Title: Pianissimo of a Butterfly

Summary: With his child going to Hogwarts. Is Harry ready to face certain demons? Sequel to "Fool of Me".

Chapter: 1 – The butterfly effect

Words: 553

Read: Yeah, I have a sequel but…I honestly don't know whether or not I can continue this. My muse comes and goes like a hurricane unfortunately. I mean look how long it took me to even write up a sequel.

A mop of unruly black hair peeked into the kitchen. He was waiting for breakfast to start since it was his birthday today and he knew, he just knew that there were cinnamon rolls made by his father hidden somewhere. He bit one side of his lower lip and squinted to find his beloved target, i.e. cinnamon rolls.

"Andrey, you do know that I know you're there."

The boy, now named Andrey, smiled sheepishly, "Hehehe. Papa?"


"Where are the cinnamon rolls?"

Andrey's papa walked over and picked him up to place him in a chair. "They're still in the oven but they'll be done in about five minutes, think you can wait that long?"

"Yes papa!" Andrey nodded excitedly. He giggled as his papa ruffled his hair slightly before cleaning up some parts of the kitchen. He watched his papa cleaning the kitchen and wondered why papa had no one around. Papa was the prettiest man around!

Compared to his papa, Andrey knew he paled in comparison. Papa had untamed raven-black hair that accentuated his glowing emerald eyes whilst Andrey only had unruly dark hair with dark eyes. He also wasn't very graceful walking around and was prone to tripping quite frequently. Sometimes, he wondered how papa could continue to love someone like him.

"Papa…did you adopt me?"

"No, of course not, why would you ask that?"

"Some of the girls in class told me that I am adopted since you're so pretty and I'm ugly!" Andrey cried.

"Baby, oh baby." Andrey's papa bent onto one knee to wipe away all the tears. "You are definitely my son Andrey, I gave birth to you and no matter what the others may say, and you are beautiful to me. Never doubt that."

Andrey leaped towards his papa and hugged him tightly, still sniffling.

Andrey's papa, otherwise known as Harry Potter looked at his little boy whom was happily munching those cinnamon rolls with pride. There was, however, that lingering sadness within his eyes when he looked at his son. He could see so much of his once lover in his son.

As Harry was thinking, there were a few taps on the window. Andrey tilted his head and squealed when he saw an owl carrying what he knew would be his entrance letters. He was finally going to learn magic! He rushed over towards the window and immediately opened it to permit the owl entry.

Just as Andrey thought, it was his letters. There were a few brought by the owl; a letter from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Durmstrang Institute of the Magical Arts, Salem College and Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. Harry snapped out of his relatively short daze before taking the letters from his son softly.

"My baby is all grown up."

"Papa, I'm not a baby, I'm eleven now."

Harry chuckled. He wondered where his son should go to learn magic. One part of him wished for him to go to Hogwarts where he once called home but another part of him knew that his time in Hogwarts wasn't exactly ideal. There was also the fact that his father also went to Durmstrang. He decided that perhaps his son should pick.

"Andrey, is there any specific school you wanna go to?"

"I want to go where you go papa!"