01. Game

At first, Will wants to yell at his parabatai that he's doing it wrong.

The idea behind Blind Man's Bluff is that you are supposed to make it difficult for the gray-eyed shapeshifter to find you behind her blindfold. You are supposed to speak softly. Mimic others. Not talk abnormally loudly and often.

Will remembers back to a moment ago when he was the one in the blindfold, fumbling toward a familiar and nattering voice, grabbing the edges of (too soft) cloth and shouting "Henry" only to be confronted with feminine laughter a moment later, as he whipped off the cloth to the sight of Henry in a dress transforming back into Tessa.

He'd declared her the new "Blind Man" on account of cheating.

But now he wishes he hadn't.

Because something about the scene before him silences him completely.

Because Jem is cheating too.

"Blind man—" Tessa calls out once more.

"Bluff," replies Jem. Normal voice. No whisper. No disguise.

And the smile that comes on Tessa's lips, beneath her hidden eyes, makes Will's breath catch.

But what grips him even more is the look on Jem's face.

The way his teeth sink into his own bottom lip and the way his eyes focus. The way his voice is relaxed, and his body tensed.

Will has never seen his brother like this, radiating a desire to be touched.

He can see Tessa inhale as her hand hovers an inch above Jem's chest, and he can see Jem hold his breath with her.

There is no repetition of "Blind man" or "Bluff", only a succint "Jem," and Tessa says it with joy and assurity.

As she calls his parabatai's half-hearted bluff, Will wonders at the harsh truth of it all.

How he could have been so blind.