WARNING: This is NOT a Fan-Fiction, I wrote it for fun. :P

I see my dog Rufus sitting at in my window watching the rain drizzling down the pane. Yes my dogs name is Rufus,my brother named him.

"Why is it raining?" Asked my brother Kurt.

"Because the angels in heaven are peeing." I reply.

"Well angels are stupid." He snarls.

"Don't you ever say that again!" snapped my mother.

I tell my mother I'm going for a walk and I grab my raincoat, and head out the door. As I walk down the street I notice a house that was burned down. But I don't know why. Maybe it burned down while my family was on our vacation. No, I think to myself. I don't know why or how it burned down but I am going to find out!

I texted my mother and said I was going to my friend Mercedes house.

-I'm goin to Mercedes house, be home in a bit.

- OK love u.

Once I had got to Main Street, I stopped at the candy store and bought some twizzlers for me and Mercedes. Finally I was at her house and she opened the package of twizzlers.

"Did you know the old Sanders house burned down?"

"No" she replied

"we should go check it out"

"I'm not allowed out today, my mom says I'll get a cold"

Since Mercedes isn't allowed out, We make plans to check it out tomorrow after school. After a few hours and a couple handfuls of twizzlers I head home.

I get a text message right when I enter my room. It says:

"I know you but you don't know me. Don't go in that house. You WONT come out."

Who was this person and why were they texting me? After thinking awhile I fall asleep.