Title: Pianissimo of a Butterfly

Chapter: 4 – The Wall, The Line, The Past, The Future

Words: 875

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"Andrey, are you ready?" called Harry.

"Almost papa!" Replied Andrey as he quickly rushed around his room to get things he thought might be fun to have at the park. In the end, he had packed a whole little wheelie pail that was slightly heavier than a visit to the park should be.

Harry had walked up wondering what had taken his son such a long time to get ready when he saw what his son had packed. It was a little wheelie pail filled to the brim with toy shovels, pails, a kite and all sorts of things that he can play with at the park but wouldn't have the time to. He shook his head in mirth at the silliness of his son and just casted a feather-weight charm on it. After all, they were going to a magical park; there wasn't any need to hide the use of magic.

The park, Mirthrope, was named after one of the more famous herbologists known for her fondness of children as she wasn't able to bear a child of her own. True to her roots, the park was filled with harmless plants that were magical in their own right. From the singing daisies to the whining whimsies to the mumbling mumsies, the whole stretch of the park was filled with life and greeneries.

Harry took a seat on the bench near a grumpy short statured man next to a little fountain.

"Morning Grimclaw." He greeted as he watched his son run over to a meadow to start using one of his many toys.

" Harry." The man gruffly said. They both sat in comfortable silence until Grimclaw said,

"You're worried."

"Yes...very much so. He has my name attached to him."

"Then you shouldn't worry. You have survived and conquered thus far."

"I survived, yes but conquered. I really doubt I have conquered Grimclaw. I still run at the thought or even at the reality of facing my past."

"Remember when I first met you."

"How could I not? I was just starting to show then and it was in this exact spot."

"And you were sad and depressed. You looked dead to the world and if that child had not been in you, you would've probably tunnelled down into an early demise. You had no life in your eyes then."

"I can't believe though Grimclaw, that you actually handed me a knife. But I am glad that you handed me the knife. What you said was a wakeup call. Rather than living as a rock, you might as well kill yourself lest that child grows up with you around."

Grimclaw just grunted.

"It made me realise that I am responsible for my child and I need to give him a happy life. A life I never had. That was the reason why I made you his godfather." Harry said as he smiled fondly.

"Now realise, you have grown stronger. You have conquered. To be courageous, you have to be weak and scared. You have light in your eyes. You're allowed to be afraid but just make sure that fear never destroy you."

Harry sighed and said, "Easier said than done..."

Grimclaw just laughed and patted Harry on the back. Roughly though, he was still a goblin at heart, being soft isn't permitted especially towards wizards unless of course, it was his darling godson. He would turn him into a goblin yet.

It was the day for Andrey to step into the magnificent train that will bring him towards Hogwarts. Harry rechecked, double checked his recheck, and triple checked his double check to make sure that Andrey had everything he needed for the long trip. He fussed over Andrey's hair, robes, shoes, and anything that he can get his hands on.

"Papa! Let's go! I don't want to be late." Andrey excitedly said.

"All right all right, we're going to use the floo okay."

"Okay papa!"

"We're going to King's Cross, Andrey."

Andrey took some powder from the mantle of the fireplace that they had at home and shouted, "King's Cross" as he tossed in the powder into the fireplace which ignited green.

Harry followed behind shortly and swished out of the fireplace and took his place next to Andrey immediately after. They took the portal for the 9 ¾ platform which were hidden behind a wall of platform nine and platform ten. They rushed straight through and the first thing Harry heard was a squeal from his son when he saw the giant train.

He grinned and ruffled Andrey's hair. He crouched down to Andrey's level,

"Andrey, listen okay. I want you to do your best and be good. And try not to land yourself into the hospital wing."

"All right papa. I'll be good."

"I feel like you're just going to be trouble like me Andrey."

"Of course not Papa, I'll be super duper good. You'll see!"

"All right, all right, papa'll believe you."

They said their good bye and hugged with Andrey telling him that he'll be coming home for Yule. As he watched Andrey go up the train, he couldn't help but see when he was small, facing the train alone.

"Don't grow up too fast..." he whispered into the air. "Please."