A Good Man

George had been an exceptional man.

(he was all for smiles and jokes, he never let her frown while he was around)

They met when she was in college.

(he was a senior and she was a freshman)

She was in the library when he came up to her and asked her out.

(he didn't know her name and certainly wouldn't take no for an answer)

He was handsome and brilliant and funny.

(she thought he was the best thing since the moment she got accepted to Boston University)

He was her first boyfriend.

(and she gave him everything)

She fell for him hard and fast.

(it wasn't that surprising that he proposed after they'd been together only a year)

She said yes and they got married the week after finals.

(they had the wedding that little girls could only dream about)

But then something changed in him.

(at first, she refused to believe it. she thought that she was just being paranoid)

He took up drinking and she wouldn't see him for days on end.

(every time he came home drunk she'd ask him where he was and he'd just scoff)

She knew that she was in a bad situation from the moment he lied to her.

(she could tell every time)

The first time he hit her, she tried to fight back.

(he pinned her arms to the wall and slammed her head against the wall)

He apologized.

(she never forgave him)

It happened again two months later. She came to Olivia's dressed in a nightgown with a bloodied face.

(Olivia took a beating to the asshole's kneecaps)

He had had a golden retriever named Buddy.

He was voted the All-American quarterback by Virginia's biggest newspaper.

He became lead boy-scout when he turned twelve.

He was a great man.

But, he wasn't a good man.

Stephen Finch is not, by any means, a great man.

He's a handsome man.

An intelligent man.

A loyal man.

But not a great man.

He is great at some things.

He's a great lawyer.

A great lover.

A great confidante.

However, he is not a great man.

He has hired prostitutes and strippers by the dozens.

He can't go a conversation without saying at least one snarky thing.

He's broken the law countless times in the name of Olivia Pope and Co.

However, Stephen Finch is a good man.

(and Abby deserves one of those in her life)

Author's Note: Hopefully you all enjoyed this! I absolutely adore Stephen and Abby together and when I saw that she had this horrible past, I felt like she needed a good man instead of a scumbag. Just one view of how this all could have played out.