lodged an arrow in the bow and pulled it back. Katerina gave a small smile at the sound of the bow croaking as it was pulled back to its full length.


Katerina stood astonished as Carolina shot fire at the target getting each and everyone right into the red center. When the quiver ran out of arrows to shoot Carolina looked at her with a smug smile on her face.

"I am a good shot, no?" she inquired.

Shrugging her shoulders Katerina looked back at her with a small look of envy. "Vanity is a sin, Carolina. And it doesn't look comely on you. Anyways, it was a spot of luck that helped you."

"Not luck; talent."

"Would you like to prove that with a small friend wager?"

"Katerina Petrova? Wanting to gamble? Such and unlady like thing?" Carolina said with a false surprise before her face melted into a mischievous smile. "What is the wager?"

"If I win you…have to…tell me a secret and do me a numerous amount of favors for a week."

"Fine, but if I win you must do the same."

Katerina smiled as she grabbed and bow and quiver, "Well then, shall we begin?" A smirk and a resounding thwack were her answers.

~Sweat accumulated on her brow as she pulled the bow back. Letting it go she watched as it split the air and it the target dead center. Katerina cheered and Carolina groaned as a servant added points to the board.

"That means only ten more points for me," Katerina cheered. Carolina growled. "What it is not my fault you're a bad shot!"

"I'm not bad; you just cheat." They had been at this game for hours now and the sun was hot as it pounded heat down on them. However neither wanted the lose the game. The whole point of the game was to assemble the most amount of points. At first Katerina had many bad shots and got little to no point, but Carolina's lucky streak had left her and allowed them to play on equal grounds. The score was now Katerina- 102 and Carolina-85.

Katerina chuckled as she sent a little servant boy to go and fetch the arrows so that they could play another round.

"Lady Carolina, Lady Katerina, it is time for tea," a servant announced.

"Well it seems I win," Katerina teased smugly. "And you owe me a secret."

"Fine…hmm, what to tell?" Carolina sighed. Her eyes glowed she came up with an idea as to what to tell. She lent over and whispered in Katerina's ear.

"I have a sister who married a man that was below my father's standard. It was expected considering she was mad." Katerina gasped. How could anyone love a person that was completely mad? And it was so scandalous too; to see a family as powerful and prideful as her own have a bad seed dwelling amongst them. Katerina felt guilty about hearing about this. She didn't need to know about this. It was too personal and family orientated.

Smiling, Carolina looked at Katerina's face. "I told you that because I like to think of you as my friend. So I shall see you inside."

And with that, Carolina sauntered off, in an infuriating display of confidence, as if she had won and not the other way around.

In the months that Katerina had known Carolina they had become the best of friends that confess everything to each other. She and Carolina trusted each other probably even more than they trusted their families. They would go out often and say that they were related in some sort of way, which in turn made their parents smile at the seventeen year olds. However, coming to this state of friendship wasn't easy. They had had fights where they wanted nothing more then for the other to burn to ash, but then Katerina would say something or Carolina would make a heartfelt gesture and they would be the best of friends once more.

However, today was not really a day for smiling and for teasing. Carolina went back to France, but was said to return in a matter of weeks and it was the year anniversary of the birth of her daughter. A full year had past since her child had been brutally taken from her. Katerina no longer wished for the boring monotonous life she had been planning months before, however, the life she had planned with her daughter still seemed a little to…spontaneous. She much liked her new life with only held a moderate amount of surprises. She enjoyed sitting with Carolina and sipping tea or playing a silly childish game, which she had conjured up, in the garden. However, some things she much just couldn't repress or hide her pangs of sadness. Today was one of those days.

Locked in the room where she gave birth to her child, Katerina touched everything that she made for her child; booties, pajamas, hats, and scarves. She made them all just for them to never be used and to see all her carefully planned preparation go to waste broke her heart. And so she wept. And not very quietly. Katerina cried out so that everyone knew she was upset and mourning. Maids who passed by cringed when they heard her cry out in the Slavic tongue and those who were mother sympathized with the poor girl.

Crashes could be heard later on as Katerina decided that the only way to rid herself of her grief was to destroy everything that reminded her of her child. Everything was being destroyed in the process; perfume bottles, vases, pictures. By the time she was done Katerina was circled by a ring of broken things.

The worst part of all was that she could see her reflection in all of them.

"Katerina, come sit."

Butterflies flitted around the courtyard and flowers greeted people with vivid colors that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight, In the middle of the courtyard, sitting on white garden furniture, was Katerina's mother, Olivia. She sat smiling, some what nervously, at her.

"I have no intentions of sitting with you mother. I wish to speak with you and father," Katerina said. Taking a sip of her tea Olivia gave Katerina a pointed stare. She cleared her throat and put down her cup. "Mhm. You just missed your father. He had just left on a business trip. I am still available though. Come and sit. Have a cup of tea."

Katerina nodded and once she was seated, she started to formulate a plan as to how to approach the subject she wanted to talk about. "Katerina…I know," Olivia sighed and continued. "I know how you feel about losing your only child.:

"And how exactly would you know? You've always had me," Katerina asked slightly angry. How would she know the pain of being separated from a child that you have been planning and waiting for? Olivia sighed and put more sugar to her tea.

"When I was first wedded to your father, he was always away on business, like he is at the present. At the time, I believed that your father would spend all his time on me and making our family. Yet he usually left me for his work. I was very discouraged about our marriage and I longed for someone who could court me as your father once did. So I had an affair." Katerina gaped at her mother. Olivia smirked at the look on her daughter's face and chuckled lightly.

"I had an affair with Carolina's father. Now don't think that Carolina is your half sister. When I lay with him I got pregnant and had the most beautiful baby boy who we named Trevor, He looked too much like his father that I said he died of fever. I actually sold him."

Katerina gasped, "You sold your own son? My brother?"

"He was your half brother and yes. I did. It was for the best. Your father would have killed the child and I would not have that, so I sold him. The moral of this is that…we sold your child because it was what was best for you and her at the time."

"No, Katerina, its better for her." That was what her mother said and at the time, it made perfect sense to her, but she didn't think the long-term consequences would be that bad. She was depressed and wanted nothing more than her child. They sold her child because they thought that it was a good thing for her.

Anger bubbled up inside her as her mother patted in hand as if she understood the pain she was going through. "Better? Do you not hear me weep for my child because you took her from me? The difference between of stories, Mother is that you willing sold your child. I did not; I had her taken from me," Katerina said bitterly as she allowed tears to spill from her eyes. She had so many things she wanted to do; teach the child to sing, read, and write, play the flute to her at night, and dance with her during the day. So many things and plans wasted.

Holding her daughter, Olivia crooned, "Don't worry. When you get married you'll have another child." Katerina roughly shoved her away and looked at her with eyes that spoke volumes.

"Sadly…it won't be my first." Katerina could never forgive her family for this. Maybe it was time to move on.

~When Carolina visited a few weeks later, Katerina took her aside to the study so that they could have tea and talk. After having pleasant chit-chat Katerina decided to tell her about a decision she had made a while a go.

"I have decided that maybe you were right," she said.
Raising an eyebrow Carolina sipped her tea, "About what?"

"Maybe," Katerina sighed, "it is time for a change of scenery."

"So you are taking my advice?"

"Yes." Carolina smiled widely.

"Where would you like to go?" she asked.

"England. I have never been there before and I would love to see London."

"To England it is." And the girl clinked cups, not knowing that leaving their families behind could have been the best or worst decision made in their soon to be long lives.

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