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There was once a little dream.
No one knows who had dreamt it.
It was really such a small dream.
This made the little dream think...
"I don't want to disappear."
"How can I make people dream me?"
The little dream thought...
And at last, it had an idea.
"I will make people come to me,
And they will make my world."

A little girl with tattered and bloodied white clothes walks through the forest. Her eyes were peculiar, for they didn't have any pupils. Yet, the girl can still see.

The little girl is trying to think of a plan. "I don't want to disappear. How can I make people dream me? Why would people want to dream me? I am just another dream for endless suffering..."

A voice starts to speak, "Do not fret, my little dream. I will help you to not disappear. Out of all the little dreams, you are the one that interests me."

The little girl shivers, "Who are you? Are you really going to help me?" The voice answers, "Of course. I am curious to see what lies beneath your outer self. Follow my instructions, and you will never be forgotten..."

The little girl gives out a squeal and exclaims, "What do I do? Tell me!" The voice replies, "You have inner power. Make people come into your world. Then, you can start to reveal your true self, right Alice?" The little girl, or Alice, smiles with a glint in her eye and says, "Of course..."

Alice then pulls out a bloody sword and an old songbook. The girl mutters, "Which song, which person, which... Alice?"

AN: Now, this is the line up:

Red Alice: England

Blue Alice: Austria (cliché)

Green Alice: Japan

Yellow Alice: Italian Twins

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