Hey, so I was watching Oceans eleven last night which made me think of writing this story. This story takes place in ocean 12 but with the five o team around at the time. I don't own any of them obviously but I can still pretend. I hope you like it.

Chapter one:

Troubled Water

Walking into the bullpen, Steve thought back to the weekend that he spent with Danny. They had taken Grace to the beach, and Steve had finally started to teach her how to surf.


"How do you surf so well," Gracie chirped walking with her Steve up the beach toward her waiting father. "I will never be as good as you."

"You will, don't worry, but I have been surfing for over twenty years now. Give it a little while longer before you start doubting your skills. Plus, you have the best teacher around." Steve gave the nine year a soft pat on the back before they reached where Danny was sitting.

"Hey, Monkey, you looking good out there. Soon you will pass Steve up soon." Grace giggled as Danno grabbed her waist and dragged her down to ground and started tickling her. The scene played out for a couple minutes before Grace finally put her hand up in mock surrender.

"You win, you win, I will turn myself in peacefully." Grace sighed and rolled out of her fathers grip and sat down on the beach blanket. Steve sat down on Danny's other side. "Can I go try and find sea shells, daddy?"

"Yeah, but stay where I can see you." Both Danny and Steve watched her skip down the beach and toward the water. Leaning back on his elbows, Steve couldn't help but think how perfect this day was. If only days like these would never end. Looking over at Danny, his short blonde hair shinning with the sunlight, arms and chest slightly glistening with water that Grace had left on him, Steve couldn't help but smile at the satisfied look on Danny's face. Leaning over Steve quickly planted a kiss on Danny's lips. Danny turned to look at him with a small smile on his face, he lifted one eyebrows at him before leaning closer and kissing Steve more passionate this time. "I love you, Danno."


He walked through the glass doors, turning to look to see if Danny was in the office yet, he stopped on a dime when he saw Danny at his desk with an older man leaning against the other side staring down at him. Danny looked absolutely stunned, his eyes were bigger than Steve had ever seen them. It looked like Danny had seen a ghost. The man that was leaning across the desk at Danny, looked to be in his forties, had on an atrocious grey suit on with a white neck tie around his neck. Overall, Steve didn't like the new addition to the bullpen, it wasn't until Danny made a move to stand up that Steve saw the two big goons standing in the corner of Danny's office. They were dressed way to formally for being in Hawaii. The man leaning over Danny's desk, took a step back and stood straight, and slammed a walking cane down on Danny's desk. Before Steve could think of what he was doing, he had stormed into Danny's office, " Who the hell are you?"

"My, my, my, you must be Steve Mcgarrett." The man didn't wait for an answer before he stuck out a hand for Steve to shake. "Im Terry Benedict." Steve didn't bother t shake the man's hand, instead he just glared at him waiting for an answer to his original question. The two goons had come up and were now flanking their boss. "Fine, I see that manners aren't in your game plan for today."

"I will only say this one more time. What are you doing here?" Steve was beyond confused at this point. What could this guy possibly want with Danny and why was Danny sitting like a stone?

"I was just paying a visit to my old friend Danny, here." Benedict stopped to take a quick look back at Danny, in which Steve clenched his fists harder together, then Benedict was looking back at him. "Don't worry, I will get out of your way." Benedict walked past Steve, his two goons following him. Before he left the office completely he turned back to the two stunned five-o members and added, "Have a great day Steven and Danny, remember, two weeks. See you soon." Without another word they were gone, leaving complete silence in their wake.

Steve looked at Danny, who had still not moved or said anything since Steve walked in. Walking closer to his friend, he kneeled down, wrapping his arms around the man's shoulders and brought him in to a soothing hug. "Danny, babe, can you hear me?" Steve felt Danny's head nod slowly. "Who was that guy?" Nothing. "What did he want?" Again nothing. "Danny, you have to talk to me. What did he do to you?"

All of a sudden Danny got up and stormed out of his office, Steve following right behind, trying to grab Danny's arm. Danny shook him off though, "I gotta go. I'm sorry, but I just have to go. I love you." Steve just stopped and watched Danny storm out of the office. What the hell is going on here? What did that Benedict guy say to him? What the hell am I going to do now. What will happen in two weeks?


Danny got to the office earlier than normal yet and was only half surprised that he was the first one there. Turning on the coffee pot, Kono was better at making the coffee, but you never learn if you don't try. He then proceeded to go into his office to get a start on the mountain of paper work that he had yet to complete. They had just finish a long, high profile case that involved numerous threats on Governor Dennings. They had finally found that the threats were just a distraction so that a major russian crime family could start their empire on Hawaii as well as the mainland. It took nearly three weeks to track down all the head people of the organization, but by the time they caught everyone Danny was weeks if not months behind on all the paperwork. It didn't help that he would have to do Steve's too. His mind couldn't help but go back to the past couple of months that Steve and him had officially been a couple. Laughing slightly at the memory of when they had finally decided to tell Chin, Kono, and Lori. The look on all their faces was priceless. Kono was the first to talk, "It is about time you two finally got together." She had both Steve and Danny dumbstruck at that comment. Chin had just smiled and walked up and patted Danny on the back, while Lori ran up and hugged Steve congratulating him.

Danny hadn't found anyone in life than Steve, as annoying and reckless as he could be sometimes Danny wouldn't have it any other way. Hearing a noise come from the door of his office he expected to see one of his team but who he saw made his heart stop. This couldn't be happening. Not now. Everything was going so well.

"I have to admit, I was surprised when I found out your new career chose." Terry Benedict said now completely in Danny's office. "It's been a while, nice to see you again." There was a long moment of silence before Benedict leaned over the desk and got as close to Danny's face as the desk would allow. "Now is that a way to treat an old friend."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Danny sputtered, his brain still not processing what was going on. Benedict was dressed in his usually gaudy attire, Danny had never liked the way the man dressed. Danny might wear a tie almost every day, not that Steve would agree that he ever took it off, but he would never go out in public wearing any of the style of clothes Benedict wore.

"I am here, because I want my money back. You, and your group took a lot from me and it is past time for you to pay me back. Now, in most circumstances I would merely just kill you. So much more simple. However, I have been told to show some discretion in this case." Benedict smile at Danny like he was doing some great dead of good. Danny cringed slightly when Benedict picked up a photo of Grace, Steve, and him that was taken a couple of months ago. "So in this case, I have decided to give you some time to come up with the money that you owe me. I expect you have all the money you took from me with interests in two weeks. If you do not come up with every last penny that you owe me by that time," waving a finger the two goons who had remained silent up to now came forward and pulled up the bottoms of their shirts to reveal to hand guns ticked into the pants. "You will not have to worry about what your ex-wife is doing or what miserable place you are living in at this moment. Personally, I liked the one you were living in before this new one, much more class."

Danny just sat their for another moment, not knowing what to say or think. After what seemed liked hours, but probably was only a few minutes, Danny started to think threw the situation. "How do we know that you won't just kill us anyway. You have a tendency to screw people over."

"You don't but if you don't do it you'll die as well so really what do you have to loose."Neither man noticed that there was a new person standing outside Danny's office watching the conversation. "Plus, if you don't cooperate I might have to pay your partner a visit, Steve wasn't it. It might be nice to see the look on his face when he sees that you are the reason that he is going to die."

Danny had had enough by this point. No one threatened Steve, you can do anything you want to him but do not hurt any one that he cared for. Standing up ready to strangle the son of a bitch, he got an abrupt warning by the two guards who stepped back forward ready to protect their leader. Benedict stood up abruptly and slammed his cane down on Danny's desk, the force sending papers and pencils flying off onto the floor. "Watch yourself detective, you wouldn't want me to have to take this farther and pay a visit to your ex-wife and daughter, now would you?" Danny stopped his fight on a dime and fell back into the waiting chair beneath him. "Now, listen and listen well, you will get my money and pay me back every dime you owe or you will be dead. As painfully as possible I might ad, if you do as I say your family will have nothing to worry about. That I promise."

Without a warning the door to Danny's office flew open and a extremely angry ex-seal barged through and went straight for Benedict. Danny had no clue on what Steve and Benedict were saying all that was going through his head was that he was completely screwed. He had no choice but to do what Benedict wanted, if not for himself but for the wellbeing of his family. The family that he was going to have to leave. Stene knew, how was he going to explain this. He couldn't just tell them the truth, not after everything he had done while he was still in the crime circle. What would they think? How will they take the news that their friend, colleague, the person who fought to bring criminals in, the person that they had trusted with their lives was no better than the scumbags that they chased after and arrested on a daily basis. What would he do without Grace, what would he do without Steve? How was he going to tell them anything. All of a sudden he felt firm arms wrap around his upper body and Steve half yelling at him in his ear. Not trusting himself to talk right now, he just leant in farther so that he could feel what it was like feeling Steve next to him one last time. Even if he did survive the next two weeks, Steve would never want to be with him anymore.

All of a sudden he realized that he had to move. There wasn't much time to somehow come up with he didn't exactly know how much money. The next thing he new he was bolting out of the office without saying a word to Steve. He could hear him hollering after down the hall but at the moment he didn't care. He had to call Ocean. Waiting until he was in the safety of his car before pulling out his cell and dialing the way to familiar number. " Benedict is back. Do we have a plan?