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Undercover Lover Chapter One: Weaknesses…

The monks flew back to the Temple, groaning and rubbing parts of their bodies. Dojo tried to make the ride as smooth as possible for the battered kids. He slowly flew down and landed gently on the grass. Raimundo and Clay slid off the green skin, turning and each carefully helping Kimiko and Omi down after them. They turned and walked away, each cringing with every movement they made. Even wiggling two fingers hurt.

Omi immediately began soaking in ice water. Clay plopped down and went to sleep, as did Raimundo. Kimiko went and sat inside a steam sauna. Master Fung understood their need for rest, and he gave it to them… But after four hours, he gathered the four monks to discuss with them.

"Young ones, you must find some way to deal with this ne-"

"Oh yeah, that's rich!" Raimundo scoffed, "Deal with Chase Young kicking our butts senseless every day? Funny- good one Fung!" He then folded his arms and scowled at nothing.

Master Fung sighed before asking, "Have any of you thought of trying to defeat him?"

"How?" Omi asked, rubbing his bruised head, "Master, we have tried everything, and we have failed every time…"

Master Fung sighed again and offered, "Perhaps one of you could infiltrate his defenses and learn of his weaknesses…?"

They all lifted their heads to look at him. "Who do ya reckon?" Clay asked.

"Chase would recognize any of us in a heartbeat," Kimiko said.

Master Fung raised a finger and said, "Perhaps with the right disguise… One of you who is talented with changing their appearance….. Changing her appearance…" Everyone was looking at Kimiko now.

"Me?" Kimiko squeaked. Master Fung nodded. "Oh no! No way am I gonna pretend to be someone I'm not! The only way it might work would be if I dressed up as a boy and there's no way you're getting me to do that! I can't just suddenly become this person! You're not gonna make me! I won't do it!"

"Can't believe they talked me into this…" Kimiko grumbled, adjusting her shirt. She had fixed her hair so that it was up in a Chinese style bun; her chest had been wrapped, even though she didn't really have anything there to hide anyway, and her outfit screamed fashion-sense-less boy. It was horrendous.

She had been wandering around near Chase's palace for about an hour now. She kept getting closer to it, but she was too nervous to really go at it. The plan was for her to pose as a villain in training and ask for Chase to train her. Although, if it worked, he'd think she was a he… Kimiko still didn't see how it was going to work.

Kimiko froze upon hearing low snarling. She slowly raised her hands and moved no other muscles. A voice from the brush, she recognized as Chase's, asked darkly, "Who are you…? Why are you wandering around here…?"

Kimiko wanted to slam her palm into her face. Had he really just asked who she was? Gosh, was Raimundo's cologne really that good at masking her scent? Inhaling deeply, she replied in the gruff-ish voice she had practiced for hours, "I'm looking for Chase Young's palace… I don't really know which way to head…"

"Why are you looking for Chase Young?" came Chase's voice.

"I want him to train me to be a Heylin warrior…" Kimiko peeked one eye toward his voice and she added for flattery, "…I've heard he's the best of the best when it comes to martial arts and Heylin energy…"

She heard the low hum of Chase thinking to himself before he stepped out of the brush. Kimiko quickly put on a strong, yet obviously nervous, face. She had to pretend she didn't know him. He walked up to her, within five feet- Kimiko felt her nerve wavering fast. Chase smirked down at her and he said, "I am Chase Young, small one… If you wish to train with me, you must first prove yourself…"

Kimiko swallowed and nodded, asking, "What do I have to do?"

Chase chuckled and said just before striking at her, "Try not to get killed!" Kimiko was caught off guard by the first attack, but she quickly regained herself and dodged every blow she could. Chase was a lot faster than she had ever thought! Now she wished she had at least gotten a chance to fight him before this- everyone else did… Kimiko was trying to read his movements, but she had no idea what attacks he was going to perform. Thinking of what he was doing while focusing on not using moves that were obviously her own was too much for Kimiko- he punched her square in the jaw.

Kimiko was thrown into a tree, and she immediately threw her head up, her hair flying out of the bun and going everywhere as her rage consumed her. She charged at him, ready to rip his blasted eyes out, when her feet were swept out from underneath her and she felt a foot on her back.

"I must say, young one, I'm rather impressed," Chase said. Kimiko thought to herself, 'chyeah, no kidding'. Chase used his foot to flip her over so that she was forced to look up into his amused and arrogant face. "I accept you as my apprentice…" he said, slowly reaching down a hand to help her to her feet.

Kimiko warily accepted the gesture and nearly fell forward and onto her face with the force Chase used in pulling her to her feet. There was a lot of power behind that seemingly normal body frame!

"Now then, perhaps you'd be willing to tell me your name, young one…?" Chase asked with an evil grin.

Kimiko fought back her urge to kick his butt and she replied, "My name is Raioki." Omi and Raimundo had come up with that one… She hoped it was good enough… Chase smirked and led her to his palace.

'Huh… Is this really gonna work?' Kimiko wondered to herself, watching the trees as she passed them by.

I realize this idea has been done before…. But bear with me as I try my hand at it…