Author's note:

This story was written while listening to Nothing else Matters by David Garret, it's a verry sad Violin song, I suggest you listen to it while reading this Fanfiction. Replay it if it ends befory your finished this chapter. Hope you like it. takes place in the three years when Artemis is fighting the demons in the Lost Colony. Sorry if I get some facts wrong latter on in the story. I hope you enjoy.

It rained heavily over Fowl manor. The world out side seemed like a blurry, deformed reality. And for Angeline fowl, the rain drenching the windows had nothing to do with it. Her son was gone. And because of that, the world had become a twisted, unfamiliar place. She sat huddled up on his bed, which he had not slept in for the better part of a year. Hugging his pillow to her chest as if cradling her missing Arty, whilst staring desolately at the bleak landscape through the foggy, rain washed window across his bed. Where was he? It was all so surreal. Eight months before, Butler had appeared pale at their door, a defeated look about him. He would not answer any of their questions when they found Artemis not to be with him. Until he reached the living room, he then sank into the nearest chair and said for them to sit. And he then told them how, in some mad adventure in Taiwan he had lost their son. Artemis Fowl The First, looked quickly to her his baffled expression reflecting the fear in her own. She looked, panicked, back to the large man, who had slumped over in the chair clutching the arms, not meeting her eyes. All she remembered next was the sound of her screams.

She knew it was the truth. Because the same feeling flooded into her when her husband went missing. It's a sensation that everyone fears feeling, or for those rare, honorable people, fear causing. It was that choking feeling you got in your core, that something was crushing your heart into a thousand pieces, but you could still feel each fragment as they were beaten smaller, and smaller until you were certain everything would disappear. Such a burden was excruciating, enough to drive many mad. It had been, once, enough to drive her mad.

So why wasn't she mad now?

Her sanity felt like insult to injury. at least before she could pretend her lost one was still there, even if it was just through dolls or delusional memories, at least she could still be with them…

But you weren't with him. You left him alone. And that was a guilt that pained her most. To sooth her own pain she had left her son alone. Not a night had passed since she had gotten news of his disappearance, had that thought not haunted her. How could she? And it wasn't just that, it was everything she might have done to upset him, even the things she was sure he didn't remember, they all seemed like evidence of her incompetence as a mother. She heard footsteps in the hall, but knew better than to expect the belonged to someone looking for her. In the months that had passed between his disappearance, her husband had again become the single minded, cold, business obsessed man that had raised Artemis. Almost completely shutting out his wife, to mount extensive searches for his son, using any means necessary, legality be damned. All without the aid of the former body guard to their son. Who, had left shortly after his somber report, to a small house away from the manor. She had been out to visit him, for the support her husband was lacking, and, true, Butler had been helpful enough, but even she could tell he had taken his loss just as hard as she had, you would never tell by looking at him, but she could smell the alcohol staining his breath, and quite a bit of his home. Months passed and their visits became more and more infrequent, and more and more uncomfortable. Until neither could stand being in the same room as each other, Butler because of his growing guilt, and Angeline because of the small pang of resentment she felt when ever she saw him. Artemis I had developed a resentment of the deepest kind towards the body guard and personally blamed him for his sons disappearance.

It startled her, even now, to realize what a vital link Artemis had become. All around her, her world was falling apart at the seams, without him. Everything was falling apart.

She grasped the pillow closer to her chest and let out a low groan as she felt her heart throb. She buried her face in the soft linen, her tears staining the fine fabric, and her sobs and moans muffled by the pillow. "Oh, Artemis come back!" She screamed. She shifted her weight and huddled in the corner of her bed whimpering his name over and over again.

The footsteps stopped outside her door.

Artemis Fowl I, slumped against the door frame of his son's room. His hands covering his eyes, trying to block out his wife's tortured screams. This is your fault. You can't find him fast enough. He pounded at the wall Letting out a low moan, his legs curling inward. He doubled over, his face covered by his hands, the darkness oddly comforting. He felt the joints in his real leg numb. And let out a broken laugh at the memory of them attaching his fake one. How Artemis had looked so concerned. "He was a good boy…" he groaned. "And now he's gone. And I don't know how to get him back…" He felt tears dampen the darkness in a moment of weakness. But he would not surrender entirely to despair. What would his son think when he found him? He already had to see his father without his leg. To let him see him without his sense? Never.

Angeline let out another torturous shriek. "Artemis come back!"

He froze then. Removing his hands from his face.

His name. Both their names. And suddenly he felt the numbness dissipate for a moment, and he found himself getting off the floor, and crossing the threshold into Artemis' room. Angeline looked up then, her tear stained face twisted with a mixture of bewilderment, and surprise. No doubt he looked almost as disheveled and broken as she did. She continued her sobs but never took her eyes off him, as he crossed the room towards her. He climbed onto the bed beside her and reached forward to take the pillow from her, knowing what he must do at the moment. She pulled back in defiance and covered the thing from view, sensing what he intended to do. But he pressed forward and snatched the pillow from her. She screamed hollowly as it left her reach, but he didn't stop. He flung the thing across the bed and wrapped his arms around her, and held her tightly. "It'll be alright. I'll make it right." he repeated over and over into her hair. "I'll make it right." She groaned against his shoulder. "I want him back, My Arty, I want him here again." She sobbed.

"I know… and we'll find him, well have him." he said

"But how? You've searched the world we can't find him!"

"We will find him, even if we have to make him ourselves." He said, and pulled her bewildered face to face his. Angeline looked down to her stomach, at a loss for what he meant. He pulled her face up again. "No. we'll have him Now." Her confusion did not lift. He brought his face closer to hers and whispered,

"We can adopt."