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Harry Returns

Fourteen year-old Harry Potter gave a soft sigh as he as he walked down the streets of London with two newspaper clips clutched in his hands as well as a torn piece of paper. He looked down at the moving black and white images with a disgusted look on his face. The Tri-Wizard tournament was appearing at Hogwarts for the first time in years. But what disgusted him was the fact that there were four competitors and the wizarding world was going crazy over the fact. Victor Krum of Drumstang, Fleur Delacour of Beauxbatons, and Cedric Diggory of Hogwarts. Harry had no problems with that but then a surprise fourth name flew out, Lily Potter of Hogwarts, the girl-who-lived and Harry's younger twin sister. He knew that Lily and their little sister Rose both went to the magical school. The only reason he never did was because he was a wanted criminal in both the magical and muggle worlds. He shook his head as he thought of the day he ruined his life and the one mistake he made that separated him from his family.

*Flash Back*

Ten year old Harry and Lily with nine year old Rose were living with their dreadful relatives the Dursley. Harry got to sleep in the cupboard under the stairs while Lily and Rose shared a small bedroom on the second floor. It was the middle of summer and extremely hot out side. The three Potter children were outside tending to the lawn practically dying from the heat. Harry was mowing the yard as Lily and Rose tended to the garden. After they were all done they cleaned off the gardening tools and knocked off all the excess dirt and grass that was on their clothes. Seeing as it was only three O'clock and they had their chores done the three of them decided to go to the park as they weren't allowed inside until it was time to cook dinner.

Since they had a few hours until Vernon was home they had an hour or so to kill. And since it was so hot outside they didn't have to worry about their fat cousin or his gang. The times when they had the park to themselves were the happiest of their lives. Harry loved the sounds of his sister's screams of delight as he pushed them higher and higher on the swings or spun them quickly on the merry-go-round. They were so caught up in playing that they were late getting back to the house. They ran to the back door and saw Petunia making dinner. They quickly got inside and she turned to them angrily.

"Go get yourselves washed up and back down here to take care of this meal this instant!" She demanded and they all three quickly went to wash up and were back in the kitchen in record time. "Don't think your Uncle won't find out about this."

"It was my fault Aunt Petunia, all my fault." Harry said and Lily and Rose gave him concerned looks as they took over the cooking. Harry received a smack to the back of the head as he walked over to the stove. They finished the meal and set the table up for three people and were all given two pieces of bread an extremely thin slice of meat and cheese and a glass of water each and sent outside to eat. Harry carried all three sandwiches as they went out side and took the meat and cheese off his and put it into Rose's sandwich. Rose never noticed as she started to eagerly eat the sandwich put Lily noticed as Harry nibbled on his bread.

"You have to eat more than that Harry." His twin said and he looked over at her. She had long red hair and hazel eyes which were set behind a pair of square black framed glasses. He leaned over and placed a kiss against her forehead.

"I'll be alright Lil, love you." Harry said with a grin before turning to his youngest sister. "Come here little flower."

"What is it Harry?" She asked softly her emerald green eyes staring at him from behind long black hair.

"Just wanted to tell you I loved you." Harry said kissing her on the head as well.

"Love you too Harry." Rose said hugging him tightly and Lily joined in on the hug as well and Harry couldn't help but notice how underweight they were and how short for their age.

"Our luck is going to change. One of these day's we're going to get out of here." Harry said as they broke apart.

"Where's Uncle Vernon he should have been home by now?" Lily said after a few minutes of silence. They all three looked into the kitchen to see that Petunia and Dudley had started to eat without Vernon and were almost done.

"Must be out drinking." Harry said softly slight concern showing in his eyes before he forced a smile on his face.

"Looks like Aunt Petunia's in need of us." Lily and sure enough Petunia was beckoning them inside.

"Girl's go get ready for sleep boy because you were late you have to clean up this mess by yourself. Uncle Vernon went out with lad's from work he's already ate." Petunia said answering the unasked question.

"Yes Aunt Petunia." Harry said as Petunia turned and walked out of the room. Rose walked out of the room and went upstairs to get ready for bed but Harry grabbed Lily's arm. "You still put the dresser in front of the door?"

"Yes ever since last time he went out drinking." Lily said quietly before leaving the room. Harry still remembered when Lily told him a few months ago that she woke to Vernon standing over her bed reeking of alcohol. Ever since that night he made her move her dresser in front of the door. Harry looked after with a sigh before cleaning the kitchen when he was done he went up stairs and washed up before going to the cupboard under the stairs. He lay in his tiny cot staring at the bottom of the stairs for a couple hours when he heard the front door open. He heard the blob that was his uncle stumble past the closet and smelt the strong alcohol. Vernon was doing something in the kitchen for a few second before he came back out. He stopped in front of the door to the cupboard and Harry heard the lock slid into place.

Vernon walked into the sitting room and turned on the telly. He was watching for a few minutes before he started laughing loudly. Harry forced himself to block out of the obnoxious laughing and fell asleep. He was asleep for less than an hour when he heard a noise upstairs. The sound of something large and fleshy ramming into wood, he heard the sound a few more times before a small scream sounded. That's when Harry placed what the sound was, Vernon trying to get into Lily and Rose's room. Harry quickly tried to push open the door only to remember that Vernon locked it. Harry threw himself against the door a couple of times before the tiny lock gave out. Harry quickly ran to the kitchen and pulled out a long thin knife. Once he had it in his hand he turned and ran to the stairs and straight up to Lily and Rose's small room.

"You inssolent little bitcch, you broke my door." Vernon said slurring his words as held Lily down on her bed a hand over her mouth. Rose was on her bed shaking in fear and not even able to scream. Luckily Vernon seemed to forget she was there. Vernon took the hand that wasn't covering Lily's mouth and slid it to the hem of her shirt. His fat hand started sliding up her shirt when suddenly he gave a loud scream and fell off of her. She looked up through the tears in her eyes to see Harry standing over Vernon his green eye's on fire. Lily and Rose both jumped up at the sight of him and quickly ran into the hall.

"You ever try to touch either of them again and I swear to all that is holy that I will kill you." Harry hissed out Vernon glared at him as he stood up so drunk he could momentarily block out the pain of the knife wound.

"Those little bitches owe me for all the kindness I've given them." Vernon said stepping forward. Without knowing how the hand pointing at Vernon glowed red before flying forward and hitting him in the chest. Vernon fell to the ground screaming in agony. Harry didn't know what was happening but he grinned viciously as Vernon wet himself. After a few minutes Harry lowered his hand and Vernon remained on the floor his mouth open still screaming. Then he said two words that entered his mind.

"Avada Kedavra." He hissed and a green light shot out of his hand and struck Vernon who fell to the ground limp. He looked down at the still body and for a few seconds before walking over and saw that he wasn't breathing. He paled slightly as he turned and walked into the hallway where Lily and Rose were surprisingly being comforted by Petunia.

"Where's Vernon?" She questioned instantly a fire in her eyes.

"Dead." Harry said simply. "I killed him with lights."

"Not light, magic." Petunia said as she hugged her nieces to her. "There are rules they'll be here soon to get you for that. I'm so sorry Harry for how I treated you. I never thought Vernon would do something like this."

"Then make it up to me by taking care of them for me." Harry said as a couple of loud cracks sounded outside.

"That'll be them." Petunia squeaked looking down the hallway.

"What do you mean take care of us, where are you going?" Lily asked breaking away from Petunia to look at him in confusion.

"Know I will always love you, both of you." Harry said stepping up and kissing both his sisters. "Please Aunt Petunia raise them as if they were truly yours, forget what ever vengeful hate you have for our parents and care for them."

"I will." Petunia promised and Harry nodded as a door was blasted open down stairs. Harry made his way into Lily and Rose's room. "In London find a pub called the Leaky Cauldron. It's the entrance to the magical world."

"Harry!" Lily and Rose cried out as Petunia restrained them from following Harry who was climbing out of a window.

"He's upstairs." Someone shouted and he quickly lowered himself as much as he could on the ledge before letting go. He fell to the ground in pain and jumped up and started running down the street with flashes of light following him. He turned a corner sharply wishing he were in London with alley's to hide in and he gave a cry of surprise after feeling like he was being squeezed through a tube he reappeared in a car park that he remembered from times when Petunia would have to taken them with her while she shopped. He quickly ran out of the car park and started running down the streets. He was getting odd looks as he ran down the streets and he couldn't believe his luck as he was passing a shop and turned his head slightly to see it was called the Leaky Cauldron. Harry skidded to a halt breathing heavily as he pushed the door open. There were very few people in the pub. He walked up to the bar where a balding man was wiping the counter with a rag.

"Hello lad, my name is Tom how can I help you?" The man asked smiling brightly.

"Is this the entrance to the magical world?" Harry asked and heard a quiet laugh behind him and felt his face burn a little bit thinking he fell for some kind of trick by his aunt.

"Indeed it is son. What's your name?" Tom asked.

"Harry Potter sir." Harry replied and the few people in the bar got quiet.

"Are you related to Lily Potter?" Tom asked quietly and Harry nodded. What ever Tom was about to say was stopped by a large man walking up.

"Did you say Harry Potter?"

"Yes sir." Harry said nervously.

"Harry Potter of Number Four Privet Drive." The man said holding a stick in his right hand and a piece of paper in the other. Harry kicked the man in the shin and ran through a door that a large group of people just walked out of. He got through the door to see a brick wall closing a large hole in the wall. He dove through it before it finished closing and got his first look at the magic world. He ran down a dark Alley and hid behind some crates sitting their wide awake the whole night.

*End Flashback*

Harry shook his head to try clearing his thoughts as he came upon his little hideout. When he got inside he started collecting his belongings. He was heading to the wizarding world, a place that has been trying to capture or kill him for six years for many various crimes. He wasn't going back because his sister was in the tournament she's proved her strength since her first year in Hogwarts. He was going back because of the second clip. It was said that after finding out about being a Hogwarts champion Lily Potter fell into a sort of magical coma.

Despite all attempts to awaken her nothing was working and according to the rules of the Tri-Wizard, once a champion is picked if they don't compete they lose not only their magic but in most cases their lives. Harry checked his trunk to make sure he had everything packed before waving his wand and shrinking it. He picked it up and slid it into his pocket. Then he checked his holsters to make sure his wands were seated properly. The he checked the guns in their shoulder holsters and combat knife in his boot. He grabbed his dragon hide duster that was brushing his ankles. He grabbed his blackthorn walking stick that had runes running along the side before running his hand over his freshly cut hair then with a last look around he turned sharply. He disappeared with a near silent pop and reappeared out side of a small run down building named the Shrieking Shack.

It had taken Harry a few hours to figure out how to get into the Hogwarts grounds other wise he would have left as soon as he got the clips that morning. He determinedly made his way to the front door of the shack and raised a boot and kicked the door open. He quickly made his way to the room with the trap door that led to the trunk of the Whomping Willow. He made his way through the tunnel and climbed out of the hole after hitting the knot in the base of the tree. He quickly made his way towards the large castle as the sun sank and the moon rose in the sky. If he wasn't so pissed off Harry would have noticed the beauty of the place and would have possibly felt a smidge of power flow into his body.

Harry went to the large main doors and pushed them open. He looked around trying to think of where to go from here. He heard muffled talking off to the right and made his way to a pair of large closed door. He wanted to plant some bombs on the door to open it but figured using the handle was more appropriate. So he grabbed the handle of the door and threw it open as hard as he could. The great bang silenced the hall and they all turned to watch him walk in his face showing pure rage. A few of the nearer students tried to back up or make themselves invisible. He got a few steps in the hall before most of the teachers were standing casually holding their wands.

"May I ask who you are?" Albus Dumbledore asked he was easily recognizable with his long white hair and beard along with his weird twinkly eyes.

"By all means." Harry replied keeping his eyes on Dumbledore. He felt the gentle probing of his mind.

"Well, who are you?" Dumbledore asked after a few seconds as Harry continued to speak.

"I've been called many things. Freak, boy, demon, death, destruction, pain. That's mainly those that oppose me." He said cocking his head slightly as he continued to walk. "I've also been called mercy, savior, god by a few women. But I mainly go by the name of Harry."

"Harry, and do you have a last name." Dumbledore asked softly.

"Of course I do and I believe you know what it is Dumbledore." Harry sneered as he finally reached the teachers table.

"It's four years late but welcome to Hogwarts Mr. Potter." Dumbledore said causing a few people to gasp. A couple Aurors on tournament duty moved forward and Harry quickly pulled his wand and deflected their attacks down towards the ground. Dumbledore waved his hand and the Aurors stopped but kept their wands at the ready. "You came here for a reason Mr. Potter."

"Yes, year after year my sister's have nearly gotten killed in this institute you call a school. Now with this Tri-Wizard tournament who ever has been trying is going to get their wish as Lily is can't compete while in her coma." Harry said angrily causing Dumbledore to flinch slightly as people started whispering.

"We're doing everything that we can Mr. Potter, we've had people testing everything they can. Nothing seems to work." Dumbledore said.

"If those Aurors behind me take one more step so help me…" Harry left it hanging in the air as Dumbledore raised his hand again his eyes not leaving Harry.

"Well what is it you are here for Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore asked.

"I'm here to save my sister Dumbledore plan and simple." Harry said and a greasy haired teacher scoffed.

"Please boy we've had trained professionals working on her for almost twenty-four hours and your just going to come in and revive her." The man said with a glare.

"No I'm going to take her place."

"You're going to put yourself into a coma." The man said with a drawl and the table wearing green and silver starting laughing.

"No, I had something else in mind." Harry said holding up the page torn out of a book.

"What is that Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore asked.

"Rule seventeen subsection b paragraph three, any champion chosen for the tournament is required to participate, however for those who are unwillingly or mistakenly chosen a person of the same blood may compete in their stead. This rule was added after people put their enemies' names in to see them get killed. I'm her blood and I will compete in her place." Harry said tossing the paper onto Dumbledore's plate.

"If you wish to be the Hogwarts champion, you must attend Hogwarts." Dumbledore said.

"Cedric Diggory is Hogwarts champion. Whoever he is must be a hell of a guy to become so. I'm merely here to keep my sister alive. Now would you mind someone taking me to see my sister's." A stern looking witch stood up from her spot beside Dumbledore and walked around the large table. "Oh and you may want to check the rules. I'm here under the school protection from everyone that mean's all bounties on my head as well. And as a champion I'm exempt from any punishment short of torturing or killing people, all in the pursuit of preparing myself I assure you."

Harry followed the stern looking witch out of the hall on that note and heard the muttering start back up as soon as he was out of the hall. Harry didn't have to look back to know that they were being followed by the Aurors. They were walking in silence for about five minutes before the witch stopped and turned to face him.

"I know of your reputation Mr. Potter." She said

"Good on you." Harry said looking at her blankly.

"I don't approve of it and if you hurt one of my lion's, rules or no rules you'll regret it." The woman said and Harry looked at her closer.

"Minerva McGonagall I assume." He said and noticed her slight surprise. "Your lion's have been getting hurt because of this school since first year when are you going to make those people pay? Now if you don't mind I haven't seen my sisters in four years for fear of putting them in danger. Now it seems my staying away caused more problems. You have nothing to worry about with me. But Merlin have mercy on anyone that tries to hurt them with me around, because I won't. Now can we get going?"

McGonagall didn't say anything else she just turned and continued walking. Harry fell into step beside her. They were walking for a few more minutes before they got to the hospital wing. McGonagall opened the door to show a large group of people at a single bed talking quietly. They all looked up as the door opened but went right back to the bed after seeing who it was. Harry walked forward quickly to the bed pushing medics out of his way. Anyone who tried to stop him got a death glare that made them second guess that decision. When he got to the bed he saw his sister lying prone in the bed her red hair cut just above her shoulders. She was extremely beautiful and Harry teared up a bit as he looked at her. At that point McGonagall saw him for what he was a child. He gently ran his hand over her hair and leaned down and kissed her cheeks.

"Where's Rose?" he asked and McGonagall motioned to the bed next to Lily's that had a form curled up under the blankets. "What's wrong with her?"

"Nothing she just refused to leave Lily here. She was getting hysterical so Madam Pomfrey gave her a mild sleeping drought." McGonagall said and Harry nodded as he made his way to the other bed. As he moved McGonagall ushered everyone out for the time being. After a whispered conversation with Pomfrey the nurse started to help. Harry got to the bed and carefully pulled the covers back to reveal the small body of Rose. Her hair looked just like Harry's as it was short and messy. He gently shook her shoulder as he spoke to her.

"Wake up little flower." He said as Rose's eyes fluttered open. Harry stared into her emerald green eyes and they both started to tear up. "Hello little flower. I just wanted you to know that I never stopped loving you."

When he said that Rose sprang up and wrapped her arms tightly around her brother whom she hadn't seen in four years. She gripped him as tight as she could and buried her face in his neck as she started to cry. Harry held her tightly as tears of joy slid down his cheeks. He just hoped that Lily would wake up soon. She was out of danger from the tournament killing her but she was still in the coma. Harry shook his head sadly but continued to tightly hug his little sister to his chest.


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