One Shot—The Truth

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"Why can't you listen too me!" Juliet said yelling at Shawn.

"Jules I listen too you I am trying too but your not understanding"

"I understand completely!"

"All I asked was if Gus could stay a little while longer and you get all pissed off" Shawn defended himself. Juliet sighed.

"Shawn I understand that Gus is your best friend but your my boyfriend I can't have Gus being here now!" She said tears streamed down her face he walked over too her and held her tight she fell apart in his arms. He sat them both down on the couch.

"Jules what's going on if you don't want Gus here I'll tell him?"

"No it's just I need you now more then ever" She said between sobs. Shawn looked at her confused.

"Are you hurt?" He asked her she wiped away the tears from her eyes and nodded no. "Then what's going on?" She looked away from him.

"It's nothing" She lied.

"Jules what ever it is you can tell me. Please I want too help I Love you so much Marry me?" Jules looked at him Shocked.

"What?" he pulled out a bod and opened it. "Shawn..."

"Don't say no please I love you" she kissed him and the minute there lips met sparks flew. Juliet pulled back for a second. He slid the ring on her finger perfect fit.

"Yes but I need too tell you something."


"I'm pregnant Shawn." a huge smile appeared on his face.

"I love you so much Juliet!"

"I love you too Shawn!"

The End

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