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Aki's P.O.V.

The next morning, I'm in the bathroom brushing my hair, when Heathcliffe pokes his head in.

"Aki, wanna see my new clothes?" Heathcliffe asks me.

"Uhh... Okay," I say. Heathcliffe then steps into the room. He is now wearing a gray T-shirt for some band I don't know under a black, collared shirt, black skinny jeans, black-and-white sneakers, and a spiked choker.

"You... You look great," I stammer. In reality, Heathcliffe does look great. But, I can't say that he actually looks... Cute.

Before I know it, Heathcliffe grabs my hands.

"Anything wrong?" Heathcliffe asks me. I shake my head as my trembling hands reach for a hair tie.

"No, nothing's wrong," I say as I pull my hair back.

"You know, you should keep your hair down more often. It's really beautiful," Heathcliffe says to me. I begin blushing like crazy.

"Uhh... Thank you," I say. "My hair really is beautiful. But, I like to wear it this way since it really suits me."

"Well, wear it however you like. Your hair looks beautiful no matter what," Heathcliffe explains. I smile as I walk up to Heathcliffe and run my fingers through his hair.

"Well, your hair is beautiful, too," I say in some type of mock arguement. Hard to believe I didn't even want to touch his hair last night.

The boat ride back home was rough on Heathcliffe. The poor thing got seasick and kept throwing up.

"Are we home yet?" Heathcliffe weakly asks me as he walk up the road to my house.

"Almost. That's my house over there," I explain as I point to a fairly large house overlooking the coast.

"YOU live there?" Heathcliffe exclaims. I nod.

"Welcome home," I say as we approach the house. I unlock the door, and Heathcliffe immediately walks in. "May I show you to your room?"

"Please..." Heathcliffe says before he passes out.

Heathcliffe's P.O.V.

When I awake, I'm lying down on a bed, and a young, black-haired, glasses-wearing doctor around my age is looking over me.

"He's awake. Make sure Heathcliffe rests up for a day or so, and contact me if he gets any worse," The doctor explains to Aki.

"Thank you, Teinosuke," Aki thanks before the doctor leaves.

"What happened?" I ask Aki.

"You got pretty sick on the boat. But, the doctor said you're going to be fine within a day," Aki explains.

"Oh. You know him?" I ask Aki.

"He's my friend, Teinosuke Fujimori. He and his father are doctors. Recently, I've been encouraged to marry him when we get older," Aki explains.

"Marriage?" I ask. Aki sadly sighs.

"My father AND my aunt are arranging my marriage. My mother and I don't like it one bit," Aki explains.

"That sucks," I say. Aki doesn't say a word as she strokes my hair back. "Do you... Want to marry Teinosuke?"

Aki sighs.

"Maybe... He seems to really like me," Aki explains. I sigh in return.

"Do you... Like me?" I ask Aki, who smiles.

"Of course I do, Sarutobi-kun. You're my friend," Aki explains.

"Sarutobi-kun? My name's Heathcliffe," I say.

"I know, but it's my own little nickname for you. I already feel so close to you," Aki explains. I smile.

"You know what? I kinda like it. Looks like you'll be using it more often," I say. Aki grins.

"Thank you, Sarutobi-kun!" Aki exclaims as she pulls up a chair next to my bed. "Is there anything you need?"

"Hmm... How about you keep me company?" I suggest. Aki grins.

"I like the sound of that," Aki says. She spends the day keeping me company, giving me my medicine, giving me things to eat and drink, telling me stories, and making sure I don't cry for my brothers.

It feels like a real home.

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