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Each year, a different member of the team was tasked with organizing the annual New Year's Eve party - or rather, they were supposed to be. Kaldur was expected to do the job all the time after his turn because as it happens, Atlanteans really know how to party.


Accusations went flying the moment somebody discovered that the swear jar had been mysteriously emptied. Later, when Black Canary arrived at the Cave, she immediately broke up the battle, but said that their admonishing would have to wait while simultaneously postponing the training session they were due to have in a little while on the grounds that she had some serious shoe shopping to do.


Zatanna couldn't help but be nervous about meeting the young heroes that her father raved about. It was a private dream of hers to be just like them, but she had a feeling that she would never get to be a part of their team - they probably wouldn't like her very much.


It was fascinating, really, to sit down with his teammates and listen as they talked about the most interesting details of their lives growing up on different planets, underwater, and in cities that had vastly different atmospheres. He would get so enthralled in the stories being told that he would forget to be angry that he had nothing to contribute.


"Dude! You were supposed to stop back there!"

"Justice doesn't yield."

"Batman clearly shouldn't have been allowed to teach you how to drive."


Aqualad had a very difficult time learning how to organize all of the files that were passed to him as a part of his team leader duties. Eventually, he just caved and bought a computer, but not before the "Great Filing Cabinet Debacle" could be prevented. He's fairly certain he'll never live it down.


So offended was Artemis when she entered a convenience store and the cashier immediately pointed her in the direction of the bright and girly gossip rags that she bought several bodybuilding magazines and a small pamphlet on knife throwing. Cleverly hidden between the pages of one of her purchases was the latest issue of People that M'gaan asked her to get since she was going out.


In any other situation, the shrill noise would have been bothersome, but as the flames slowly started to settle and Superboy exclaimed that he could hear a faint heartbeat underneath the rubble, the sound was the most beautiful thing that any ear had ever known.


For a while, M'gaan entertained the thought that she was a little bit in love with Robin. He told terrible jokes, had a distinct laugh, dark hair, and he was the perfect gentleman, which was basically all the things she loved about her television crushes. If the roles of the cute height difference were reversed, she would have never had eyes for another.


There wasn't any reason for it that was ever verbally expressed, but the fact still remained that no one ever passed judgments on a mistake that another teammate admitted to making.


The team had the privilege of learning the fun way was that being outnumbered did not automatically mean they were at a disadvantage, especially if they utilized all of those nifty little tricks that they had up their sleeves.


Roy doesn't regret ditching Ollie. The old man had it coming. His friends, on the other hand, didn't deserve his hostilities. He may have claimed his reasoning for breaking away from everyone he knew was that he finally decided to grow a backbone, but when he seriously thinks about his attitude towards a few certain people since discovering his freedom, he tends to feel a bit like a spineless jerk.


As easily frustrated and surly as Batman often was, Bruce Wayne was famous for being perpetually carefree and difficult to irk so long as all of his favorite luxuries were available to him in earnest. Nonetheless, this never stopped a frown from marring his handsome face whenever his phone rang while he was out and "KENT" flashed across the screen in huge flashing letters.


There was no denying it; night-time security guards had it the absolute worst all the time.


For a brief moment, Kaldur debated going to check on whomever might be in the room that the crash had come from. Then he heard a laugh he would recognize anywhere coast over the unsettling din and wisely decided against it.


Everyone was aware that Artemis was most certainly not a hugger. Still, she always got pulled into the group hugs and she always got that same light feeling throughout her body whenever it happened.


Conner thought that he was completely educated in terms of understanding and communicating through the use of sign language, but he realized that he wasn't when he saw Wally give Robin a hand gesture he couldn't place once the two finished playing their video game. He made a mental note to ask about it later.


"What? I can't afford to pay attention to all of these lectures when I owe myself so much sleep!"


Approximately three things were bothering Superman: the thought that he had snapped at Robin mere moments ago without any prompting from the boy whatsoever and the usually confident kid responded by stammering some lame excuse before high-tailing it out of the room, the fact that Barry felt the need to very loudly inform him that Batman was seriously going to kill him this time afterward, and the little voice in his head silently albeit nervously agreeing.


Despite all of the evidence surrounding her broken figurine, M'gaan had a difficult time figuring out who exactly had obliterated her new statue. The broken pieces were lying in a puddle flecked with burnt cookie crumbs, and embedded in the rubble was a throwing disk and an arrow, not to mention it looked like a tornado had torn through the room.


Coming up with sayings that would promote the Justice League was supposed to be an off the beat and path activity that in theory, would promote the importance of creativity to the teens. It possibly would have gone off without a hitch if some guidelines were set for what words were and, more importantly, were not considered appropriate to use.


Holographic computers were a blessing indeed. A regular old plastic device would never be able to endure one of Superboy's typos.


The hallways of Mount Justice were rather confusing. They were spread out in such a way that didn't compromise the structure of the actual mountain that housed it, which meant there were awkward turns everywhere as well as the occasional hallway to nowhere. It could really make running for your life a more tedious task than it usually was.


The only explanation for the incident offered up to the very confused bystanders were but mere murmurings pertaining to how startling Robin awake from his nap seemed like it would be a funny thing to do at the time.


According to her Uncle J'onn, trying to flawlessly blend in with the Earthlings would be a waste of her energy. Instead she should embrace her differences and...he did say more, but she stopped listening due to the chilling hopelessness that suddenly overwhelmed her.


After the accident that caused his king to lose a hand and have it replaced with a hook, Aqualad could not stop gushing about his mentor's bravery to his teammates. Kid Flash, surprisingly, was the one that got him to finally shut up by asking what the point of the crooked end was if he wasn't going to be using it for fishing.


It was easily Artemis' favorite time of day. The cool darkness of the night never failed to comfort her when she was younger, just as the dark silhouettes of two figures leaping across rooftops in the distance always did. Now, she prefers to do the leaping herself, but she always remembers to salute the shadows of her former heroes if they pass by.


Eyes held so much raw emotion. It was frightening.


Originally, Wally despised the name the papers had given him when he first started working alongside his uncle. Kid Flash. It sounded like there was no effort put into it at all. He tried to get a series of different names to catch on, but they never managed to. The youngest speedster accepted defeat gracefully and jotted down his favorite attempts on a sheet of notebook paper which was then tucked away somewhere safe in case Team Flash ever got a third.


For reasons that were pretty obvious, Kaldur didn't know how to ride a bike. For the very same type of reasons, the team's various attempts at teaching him ended in total disaster.


"You hear that? We were relatively satisfactory!"


A mental note was made then and there: unhinged car doors make excellent makeshift shields. It proved to be a useful thing to remember.


One thing that apparently wasn't a requirement for superheroes to have was dignity, or at least that's what the boys yelled at their mentors when they realized that a double-cross had occurred sometime during the game.


Oh, how the girls had come to dread hearing that word tacked onto the end of a sentence.


There was a brief period wherein Robin was determined to make a future career out of becoming a magician. Surprisingly, Zatanna's expressing a similar sentiment had nothing to do with his choice. He simply thought he had the perfect skill set for the job, and it turned out he was right, though his dream changed not long afterward into becoming something cooler.


Kaldur tried to quit the team once. Perhaps he would've actually stuck with it if he remembered to disconnect his communicator from everyone else's.


Sometimes, the particular brand of comfort that came with a person's silent company was nice, but other times, it was even better to hear someone confidently affirm that everything was going to be okay.


They went through a lot of televisions.


To his friends, the most upsetting things about Roy leaving home was that he never really got a new one. Of course, this never bothered him. Honestly, it was something that hadn't crossed his mind once, and he convinced himself that he hadn't time to care about it.


" - french the llama, Batman!"


Happiness was decidedly the best and most common emotion shared among them.

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