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"Wotcher Harry, sorry I'm late." Tonks said as she rounded the table and Harry pulled out her chair.

"Better late than never." Harry said staring into her violet eyes with a grin. As the hall started buzzing with talk Harry leaned over towards Tonks. "You look absolutely stunning."

"Thanks, you don't look to bad yourself." Tonks said blushing slightly.

"I'm glad that you agreed to come toady." Harry said as they ordered their food.

"I'm glad you asked. The age difference is still a little weird but you're not a wanted man any longer. Well that's not entirely true." She said looking around the hall at some of the female students before grinning at him and Harry couldn't help but notice her cute pert nose. "Sorry if I worried you, I got caught up at work we had a lead on Dawlish..."

"Let's not talk dark wizards today." Harry said cutting her off gently. "Why throw darkness over the beauty of the evening."

"Fair enough." Tonks said and they started talking about small stuff to get to know each other. After everyone finished eating Dumbledore rose and asked the students to do the same. With a few waves of his wand the tables were moved to one side of the hall and a platform was raised with instruments on it. The Weird Sisters walked on stage all of them were hairy men wearing artfully ripped clothes that Harry personally found ridiculous. Harry was watching them and forgot what was going on before looking around to see the lanterns were dimmed around the dance floor and the other champions were getting up.

"What's happening?" Fleur asked as they stood and made their way to the dance floor.

"We're opening the dance." Harry said as the Weird Sisters started up a slow, mournful tune.

"Opening as in everyone watching us." Tonks hissed out and Harry nodded as he put a hand on her waist and grabbed her hand in his other. When she just glared at him Harry smiled and grabbed her hand and placed it on his shoulder before grabbing her waist again. He started moving them through the dance and Tonks moved with him rather stiffly. As they moved she slowly started loosening up and she laughed as he twirled her and pulled her back against him. The rest of the hall slowly made their way onto the dance floor as they continued dancing. When the song ended they applaud with everyone politely as the band started the next song. Grinning Tonks grabbed Harry and they started dancing again. Harry and Tonks were laughing and having a good time as they danced around the floor. After dancing to a few songs Harry and Tonks made their way off the dance floor. Harry saw his friends sitting at a table and led the way over to them.

"Hey guys, where's McLaggen and Krum?" He asked

"Getting drinks." Lily said looking form Harry to Tonks and back.

"Oh um right, Tonks these are my sisters Lily and Rose. And my friends Neville, Hermione, Luna, and Cedric. Guy's this is Nymphadora Tonks." Harry said and got slapped upside the head.

"Just Tonks will do, and it's very nice to meet you all." She said as Harry pulled a chair out for her.

"Be back in a second gonna grab some drinks." Harry said with a grin and walked away. After getting a few drinks he walked back over to the others who were laughing at what ever Tonks was telling them. "Here ya go Tonks. What's so funny guys?"

"Oh thank you." Tonks said taking the drink from him. "And I was telling them the story of how we meet."

"Oh damn." He said before leaning down and whispering in her ear. "Do you mind sitting here so I can steal a dance with my sister?"

"It'll give me a chance to rest my feet." She said with a smile.

"Lil mind if I steal you away for a dance?" Harry asked holding out his hand.

"Sure, I'll be back in a moment Cormac." Lily said grabbing Harry's hand.

"Right, I'm gonna go use the loo. I'll meet you back here." McLaggen said standing up and leaving the hall.

"How's he been treating you?" Harry asked as he led her onto the dance floor.

"He's been a perfect gentleman." Lily said grinning as Harry spun her to start their dance.

"Good, I'm having too much fun to go to Azkaban for murdering him." Harry said grinning at her happily.

"You threatened him!" Lily exclaimed with a laugh and Harry nodded.

"Him, Krum, and Cedric. I would have threatened Neville but he already knows to be courteous and to protect Rose." Harry said as they moved around the floor.

"Why'd you threaten Cedric and Krum?" Lily asked tilting her head slightly.

"Uh because Luna and Hermione are my friends and their fathers weren't here to threaten them." Harry said with a nonchalant shrug and Lily smiled at him. Not long after that the song ended. As they applaud with everyone Rose walked over.

"My turn." She said smiling brightly.

"Sure let me let Tonks know." Harry said

"No need Neville's dancing with her right now." Rose said as the band started playing.

"Okay, I'm gonna go find Cormac." Lily said kissing Harry's cheek. "Thanks for the dance big brother."

"Thank you." Harry said with a smile before turning to Rose. "Shall we little flower?"

"We shall." Rose said with a laugh as she took his hand.

"So having a good time with Neville tonight?" Harry asked as they started dancing.

"Yes, he's really sweet. He was rather nervous when we got here but I think he got over it quickly." Rose said with a smile. About halfway through the song Harry felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Neville and Tonks.

"Mind if I cut in?" Neville asked and Harry looked down at Rose who shrugged.

"I don't mind." He said kissing Rose on the cheek before clapping Neville on the shoulder on the back then turned to Tonks. "So you're stuck with me again."

"Oh I guess I don't mind too much." Tonks said grabbing him and pulling him against her with a laugh. After the slow song ended the band struck up a faster tune. They danced for a few more songs before they decided to take a break and Harry led them outside. The area right outside of the doors was lit by hundreds of fairies sitting in rose bushes that had been conjured and others were fluttering over statues of Father Christmas and his reindeer. They were walking across the pathways quietly when Harry noticed Tonks shivering so he pulled off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders. "Thanks."

"Your welcome." Harry said as they sat on a bench to enjoy the night for a while. They noticed Snape and Karkaroff walking around with Snape blasting bushes to catch couples hiding in them. As they got closer the two men quit talking besides Snape removing points from the couples he caught. Harry wrapped his arm around Tonks shoulders and she leaned against him.

"'ow's it goin 'arry?" He heard and turned to see Hagrid and Madam Maxime walking towards them.

"It's going pretty well Hagrid, good evening Madam Maxime." Harry said with a smile.

"Good evening mester Potter." Maxime said with a nod of her head as they continued walking by.

"Want to head back in?" Tonks asked and Harry nodded as he stood up. Pulling Tonks to her feet he led her back inside. They walked in the hall and Tonks pulled Harry onto the dance floor. They spent the rest of the night dancing and enjoying themselves only stopping for one song which he split with Hermione and Luna. At midnight the Weird Sisters finished their last song and the hall exploded in cheers. After a few minutes the hall started emptying. Harry and his friends were some of the last to leave the hall.

"It was nice meeting you Tonks." Lily said and the others said the same.

"Thanks it was a pleasure to meet the lot of you as well." Tonks said with a large grin.

"Night guys." Harry said as they all started walking away. Harry wrapped his jacket around Tonks shoulders again and they walked outside. The path to the Durmstrang ship and to the Beauxbatons carriage but the long trek to the front gates was going to be a dark one. As they left the lit area just outside the doors a group of fairies started flying around them lighting up a few yards all around them. "Well their very helpful."

"Yeah." Tonks said as she grabbed Harry's hand. They walked in silence until they got to the gate. They stopped just outside of them and the fairies landed on the gates. "I had a great time tonight Harry. I'm really glad you asked me to come."

"Glad you agreed. It was an absolute blast." Harry said with a small smile as Tonks leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She started to pull back and Harry wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her against him as he captured her lips with his. Tonks stiffened for a second before she started to kiss him back and wrapped her arms around him. After a few seconds of kissing they pulled apart. "That wasn't inappropriate was it?"

"Maybe a little, but I don't mind." Tonks said softly still wrapped in Harry's arms.

"You know I've had a crush on you since the first time I saw you." Harry said looking into her eyes.

"I'll admit, when you turned back into yourself that day I thought you were cute." Tonks said resting her head against his shoulder.

"What does this mean for us?" Harry asked and she pulled back and looked at him.

"What do you want it to mean?" She asked him biting her lip slightly.

"I think I want it to mean that we're…" Harry paused slightly trying to find the word he wanted. "Something."

"Something like what?" Tonks asked leaning forward slightly.

"Something like a couple." Harry said

"What about what people may say?" Tonks asked softly leaning in a bit farther.

"Screw 'em." Harry whispered as he captured her lips again. He felt her smile before she kissed him back. Harry pulled back and looked at her. "What about people who frown on the age difference?"

"Screw 'em." Tonks said with a grin as she grabbed his head and pulled him back down to capture her lips. They continued to kiss until they had to surface for air. "Meet up with me this weekend at the Three Broomsticks?"

"I can do that. I take it you have to leave now." Harry said and Tonks nodded.

"I've got work in the morning." She said as they broke apart.

"Well see you this weekend then you know where to find me if you need me." Harry said nodding towards the school with a silly grin on his face.

"Stay out of trouble I'd hate to have to arrest my new boyfriend." Tonks said as she took a few steps back still wrapped in Harry's jacket a mischievous smile on her face.

"Stay safe I'd hate to have to get locked up for killing someone who hurt my new girlfriend." Harry said back and Tonks stuck out her tongue before spinning and disappearing with a crack. Harry shoved his hands into his pockets and started whistling as he started walking back to the school. The fairies who accompanied them out took off leaving Harry walking through the dark but he didn't mind that either. When he got inside he made his way through the quiet halls and went straight to the Raven's tower.

"This thing all things devours; birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins town, and beats high mountains down."

"Wow the first time I've ever blanked on this." Harry said to himself with a laugh.

"Time." He heard a voice behind him and turned to see Flitwick standing there.

"Ah yes, my heads in an entirely different location." Harry said as he pulled the door open.

"Did you have a good time at the ball tonight?" Flitwick asked as they walked into the room.

"Yes I did thanks to you helping me learn to dance." Harry said holding back a yawn.

"It was my pleasure." Flitwick said

"Did you have a good time sir?" Harry asked

"I did thank you for asking. But it's late and you probably want to head to bead its been a long day. Before you go the headmaster asked to see you and your sister's tomorrow morning after breakfast. Just thought I'd let you know now since you're up." Flitwick said.

"Thank you sir." Harry said

"Goodnight Mr. Potter." Flitwick said with a grin as he turned to leave.

"Goodnight sir." Harry said back before making his way upstairs. He stripped down to his boxers and collapsed in bed with a smile on his face.

"Have a good time?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah, and I got a girlfriend." Harry said

"Really, let me get a look." Jeff said and Harry summoned him and tugged him on while thinking of Tonks. "Not bad."

"Don't sound so surprised." Harry said throwing him back on the table before burying himself under his blankets and going to sleep. The next morning Harry woke up and just laid in bed for a while thinking about the night before. "Hmmm."

"Bout time your up." Jeff said irritably.

"What's wrong with you?" Harry asked standing up with a stretch after seeing his dorm mates were gone.

"I'm getting bored." Jeff complained as Harry grabbed a change of clothes.

"I'm going to shower then we'll head to breakfast." Harry said walking into the bathroom. After showering and getting ready for the day Harry walked out of the room grabbing Jeff as he went.

"It's about time." Jeff said

"Keep complaining and I'm going to dye you pink before giving you back to Dumbledore." Harry said as he got to the common room. He looked around and saw the common room had quite a few people sitting around. He saw Luna sitting in a chair with a large book in her hands. He walked over and she looked up at him.

"Morning." She said with a smile.

"Morning, want to head down to breakfast?" Harry asked

"Sure, good morning Jeff." Luna said closing her book.

"Luna finally someone kind." Jeff said and Harry snorted.

"Pink with purple polka dots." Harry said as they walked out of the room.

"See what I mean, threatening to dye me pink and purple." Jeff said dramatically.

"I think you would look lively like that Jeff." Luna said making Harry laugh. When they got to the hall they sat down at their usual spot and were joined quickly by the rest of their friends.

"Morning guys. Lily, Rose after we eat Dumbledore…" Harry started.

"Wants to see us, Professor McGonagall told us after the ball." Lily said with a smile and Harry grinned.

"Yes that means information on Sirius, who knows maybe I'll get to meet this godfather of mine. And yours, Remus see if their good people or not." Harry said.

"They are good people." Rose said "Unlike my old godfather the dirty little rat."

"Yes that's why Sirius said you were his goddaughter now as well." Lily said as they heard the owls coming in. A small grey owl landed in front of Harry with a note tied to its leg. He untied the note and gave the owl some bacon and ham. "Who's that from?"

Harry shrugged as he opened it.

Harry, seems like we're really big news already, pick up a paper. Tonks.

Harry sighed as he looked around. He saw a second year Ravenclaw reading mail with a paper thrown off to the side. He got up and walked over and the boy looked up at him.

"Hey mate, do you mind if I borrow that paper." Harry asked and the boy shrugged.

"You can keep it, I never read it." He said and handed it to him. Harry went back over to his family and sat down before opening the paper. On the front page was a picture of Harry and Tonks wrapped in each others arms. Every few seconds they would lean in and kiss for a few seconds before pulling back.

"Well shit." Harry said with a sigh.

"Oh my." Lily said looking over his shoulder at the picture.

"Um oh yeah, I have a girlfriend now." Harry said lamely and looked at the shocked faces of his friends. "Well no congratulations or anything."

"Way to go Harry!" He heard someone say loudly and turned to see Fred and George giving him a thumbs up across the room.

"Thanks guys." Harry called back with a wave.

"She's really pretty and nice. I'm happy for you Harry." Rose said giving him a hug.

"Thanks flower." Harry said kissing her on the forehead.

"Congrats." Neville said with a grin and Hermione and Luna nodded slightly not quite looking at him but he thought he saw hurt looks behind their smiles causing his heart to clench painfully.

"Thanks, um I'm full so see ya guys later." Harry said getting up and walking out of the hall.

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