Izzy's POV

It was eating me alive. I don't want you here anymore. What did I do? Everything was piling up on me Sam and the Elders me to end my 5 fucking year relationship wit Leah I was too much of a coward to face her she was everything to me I couldn't look her in the eyes and end it with absolutely no reason she hated me Jake turned his back on so did Embry, Quil, Seth and Jared to them I was already dead then I get home just so I could try and get some rest and my dad just…he kicks me out he told me I wasn't worth it I knew that his new wife had been wanting to get rid of me since her and Charlie got together but lately I had been seeing Charlie giving me those looks the ones of revulsion like he regretted my birth probably did I didn't know what to do or what to say here was my dad the one that used to chase the boogieman away for me and read me stories about aliens on the moon telling me how worthless I was how I wouldn't amount to shit how he wished my mom would have killed me…mom she didn't want shit to do with me either he told me how it was my fault she left showed me the letter blamed me so I ran jumped into my car everything he said to me fresh in my mind I had nothing except this curse I had nothing worth living for I didn't want to live anymore I was done I am done with all of it if I am so worthless why even bother today will be the day I die.

Your worthless!

The car sped up my heart ramming against my chest.

If it weren't for you me and your mom would still be together happy.

My eyes burned this was the first time I cried in years it was ironic they said crying was good for the soul my soul would be damned I would burn in hell for what I was about to do take my own life the day my soul cried would be the day I took my breath.

You never deserved Leah the only good thing you've ever done was free that girl of your diseased soul.

My car was now hitting an astonishing 120 it still wasn't fast enough I looked to my right and saw a silver wolf looking at me Paul he was reaching out to me trying to force his mind into mine it wouldn't work I cut off all the things around me including my wolf.

I wish your mother would have aborted you it would have made everyone's life easier your like cancer you ruin everything you come in contact with no wonder your mother ran I would have too I should have I thought I could change you make you better whereas I guess I failed.

I looked into my mirror and saw a police car with their lights on yeah right like I was pulling over can't hall a dead man off to jail now can you?

Leave I don't want you here anymore GO!

Those were the last words I heard my father say to me before he kicked me out of his house its funny those were the last words he had said to me and they will be the last thing I heard before I died. A deer jumped in front of my car swerving my car so I didn't kill the creature I lost control jus like I hoped the car spun a couple of times with enough force the car smashed into a tree still going 115mph I felt myself begin to slip into the darkness that I craved I walked to it willingly the last voice I heard before everything went black was: I'm not done with you son there's more to this then the pain live…live for those who will need you live for those who can't live without you.