'Look, there's this guy, Marcus Cole... not Primal Cole... Praetorian Cole. He's not good like everybody over there thinks, He's bad. Real bad. I... found something out. Something that nearly cost me my life. I ran. I had to. I made it to Primal Earth,with hordes of PPD on my tail, but this guy, names Agent Reiko, saved my life. He helped my fight off the advance troops, then hid me away, gave me a new life. I owe him everything.'

I'm a loyal Praetorian. There is none better than Emperor Cole. He's dealing with the Resistance, and the Destroyers, and everything else. Praetoria is a peaceful place.

Why can't I believe that?

I've been hearing things from higher up... I've been taking orders that are getting worse and worse. Not strategy wise, just... ethics wise. I've been told to do things, things that shouldn't be done. Kidnapping, stealing... But I do as I'm told. I... saw a guy who disobeyed orders dragged off to Mother's hospital last week... When he came back, he was... different. Still acted the same, still talked the same, but... At least I haven't been asked to murder anyone... yet. If I am asked to do that, I don't think I'll be able to do it... And I don't want to end up a drone. I should be alright, for now, but I might have to start thinking about ways to escape..