Haha… Yeah… That ending came out of nowhere… I'm not really sure why I did that… BUT! I will try and figure out where to go from there…! Sometimes I swear my fingers type whatever they want to type and I'm just watching… I felt that way the entire time I wrote "His Past…" It was just progressing all on its own…

Undercover Lover- Chapter Twenty-three- Victory or My Phone

The flaming girl slammed into Hannibal as hard as she possibly could, blistering and burning the red flesh and sending him into the wall. Hannibal jumped back up instantly, but was rammed again by the fire dragon. He hopped away from her, but was slammed yet again. At this point his skin was bubbling and smoking it was getting so burnt.

He grabbed her with his vines and threw her backwards as hard as he could and turned and shrunk down before hopping onto Ying Ying and flying off. His groans of pain could be heard even as he got farther and farther off.

Kimiko's fire faded and she tried to lift herself into a sitting position with her shaky arms. The guys ran over to her- Raimundo threw Wuya out of the building as he ran. The witch hit the wall, but got up and left; she knew when she had been beaten.

Chase began healing her broken leg immediately and Kimiko passed out. When she woke up, she was staring up at the ceiling of the Xiaolin Infirmary. Frowning and furrowing her brow, Kimiko tried to remember what happened and how she had gotten there. She remembered be captured by Hannibal, then a hue battle… Chase coming to rescue her… And she remembered falling down feeling dizzy… That was it… She couldn't remember anything else.

Lifting her head to look around, she noticed Omi sound asleep by her side. It was adorable because when Omi slept he made a fishy face. She sat up and poked him three times.

Blinking his eyes open, Omi smiled and said, "Kimiko…! Oh this is most wonderful…! The others will be so happy to know you have woken!"

"Where are they anyway?" she asked in response.

Omi pointed to the door and said, "Raimundo has refused to allow Chase Young inside the infirmary. He has been, how you say, Jammin…"

"Jellin', Omi," she said subconsciously. Kimiko got to her feet and noticed her leg wasn't broken. She had a feeling she had Chase to thank for that. She walked out of the infirmary with Omi right by her side and was happy to see all of the boys in the tea room.

She hardly took one step when Chase spotted her and jumped to his feet. Right after he did, Raimundo and Clay did. Chase ran to her and held her in his arms, but Raimundo jumped forward and started yelling at him for it.

Kimiko glanced around and smiled at Clay, who was smiling at her. After a moment or two, Chase finally let go of her.

"In a huggy mood, Chase?" Kimiko asked with a smile. He smiled a little bit back at her, but Raimundo was visibly glowering at the dark prince. Kimiko frowned at him. "Raimundo, enough," she said sternly, "Chase isn't doing anything wrong. Lay off."

Raimundo blinked in surprise, but he did stop glaring, so Kimiko was satisfied. She looked at the guys and asked how they had defeated Hannibal.

"You mean how you defeated Hannibal?" Clay asked.

Kimiko gave him a funny look and Raimundo explained, "You kinda turned into a human fireball. Don't you remember? You practically barbecued the bean…"

"The last thing I remember was falling to the ground and feeling like my veins were boiling… Don't remember any fire," she said.

The guys all thought for a moment and Omi piped up with an idea. "Perhaps because you had to hide your element from Chase for so long you were enveloped by it and lost control of yourself," he said.

"Makes about as much sense as anything else that happened that day," Clay said, nodding his head. Kimiko felt really awkward standing there in the silence, so she said she was going to go wash off.

For the next few days the guys tried to convince Kimiko that she had really lit on fire and beat Hannibal all on her own, but she just kept saying she couldn't remember it if she wanted. She was sitting with the others one afternoon and she saw Raimundo texting on his phone. She blinked and quickly hopped to her feet. They all looked at her and she said, just before running off, "I'll be right back!"

Jumping to the giant door of Chase's palace, Kimiko got inside and was actually greeted by his cats. No, not mauled or mangled, like, actually greeted. One was rubbing against her legs and purring. She was happy to see them, just as they were to her.

After saying a quick hello, Kimiko rushed to the training room, where she knew she'd find Chase. He was, sure enough, in there. He stopped what he was doing when he saw her and asked, "And to what do I owe this visit, Raioki?"

Kimiko smiled when he used her false name and she said, "You never gave me my phone…" He blinked at her comment- apparently he hadn't been expecting that.

Chase led her upstairs and went into a room which she quickly figured out was his and came back out with her pink cell.

She took it from him and looked up into his face. He stared at her and asked in a breathless whisper, "What?"

She smiled and looked down. "Oh, it's just…" she said with a soft giggle, "It feels so normal to be here in your palace… Looking at you and talking to you… Like we're not enemies at all…"

He smiled. "I suppose it feels natural?" he offered up the word to her as a description.

"Yeah…" she said, looking back up at Chase. He took hold of her arms and kissed her passionately. Kimiko wasn't exactly surprised by it this time, but it did catch her a little off guard to have him do it so suddenly.

When he took his lips away, Kimiko asked teasingly, "Miss me or something?"

Chase smirked at her, ran his fingers through her hair, and whispered, "How 'bout we go somewhere quiet?"

Kimiko touched his face and said, "Mmm… Nah!" She then shoved him back into the wall and jumped down the hall. She shouted back at him, "Maybe we can be alone if you can catch me!" He immediately began the chase and she laughed at the familiarity of the situation. Chase would catch her eventually, not that she really didn't want him to… They'd have quiet time once their training was over and out of the way. Kimiko liked not being undercover in his lair- it was easier to mess with him this way- he knew she was a girl, and this time she didn't have to hide it. Chase preferred her as Kimiko and not Raioki anyway.

Not one of my best endings... But that last chapter really threw me off… I'm disappointed in myself. I could have done better if I had only not had Kimiko explode…! I had to try this three separate times- ending, that is. None of them felt quite right... This one feels the best to me out of the three… SO I'm going with it…