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The noise he had been dreading for months crept into his ears. His alarm clock.

"Oh," the blunette, Zexion, sighed. "And hell begins yet again."

Rolling sideways the boy reached over and shut the alarm off. It was the first day of school. He had dreaded this day since the last day of the previous year. School was hell for him. Sporting only one friend, and few words for anyone else it simply wasn't his style. His cell phone rang.

"Hullo." He answered in a sullen voice.

"Good morning you little shit!" was the response he was given. Okay so he only had one friend. But she had the personality of fifty easily. "Get your ass down here stat! I'm ready for this!" she barked before promptly hanging up.

Zexion dressed quickly, a simple pair of black skinny jeans, striped grey shirt and converse were all he ever seemed to wear. Grabbing his backpack and fixing his hair he left. A little about his homelife, he hated it even more than school. His father was possibly at one time a respectable man. However these days he is the cliche drunken abusive father. He held a deep hatred for his son, whose birth had several complications which lead to the demise of his wife. He never let Zexion forget this. Sometimes Zexion wondered what kind of woman she was. There were very few pictures of her, but from the ones he had seen she seemed quiet, almost serene, always smiling. But this wasn't the time for those thoughts. He was now standing face to face with his sole friend.

"There you are!" she shouted before pulling him into a bear hug, then slapping him.

"Yeah yeah, here I am." Zexion smirked before pulling away. "Oh Larxene," he said while rubbing his cheek, "You never do change do you?"

It's true though, she had looked the same since she was in kindergarten. Piercing green eyes, shocking blonde hair, with the strands of would-be bangs that instead went backwards. The smile though, that's what was remarkable. Her smile was everything. Cute, innocent, beaming, and at the same time, sadistic, horrifying and mysterious. It was the only thing she took with her everywhere.

"So uhh, you're driving us?" Zexion gulped.

"Oh yeah baby! Got my car all ready for this." Larxene boasted while climbing into a typical teenager car. Not too nice, but not awful. The inside was outfitted with lightning bolts on the seats, steering wheel and seat belts.

"This is what your parents surprised you with?" the blunette held back a chuckle. "I thought you said they had good news for you."

"Oh shut up you!" Larxene giggled. Her face then became rather serious. "Speaking of good news...I have some bad news for you."

Zexion laughed, "Who says things like that?" He peered into her eyes and sensed something actually bad. "Oh shit...What?"

"Well I'm just going to school today for a little bit today. Mainly to pick up all the assignments..." she took a deep breath and finished the rest of the statement as quickly as a lightning strike, "that-I'll-be-missing-because-I'll-be-gone-for-the-next-two-weeks." She flinched afterwards.

Zexion's jaw hung open. Two weeks? Two weeks of school by himself. Having to stay at his own home. "But why?" was all he could manage to get out.

"Well...my dad has this insanely stupid family retreat for work...And he kinda has to go." she said with a frown. "My mom suggested taking you, she loves you, ya know. Both of them do. And they know about your...your uhm...home life."

"Yeah," Zexion said. "I'll be alright...I guess. It's just two weeks, right?"

"Yeah man, then I'll be back and you can come escape at my house all ya need! Maybe we can even be secret best friends!" The blonde laughed playing with her hair and running a stop sign.

"Oh my god really? That sounds like totally a good thing!" the boy said in a very flamboyant fake voice.

"Ya know, you do that really well." Larxene stated point blank, flashing that smile his way.

He had never told her he was gay. She was his best friend, but he was still afraid of the reaction. Of course, Larxene was no fool, she had figured it out long ago. But she left the subject alone. Zexion never seemed to be interested in anyone so why push the issue? They pulled into the school parking lot and walked into the building.

"This might be good for you though. ya know?" She offered, trying to sound hopeful. "Maybe you'll meet a new friend. We're sophomores now! We're not at the bottom of the food chain."

"Yeah maybe." Zexion sighed. "Maybe not."

The made their way through the crowds of new freshmen who seem to stand aimlessly in the middle of the hall to the office. Zexion got his schedule. Larxene picked up two weeks worth of assignments. With the help of her friend they walked back to her car, arms filled with books and papers.

"Well this is my stop!" She announced, throwing her pile of work into the back seat. "Be good, don't drink, you know the deal. And what I said about making a new friend, just remember, if she's prettier than me I will cut her face off and stitch it to my ass."

Zexion just laughed and nodded neatly placing the rest of her assignments on the passenger seat. His attention was drawn into the distance. A burst of red hair was moving stalkingly across the parking lot.

"Ooh, senior boys." Larxene teased as the redhead and two of his friends walked past. " I forgot to give you a talk on protection and proper blowjo-"

"Larxene!" Zexion shouted.

"Technique." she finished then slid an envelope across the hood of her car towards the boy. "Here, from my parents, ya know? Just some money for food or maybe a movie or two while I'm gone. Cash it after school." She walked over to Zexion and gave him another bear hug. "Oh Zex, I'll be back soon do don't kill yourself. At least not before the first week is up."

"Okay, I'll see you soon then. Call me." He replied quietly.

"Oh baby you know I'll call you! Your phone sex is the best!" Larxene shouted out of her car as yet another group of students walked by. They all burst out in laughter. Zexion blushed all shades of red and watched his only friend speed off. He turned to look at the school.

"Here goes."

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