The Workaholic, the Recluse and the Wild Woman

Santana woke at 5:30 a.m. on the dot as she had every day for four years. She had long ago surpassed the need for an alarm clock as she was now hard wired to get up before the sun hit her window, yet every night she set it anyway. Like every morning before it she got up, got immaculately dressed and went into her spotless sterile kitchen to make coffee. As she waited she turned on the television, listening to the news while making a full breakfast.

She ate her meal in the dining room, sipping occasionally at her fresh brew while listening to the weather and contemplating the day's itinerary. At 6 a.m. her mother sent her a birthday text that she formally replied to and exactly two minutes after that her father sent an identical one. It wasn't surprising, her mother had more than likely done it for him since he never remembered without her reminder.

6:30 a.m. found her walking into her office which looked as immaculate as her house, it bothered her slightly because she wasn't a neat freak she just had nothing else to do with her spare time but organize. Tonight was supposed to change that, but she knew it wouldn't. Usually on her birthday she looked forward to the end of the day, however for some reason this year she wasn't feeling it. She wanted to meet someone to change her uneventful life and failing that she'd settle for a good old fashioned one night stand, but she was pretty sure this birthday would pass like all the others.

It wasn't exactly a good omen when she looked at the blank space by her keyboard and found it devoid of a brightly colored gift that would usually be waiting for her.

Santana wasn't one for childish presents, but she could honestly say now that she didn't get one it made her a little sad. Apparently even her secret admirer had given up on her.

Chuckling at that thought she pulled her chair up to her desk and got to work.

Brittany sat at her desk staring at a screen full of numbers and figures she had no desire to deal with, she really didn't understand what half of them meant. To be perfectly honest she didn't understand what her job at her company actually was. She knew the word Analysis was in title and it paid well so she stayed. The only reason she had managed to stay employed for five years was that her best friend, co-worker and roommate, Sam, had practically pulled them both through school and when he got a job, he got her in too while showing her everything she would ever need to know. He taught her the process and what sort of numbers she had to come up with, everything else was on a plane above her head and as she looked over the numbers shining dully back at her she wondered, not for the first time, why she insisted on keeping this job.

Oh yeah, the economy sucks and food costs money, she thought bitterly.

With a sigh she began to type in the necessary figures to get the right numbers for her presentation the next day, she knew these numbers had to do with the company's net gains and net losses (which surprisingly had nothing to do with fishing) and they wanted them to be high and low respectively. This concept that, when first explained to her, seemed the easiest part of the job, until Sam told her that it was not only wrong, but illegal to put in any numbers she wanted, so she had reluctantly erased the $1 from the losses column and $1,000,000,000 from the gains. All it meant was more hard work she didn't really get in a profession she didn't want to be in.

Brittany sighed again, adjusted her glasses, a side effect of too much desk work, and started typing. She was in the middle of doing boring work on a typical Monday morning when the best part of her whole job walked in. Her boss; Santana Lopez.

The woman was everything Brittany could ever want and more and she was also totally out of her league, she was gorgeous and kind yet stern, even fierce if the situation called for it. She was a great person to work under, but at the end of the day Santana wasn't one to join in on employee conversations or say anything that wasn't work related. She dressed like a supermodel and walked in a way that told everyone she knew how good she looked.

There was nothing about her that made Brittany feel she had a snowballs chance in hell of asking her out, not that her own looks weren't sufficient, but she didn't feel that she could offer anything the Latina couldn't get tenfold with a mirror.

Keeping her eyes on her unobtainable prize she sighed yet again watching as her boss went into her office and closed the door.

"Today not the day huh?" came a voice from above.

Her head snapped up and she saw Sam looking down at her from over the wall of his adjoining cubicle with a smile on his face, "You scared me!" she whispered fiercely as she panted her panic.

He laughed, "I know. So what's the word bird? You thinking about how to give her a present?"

Brittany frowned at the question, Sam knew about her attraction to Santana, but he also knew how impossibly unlikely it would be for her to pursue it, "Are you kidding?"

He frowned a little and moved from his position, most likely kneeling on his desk, to walk around to her side, "No, I mean for her birthday. It's today."

Brittany's mouth fell open. She had known that, she really had, but almost being late this morning and being faced with a quarterly report the next day had wiped it from her already cluttered mind, "Crap I forgot," she muttered.

"Wow, you must be swamped," Sam chuckled.

Brittany just chewed her lip for a moment before shrugging, "Whatever it's not like I ever do anything special usually."

"Uh, I think you forgot you are talking to your roommate, you get something for her every year you just never let her know it's from you."

A furious blush overtook the blonde's pale face and she stared determinedly at her screen, "Either way I forgot."

Sensing her irritation at herself and the issue in general Sam changed the subject, "So are you going to Rachel's party tonight?"

At this Brittany glared at the computer screen again, but for an entirely different reason. Rachel Berry was their other roommate, she was a small woman who was somehow filled with nothing but words that were bigger than she was. Though it wasn't her constant talking or unwanted criticisms that made Brittany upset about her, it was her lack of need to be with them at all. Rachel was already an established Broadway actress who had recently made her transition into the movie industry to wild success, the woman was a multimillionaire, but because she had an upcoming role as a 'common person' she felt she needed to research the part by living it.

As luck would have it she decided to pick up the paper and look for a suitable place at the same time Brittany and Sam had put in an add looking for another tenant. What they got was a total drama queen who liked to refer to everything they did as 'cute' or 'quaint'. And even though she was supposed to be living the 'peasant life' every once in a while she would throw a huge party at her actual home in Beverly Hills to report her findings to her Hollywood friends. Of course Brittany and Sam were always invited, usually to back up some story about the time the toilet was clogged or something, though Rachel clearly thought being given an invite at all was an honor. Kind of like she thought giving Brittany a key to her home was a privilege. She could go over anytime to watch TV or use the pool but since Brittany was also constantly busy and didn't have a car that didn't happen much. The only time she saw the place was when she was asked to go and grudgingly traveled, by bus, to pick up some mundane item or another for the smaller woman. Somehow Brittany suspected she planned it that way.

"I don't think I'm in the mood to be her show and tell tonight," Brittany grumbled.

Sam smiled and shrugged, "Too bad, you know I have to, Cedes will be there."

She had to smile, at least Sam had gotten something out of their weird lot in life, Mercedes Jones was one of Rachel's friends who would attend her parties. Sam met her and they hit it off quite well despite her being a hit R&B artist and him being a total geek. She was happy for him and wished she could have something like they did; a thought that brought her eyes back to a certain closed wooden door.

Her stare didn't go unnoticed and Sam laughed again, "You've got it so bad. Just try wishing her a happy birthday. I mean you have been working with her for what? Four years now? I think a real, personal conversation between you two is long overdue."

"Can't I have to work on… this," she said, suddenly not remembering what it was she was actually doing.

"Fine be that way, but if Jake Sully hadn't followed his heart he would still be crippled and alone on a post apocalyptic earth."

Brittany nodded deciding not to call him a total weirdo for bringing that example into a normal serious conversation, "Yeah I know."

He moved back to his spot and she finally started to focus on the mocking numbers in front of her face. Usually she would enjoy her day at work by sprinkling mini-breaks throughout the day to make it more bearable and sometimes at lunch she and Sam would go to a small coffee shop around the corner to talk about any and every thing. Today she had no such luxury as she had to go over every figure about ten times because she tended to rarely get the same answer when calculating sums. That meant she would have to double, triple and quadruple check her work and then do it over just to be sure. Her whole existence at the company depended on her ability to get numbers right and unfortunately she was terrible with them.

This dilemma was how she managed to still be at work two hours after closing time alone in the building except for the cleaning staff. The worst part was that she was quickly coming to the realization that she was going to have to take her work home. She was still nowhere near done because after all her multiplication and addition the final sum was still less than the starting one and she was pretty sure that was fundamentally wrong.

With a sigh she leaned back in her seat and began to save the data to her flash drive so she could go home and snuggle up to more numbers. She yawned and rubbed her neck as she waited for the files to transfer when she heard a voice.

"Working late again?" was the calm casual sound that came from behind her.

Brittany's natural response was to snort and tell Sam to stop asking obvious questions, but it hit her rather swiftly that the voice did not belong to Sam. Disbelievingly she spun around and saw Santana smirking down at her. She had to fight not to choke on air, she had been so sure she was in the building alone.

"Oh! Um, no! I mean yes!" she answered loudly somehow sounding even more flustered than she actually was.

"I'm assuming that's the quarterly report?" she said glancing at the screen.

Brittany casually slid her chair in front of the monitor hoping her boss wouldn't see her wildly incorrect figures, "Yes ma'am, it will be ready by tomorrow."

Santana smiled and gave a friendly nod as she turned to head out. Brittany watched her go and was suddenly hit with an image of Jake Sully sitting drunk and sulky in a back alley on an decrepit earth and she spoke before her natural shyness could stop her.

"Happy Birthday," her voice was small and weak, but Santana had heard it, stopped and turned with a curious expression on her face.

"How did you know it was my birthday?"

Brittany frowned, "It's the same time every year isn't it?"

Santana laughed, "Yes, but how did you know at all? It's just that I tend to keep my birthday and, subsequently, my age a secret."

The blonde woman fidgeted nervously, she hadn't known it was supposed to be a secret, "Erm, I sort of looked you up when you first started working here. Well I didn't my friend Sss… friends," she deflected determined not to drag Sam down with her, "My friends looked it up for me cause I'm not good with computers… wait, I mean, I'm good with these just not with… uh… looking up people."

Santana just stared blankly at her for a moment before she laughed, "Brittany Pierce right?"

"Yes ma'am," she said meekly, thrilled that Santana could remember her name without a roster.

Smiling the smaller woman walked back to Brittany's cubicle and leaned against the divider at the door, "So can I assume that I've had you to thank for the timely gifts on birthdays past?"

If Brittany could have seen how red her face became at that she would have found the situation as amusing as Santana did, "Yes," she said quietly then her eyes widened, "And I'm so sorry I forgot to this year, I had something thought out, but with the report and all…" she rambled again gesturing vaguely at the machine behind her all while staying in the way so the figures on it couldn't be seen.

"It's fine I'm just glad to finally have that mystery solved. Why the secrecy by the way?"

She averted her eyes and mumbled, "No real reason, just thought you should have something. You always work on your birthday so I thought a present might cheer you up."

Santana smirked at that, "I see, well thank you, they did actually perk up my day. I've never had anyone get me stuffed animals before."

Brittany tried not to look totally embarrassed at herself, "I always love getting them so I thought you might like them too, I guess it's kind of lame when you think about it."

"I thought it was very sweet."

Santana had that smile on again and Brittany felt her heart flutter, "So what are you planning to do tonight?"

At that question Santana's pleasant smile faded and was replaced by a slight scowl, "Nothing really, same as every year. I guess I'll just go to Stellar, have some drinks and go home."

Brittany wasn't a party girl but she knew Stellar was a club, a party hard kind of club and even though it was only around ten Santana didn't seem to be in the party hard kind of mood.

"You don't sound too happy about it."

The smaller woman sighed, "I am and I'm not. I go out to try and find Ms. Right and all I ever get are women who just aren't what I am looking for, it's sort of depressing to only have one real cut loose night and spend it realizing I'm probably going to end up alone for the rest of the year. The best part is that today is Monday so I can't even stay out that late. That's why I'm still moping around here I guess… putting off the inevitable," she said looking around the empty building.

Brittany couldn't help but be ecstatic, not only was her boss single she was in the market for a girlfriend. She was nervous to even try and broach the subject, but she felt the circumstances couldn't possibly be more perfect.

"Well, what is it that you are looking for when you go to the clubs?"

Santana took a moment, taking the question rather seriously, "Hmmm, I can't say I have a definitive type when it comes to looks, but she would have to be attractive." Brittany nodded, she felt that with a little help from Mercedes she might be able to pull that off, "And definitely assertive, borderline aggressive." Brittany's hopeful smile faded, there was no way. "Not that I am looking for someone controlling or abusive, but I just like women who know how to take charge, but the problem is I'm a difficult person to get control from so she would have to be persistent and pretty stubborn." Brittany sighed, she caved like a house made of dry leaves, even Rachel could walk all over her, "But I would want her to be kind of wild and free and adventurous, just totally different from me. Most importantly she would have to be fun to be with."

Brittany looked at her feet and sighed internally, it was exactly as she thought, Santana wouldn't want an unattractive stick in the mud who was a pushover and was almost the textbook definition of unadventurous. She supposed she could be fun to be with at times, at least that's what Sam told her, but she was pretty sure they had different definitions of fun.

"And you haven't found that person yet?"

She snorted, "Not with all those traits combined no. Usually I get someone who is controlling and no fun or too wild with literally no restraints whatsoever. Three years ago I ended up with a woman going through, what she later called, an 'experimental phase'. We dated for six months and right when I thought it was marriage serious she tells me it's been fun, but she prefers men and moved to London the next day."

Brittany nodded, she knew who that had been; Holly Holiday, the name alone should have been a hint about what kind of person she was. She remembered her because she had burned with jealousy every time she had seen them together and every year after when someone would say 'Happy Holidays' she would reply 'I hope not' confusing everyone, but Sam who knew the reason for her deep rooted hatred of the greeting.

"Guess you gotta watch out for the crazies," she said noncommittally.

"Yeah. Well," Santana straightened up and offered her kind smile to Brittany once again, "Better get going, don't want to keep my potential heartbreak for the month waiting."

"Don't lose hope I know you'll find someone," she said feeling herself melt under the brown eyed gaze.

Santana gave her a final smile and a wave before she disappeared around the corner, Brittany felt a little sad that her dreams had just been stomped on, but so very excited that she had just talked to Santana in a real, honest to goodness casual conversation since the first time they had met.

Making sure she was alone she did a happy little dance that was halted the moment she turned and saw her monitor full of numbers and figures. She sighed heavily; it was going to be a long night.

Santana raised her martini to the man at the end of the bar thanking him for the drink and decided to let him think he had a chance in hell of her going over to him. She took a sip and looked around realizing that a Monday night was maybe the worst possible night to go out looking for anything but light conversation. The music was blaring loud enough to blow out her eardrums and the dance floor was full of beautiful women dancing with average looking men, a sight that only made her feel more alone. It had occurred to her to actually go to a gay bar to increase her odds, but it was in that environment that she first met Holly.

As if that counts for anything, you're finding fuck-all here…she thought glancing around.

After another hour she was beginning to think she should give the poor man still giving her drinks a chance and that snapped her out of her desperation and alcohol induced trance, making her decide it was time to go home. She downed the last of her drink and was about to leave when she turned and almost crashed into someone, she backed up apologizing until she saw that she had run into her sponsor for the night, the man that had been sitting at the end of the bar.

"Hi," he said looking her over nervously.

Santana realized that up close he was extremely tall and even more stupid looking, "Hi," she said back offering nothing in her tone to imply he should keep talking.

"You look bored, want to get out of here or something?" he asked goofily.

"Yep," she said trying to sidestep him, but his massive frame blocked her exit, "Listen buddy I don't even know your name."

"Finn Hudson," he said eagerly and she mentally groaned knowing this was not going to be an easy brushoff.

She opened her mouth to tell him all the reasons he had wasted well over a hundred dollars to woo a woman who had no interest in men, a fact that was his fault because if he had bothered to talk to her first she would have gladly told him to save his money. However, the words never left her mouth, because at that moment the door opened and a whirlwind came in the door in the form of a tall blonde with electric blue eyes.

Santana gawked at her and she wasn't the only one, even Finn had his attention diverted. The woman had wild golden hair that fell down her back in waves, an almost inappropriately low v-cut shirt, a skirt so short that every step threatened to reveal something that shouldn't be seen by the public and knee high black heels that made the other woman tower over everyone else.

When she came in the door she made a beeline for Santana and Finn, a fact that had the man smoothing his hair and straightening his shirt. To both of their surprise when she arrived she brushed past the man like she hadn't seen him and closed in on Santana pushing the startled brunette up against the bar and placing her arms on the marble surface trapping her there.

"Hello," the woman purred and Santana couldn't help the smile that formed on her face.

"Back at you," and this reply contained all the flirtatiousness she had denied Finn.

"I'm going to take you out on the dance floor and grind up on you till you can't take it another second, then you'll take me home where I will fuck you absolutely stupid, sound like a plan?"

Santana felt her mouth go dry, "It does…"

"You don't even know her name." Finn grumbled indignantly, clearly upset by the turn of events and how he wasn't invited, but still obviously interested in the exchange.

The blonde never even glanced at him as she remedied the problem, "Felicia Hardy."

Finn gawked at that, "Wait isn't that-"

For the first time the blonde's gaze moved to Finn and she gave him a warning glare, "Don't you have somewhere to be?"

The intensity of it was enough to make him vanish and get Santana even more excited about her prospect for the night. Felicia turned back and smiled, "So where were we?"

"We were about to dance."


Felicia pulled her out on the dance floor and proceeded to do exactly what she had promised. The music finally served a purpose, it gave her pulse something to regulate it, because the woman who was currently backed up on her was making it spike out of control. The world was just the two of them and Felicia was the sole cause of global warming, her hands were everywhere and the blue eyes seemed to have an x-ray function, because her gaze went from leering to plain lecherous the further down Santana's body they traveled. They danced closely and with Felicia grinding expertly into her and pulling away at all the perfect time, it was enough to make the shorter woman grit her teeth in frustration.

It took one and a half songs before Santana found that she had reached the aforementioned point of not being able to take the teasing anymore and when she said as much Felicia wasted no time pulling her out of the building and to the parking lot. Santana took the lead from there, taking the woman to her car and thanked her lucky stars that she had come to Stellar and that she kept her place tidy. The car ride was silent, but screaming with sexual charge, Felicia played idly with Santana's hair and damn near caused her to kill them both when a pale hand rode exceptionally high up her thigh.

They arrived at her apartment in record time and Santana led them up to her door feeling a nervous anticipation of what was to come. Unsure of how to instigate their liaison she opened the door and turned around trying to think of something clever to kick things off but Felicia clearly already had the next move in mind. The stunning blonde pounced, kissing her deeply the moment she had turned around, her tongue exploring every inch of Santana's mouth as she pushed them inside and kicked the door shut.

Santana went with the flow and kissed her back, getting lost in the sensations that were overcoming her once again from their dance. In between their fevered kisses and their aimless stumbling they ended up on the couch, and a second later Santana realized that Felicia had somehow worked her pants off. She would have said something if the action hadn't been immediately followed by strong flexible fingers being pushed deep into her most intimate place. Gasping in surprise she held the other woman closer as Felicia began to expertly work her fingers in and out at an unforgiving pace. Desperate to make the encounter last Santana gripped hard onto the arm of the couch over her head, but the intensity of the pace compounded with the fact that she hadn't so much as masturbated in almost a year meant she didn't last long.

With a loud cry her legs began to quiver and her breathing went out of control, the blonde didn't seem to notice or care because she kept up the same movements now shoving Santana's shirt up under her arms. A black lace bra was between Felicia and her goal and in the face of her lust it didn't stand a chance. The delicate fabric was unceremoniously ripped away leaving her to take a full breast into her mouth nibbling and sucking on it moaning in a totally wanton way.

Santana's hands found blonde hair and pulled her head closer as she switched between breasts only pausing to suck roughly on the exposed skin between them. Under her oral ministrations Santana felt a second orgasm building quickly and decided she had to do something to distract the other woman or she was going to embarrass herself again in the next ten seconds.

Without really thinking about it Santana pushed her thigh between Felicia's legs and was surprised at how wet she was, it was almost as surprising as the knowledge that the she wasn't wearing panties in that skirt. But she decided it didn't even matter as she began to rock her leg into that heat and gave a satisfied smile as the blonde halted her internal explorations and pushed back, her breathing fast and heavy.

The ploy seemed to have worked at first until Felicia's fingers began to move again, the brief reprieve had allowed Santana too cool down slightly, but she realized the error of planning to hold out while having a beautiful woman getting off on her thigh while moaning into her chest and fingering her simultaneously. And despite all that she had a chance, a small one, until Felicia located that special area inside her that made her vision blur and her mouth hang open with a slight graze. Zeroing in on that weakness Felicia pressed into that same spot over and over as she kept her frenzied pace within Santana. The brunette cursed loudly as she came again, but felt slightly better as Felicia followed her shortly coating her thigh in even more of the slick heat.

Santana gasped for breath looking down at those lively blue eyes and decided that this was the best birthday she'd ever had.

"That was amazing," she panted not knowing what else to say.

A wicked grin slid onto the beautiful face, "Oh honey I'm not even close to done with you."

She gulped audibly as Felicia moved to kiss her deeply once more before sliding down and burying her face between Santana's legs.

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