Hey guys, short chapter, I know, they're the worst. But the way I see it, it made more sense to divide the next part like this. Sorry...

Chapter 2

Sam traversed the half-mile distance in a few minutes, leaping and using his Hook Darts to dodge and get around civilians. Some looked in shock, whereas others, who had seen his antics before, only looked with mild curiosity. He reached the would-be assassin just as they reached the White House courtyard, twenty yards from the White House Porch. Just as he tackled the man, his father, President Vincent McClaine, came rushing out, half a dozen advisers trailing behind.

"You, young man, get off of him! I say un-hand that man." Vincent yelled, his bright orange moustache and beard bristling, much like an agitated hedgehog.

Sam, using a voice modulator Leon had invented, spoke as he stood up, hoisting the attacker by the collar. His father didn't know he was an Assassin. In fact, his father didn't know that he was even still alive. "Sir, I caught this attacker. I believe he was trying to infiltrate the White House and take your life. Ever since the Split, as you know, there have been many attempts on your life, and the lives of your predecessors." Sam shifted his weight to his left foot, prepared to run if need be. He needed to maintain secrecy and not compromise the Order, a tenet of the Creed. Already he had badly exposed himself to civilians. Many would return to their homes, telling their spouses and children of a 'hooded, masked vigilante' prowling the streets. Noticing his wandering mind, Sam returned to the present moment, where his father was giving a lecture to him.

"Sir, one such as yourself shouldn't be so quick to judge. This young boy," Vincent gestured to the 'assassin,' who couldn't have been more than nineteen, "is a simple courier. Please, release him."

"Of course sir. I had better go then." Sam turned to the courier, "I apologize for disrupting your delivery." He turned back to the president and gave a curt bow, a customary sign of respect. And with that, he spun around and ran off, dodging citizens as before. He had to reach the Washington Assassin HQ.