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It was Robin's idea to get Mount Justice hooked up to Happy Harbor's telephone lines. It was M'gaan's idea to sever the connection three hours later when she went looking for the Boy Wonder and heard his voice, trapped in a strange gray rectangle with buttons and blinking lights.


"Hey, Artemis?"

"What, Wally?"



"...You just lost the game."




When Bruce and Clark had initially set up Mount Justice for their younger counterparts, neither had thought it necessary to insure any of the brand new, high-tech equipment they had installed. They recognized their mistake a month later when Robin, Kid Flash, and Superboy discovered Red Bull. Assessing the cost to repair all the damage done wasn't nearly as daunting a task as waiting out the trio's sugar rushes.


On a mission wherein the team was sent to clear up a minor toxic waste spill that had gotten too close to the originating lab's neighboring towns for comfort, M'gaan had found a stray kitten and begged the powers that be to let her keep it. She hadn't thought it pertinent to mention that she had found it rolling around in the glowing toxic goo until Wally called it a "Little punk" for stealing a bit of his freshly popped popcorn, and the feline responded by standing up on its back two legs, grabbing the rest of the bowl, and promptly stalking away after flipping him the bird. With both front paws.


Artemis knew that getting paid wasn't part of the whole superhero gig, what with "making the world a safer place being its own reward" and whatnot, but still, sometimes she would cast worried glances at her mother's haggard face after going a week without her medication or her arms would be so sore after a day of work as hero and handywoman that she couldn't help but wish that her job came with a few more benefits.


There was hardly ever a time that some kind of war wasn't waging inside Conner's head. But, he couldn't help but notice that whatever two sides happened to brawling at the time seemed to call a truce for the briefest of moments whenever M'gaan smiled at him.


The first time Kaldur realized the end of his time as the team leader was inevitable happened during the team's debriefing following the Reds Fiasco. When everyone had finished telling their sides of the story, all of the senior heroes in attendance had moved in to congratulate Artemis on a job well done. She immediately shook them off, saying that if there was anyone at all they should be congratulating, it was Robin because surely none of them would be alive had it not been for him. Everyone had accepted this answer and sought out Robin instead, but he had mysteriously vanished, leaving no one but the archer to bestow their praises upon.


The rich red color was bold, daring, and flirtatious. It was nothing like her insecure, calm, awfully awful self, M'gaan thought as she applied yet another generous coat. It was perfect.


Artemis had never been one to be candid about her emotions, but when she tentatively placed an ear over his chest and was greeted with silence, she started screaming, hyperventilating, and sobbing all at once and wouldn't stop until Batman, Superman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and he himself had assured her that he would be okay.


Tears in their costumes, rips in their capes, and cuts on their faces could all be fixed easily with a needle and some thread, in one way or another. The hole that wouldn't be so easy to fix was the one between Kid Flash and Aqualad in the next team picture.


Conner was certain that pillows were either square or rectangular, came in a multitude of colors, and were unnaturally soft, but perhaps this wasn't common knowledge to Martians. That was the only reasonable explanation as to why M'gaan so often mistook his arm for a pillow.


When Robin had gotten his driver's license, Batman had finally agreed to buy the team a car. They had all taken responsibility when it was totaled a week later, but Artemis still asserts to this day that it was Wally's idea to play Chinese Fire Drill when they weren't even at a stoplight.


The day M'gaan discovered Justin Bieber will forever go down in history as the one day Kid Flash and Artemis effectively worked together to bring down a common enemy. The tangibility of said enemy is irrelevant.


The Team Gale versus Team Peeta argument that had erupted at Mount Justice after the team had seen The Hunger Games was so great that it took six minor fires, seventeen successful pranks, four pairs of ruined shoes and over five thousand dollars in equipment damage before a truce was called. All in all, it was a very long and very stressful night.


The first of them to be invited into the Justice League was Robin, and this surprised no one. What had surprised them was his rejection of the invitation unless the rest of the team was to be inducted as well. Coincidentally enough, Kaldur had taken the stunned silence left in the wake of the scene as the perfect opportunity that to announce that he would be officially be stepping down as team leader immediately following their induction ceremony.


The generic group of thugs that had shot Robin were the first and last of their kind to ever attempt Suicide by Kid Flash. Batman and the rest of the Justice League were probably pretty intimidating afterward, too.


He knew she could change her face. He knew how uncomfortable she was with herself, how positively disgusted she was by the sight of her true form. But that didn't matter, because no matter what she looked like on the outside, her heart was still the same on the inside and he loved her for it.


Sometimes, they messed up. Sometimes, they were wrong. Sometimes, they were naive. They were never perfect. But, they were always themselves and they were always a team, and that was as close to perfect as possible, right?