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Sesshomaru growled in annoyance, his long clawed fingers rubbing his temples. Is business had been doing well enough that he was finally able to work from home, a relaxing change from his office in the city and sleeping on its couch. However, while the stress of traffic, face-to-face meetings, and deadlines had not crossed his mind, he now had new found stresses of his home life. Namely, his manservant Jaken did not know the first thing when it came to cleaning and cooking for him, leaving Sesshomaru no alternative but to hire a maid, the one thing he swore to himself he would not do; he loathed the idea of having some slutty blue-eyed Blondie trying to persuade him into doing something completely demoralizing while he was trying to work.

Until about a week ago, he was convinced that Jaken could handle all the work himself, seeing as Sesshomaru rarely came home. Three minutes had proven to him just how wrong his assumptions had been. To start off with, there was a fine layer of dust on almost everything, from the pictures to the mantels over the fire place. Another issue was that his bed was not made, even though the drive up had been exhausting, Jaken made him wait for the bed to be made-up, albeit poorly at best. Then came to food. Whatever Jaken hadn`t charred, was grossly under cooked, and the smell made his overly sensitive nose wrinkle in disgust, putting him off his appetite.

So here he sat, looking over lists of agencies and independents for a suitable maid, one that could cook and clean to his satisfaction, yet had enough sense to leave him be. He didn`t need a companion, just another piece of furniture that would serve its purpose. Sighing, Sesshomaru returned to the task at hand, throwing a massive stack in the trash with a loud yet unsatisfying "clunk". Spreading numerous other files all over his desk, he was greeted by the smiling faces of potential maids of various hair, eye, and skin colours. He had already scraped any demon from the list, they were typically aggressive and domineering, two characteristics he already possessed plenty of.

Throwing the next stack of applicants into the same trash bin, Sesshomaru grabbed a much thinner file, containing just a handful of names. Curious, he flipped to the cover of the file, interested in the name. Priestess Maid Services, evidently, they were a service that helped find independent maids households, for a small fee. Flipping open the dossier, Sesshomaru was pleasantly surprised to find that they had quite a high success rate, with excellent reviews. Flipping through the various names in the file, he came across several consecutive words that made that particular maid all the better. Quite, quick to learn, wonderful cook, efficient, and respectful.

"Perfect," Sesshomaru muttered, looking over her bio. She was young and inexperienced, but she had excellent recommendations from her various pervious employers, all of which stated the same thing her information did. "A quick study," "her work is seen but she is often not" "Polite and pleasant young lady," and "Catches on to new concepts quickly," Glancing at her photo, he was surprised to see that she was quite beautiful, large dark eyes that held innocence, even darker hair that cascaded passed her shoulders and down her back, a stark contrast to her blemish-free alabaster skin.

"Hmph," Sesshomaru muttered. The girl didn't need to be pretty, but it did help her case. She was quiet and respectful. She could do her work without being a bother, and that was all that mattered to him. Looking down at her requirements, he felt even better in seeing that she only required room and board on top of her salary, which she had stated was up to the employer's discretion. Reaching for the receiver, Sesshomaru's long finger trailed tapped the agencies number, waiting impatiently for a voice on the other end.

Rin stepped delicately from the cab, slipping the driver his fee as she did so. Looking up at her new potential place of employment, her jaw almost dropped at its grandeur. The mansion was simply stunning, all brick with ivory-covered walls, big windows seemingly opened the mansion up to the world, yet they were hidden behind large trees and were also quite dark. Picking up her suitcase, she heard her feet softly crunch on the gravel road as she walked toward the imposing double doors. Knocking much too softly for anyone to hear her, Rin steeled herself for another louder knock when the door flew open.

Rin stepped back slightly in surprise. She had never seen such a beautiful and yet imposing creature. She had been told her employer was a demon, but that he had been certified. Even so, she expected something resembling a monster, certainly not this. Tall, with beautiful silken silver that fell to his knees, two symmetrical magenta stripes on both sides of his cheeks, complimented nicely with the blue crescent moon on his forehead, pointed ears, and two piercing golden eyes.

"Rin Higurashi?" he more stated than questioned, those golden eyes narrowing.

"H-hai." She stuttered softly, bowing low to her new employer. Sesshomaru let out a huff of breath through his nose. While he wouldn't say it, he was pleasantly surprised that her profile picture had hardly done her justice, for she was far more beautiful in person. Her bio had been spot on about her being quiet and meek, proven firstly by the fact that if he didn't have his sharp ears, he doubted anyone would have heard her soft knock.

"Follow me." He said curtly, leading her inside the mahogany paneled-hall. Stepping gingerly inside Rin placed her suitcase on the floor and turned to shut the door, easing it gently without any loud sounds. Turning around, she was surprised to see that Sesshomaru was staring at her over her shoulder, though he remained unspoken, his eyes said it all. Blushing slightly, Rin focused her attention to her suitcase, only to see a small green imp struggling with it.

"W-wait, you don't have to-" her words were cut short by the icy daggers the imp shot at her, giving her death glares over her suitcase.

"Jaken will take your suitcase to your room and give you a tour and your chores. I expect dinner at 6 o'clock sharp and not to be disturbed before, during, or after. Jaken can handle any questions you may have, however, if there are any for me, speak now." Sesshomaru stated curtly, snapping Rin out of her daze and giving no indication that he noticed Jaken's cold shoulder toward her.

"Oh, U-ummm" Rin stuttered, taken aback by the sudden statement. Swallowing thickly, she gathered her courage to respond to her Master's crushing looks. "What would you like for dinner, Sir?" she asked gently, hoping he wouldn't notice her fidgeting fingers.

Sesshomaru arched a perfectly sculpted eyebrow before turning away and walking back to his study. "Whatever you decide will be fine with me, provided you make it well" he said without turning around.

Letting out a quiet sigh, Rin focused her attention to the struggling imp, watching it drag her suitcase down a hallway to her right. Hurrying after him, she attempted to ask if he needed help, but held her tongue at the memory of his glare. Figuring small talk was also off the table, the two walked on in an uncomfortable silence, allowing Rin to take in her surroundings. The hallway was filled with vases and ornaments seemingly selected with expensive-looking tastes, yet they remained classical and held a certain charm. Seeing Jaken stop outside a door, Rin patiently waited while the green creature struggled with a key, finally inserting it in the lock resulting in the door swinging open and revealing her new room. It was simple, a bed, a desk equipped with a chair and lamp and an adjoining bathroom. Rin stepped inside it, casting a quick glance around, assessing her surroundings. Upon seeing the window, Rin gently opened it, relief washing over her when she saw it opened to reveal an immaculate garden.

Turning to Jaken, Rin was still socked to see his glare. She had assumed it was due to the weight of the suitcase, but it seemed like it wasn't the issue. Unceremoniously, Jaken threw her suitcase on the floor, tossing the keys in the same fashion. "There's a manila envelope on the desk," he squawked, gesturing to it as he spoke, "it has all your chores for the day and a map of the manor. Some rooms are marked with a red X, you are not to go into those rooms. Everything on the map is labelled so simply a child could do it. Unfortunately, as the Master's manservant, I am extraordinarily busy and simply cannot babysit you. Read the map, do your work, and be effective, and do not bother me with stupid questions. Good day." Effectively ending his brief conversation with the girl, he turned out of the room, slamming the door as he did so.

Rin stood there for a moment, frozen in place. Slowly, she sunk down to the bed, lying on her back staring at the ceiling, releasing a huge breath from her lips. What have I gotten myself into?

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