A Day in the Life

This is what happens when you're sitting for an hour getting your head stuck with bobby pins and becoming more parts hairspray than hair. Apparently my own hairstyling abilities are not satisfactory for a wedding, so a certain parental unit "suggested" a hair salon. This is my consolation.

Here she stands, afraid and alone Covered in blood that isn't her own

There he lies, barely awake Praying the red all around him is fake

There's no escape this time, no Doctor, no friends This is the day Rory Pond's life ends

His life doesn't flash lightning quick 'fore his eyes He sees only Amy's white face as she cries

He doesn't need to remember, he's got it all there He only laments, as it's really not fair

He should die in this alley, not noble, not brave He holds out his hand for the one thing he craves

But Amy's not there, now where has she gone? He just starts to panic…then sees River Song

And a man with a fez and a far too big chin They each take an arm and they drag him within

A bright golden room with a metal grate floor He hears the familiar creak of a door

A shining light flows and it fills the whole place There's the groan of the engines as they blast into space

The light swarms around him, the pain now subsides He smiles with a sigh and says, "I love you guys."

So that basically all stemmed from the line "covered in blood that isn't her own." I don't know if it says anything about my personality that that's what popped into my head while preparing for my brother's wedding, but oh well. I'd love a review, as most people do, but really I'm glad to have just gotten through. Heh, rhymes.