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Leah's POV

A nurse escorted me out of the room so they could help her I walked back out to the waiting room everyone was looking at me I looked down to my hands which were shaking badly my mom ran over to me she wrapped her arms around me tight.

"What happened baby?"

"Izzy s-s-s-she's a-alive." I stuttered out my mom gasped. "She was d-d-dead t-t-then her hand started moving h-h-he said it was her brain was still sending signals but then the color came back into her face her eyes started moving and her chest was rising as if she was breathing they h-he said it was a miracle c-c-cause people don't wake up after 45 minutes of being dead." I hiccupped I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

"What are the doctors doing?" Paul asked.

"Surgery I think yeah surgery her wounds weren't closed." I answered hesitantly.

Izzy's POV

It felt like someone was roasting my skin I felt like I was being tugged into different directions like I needed to be here but something or someone not too far away was telling me that I was needed. I know that probably doesn't make a lick of sense but that's just how I feel my body feels numb like I got so tired of living that I crashed my car into a tree going 115mph oh wait I did do that until Death thought it would be a smart ideal to send me back. They had better not try and commit me cause fuck if I'm gonna be getting doped up in some asylum.

I told you I wasn't done with you.

I looked around I felt like I was surrounded in darkness that's when I saw it the man he was surrounded by these heavenly lights he had on a red fitted long sleeve shirt and black basketball shorts. He looked familiar in someway but it seemed like I couldn't put my finger on it.

"I know you somehow I just don't know how."

It could be the uncanny resemblance we have couldn't it?

"It could but its more than that it's like we got a bond or something I know you I just can't put my tongue on it how I do." I was starting to get real agitated I hated not being able to say things the way I want.

Not very articulate are you?

I started growling the man looked up at me in surprise. "Don't fuckin make fun of me! You don't fucking know me!"

But don't I? After all we are connected I know you just as much as you know me.


Why does it matter how? Why can't you focus on the fact that we are indeed connected? I mean we can play the games of 21 questions but really the games just simply leaves you with more questions and less answers I know you and you know me I know that you were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, Your Bi-Polar and you have a rare case of IED you were cursed to suffer mortal afflictions but you've overcome them most people with IED you can spot out with ease but you hide yours better you don't allow your illnesses to control you cause your above your mortal afflictions I know you Isaiah the real question is how much of yourself do you truly understand?

"Death basically asked me the same question what is it about me that I don't know? My name is Isaiah Milan Swan-Nihau I was born and raised in Forks, Washington my mom abandoned me and my dad when I was younger he blamed me my parents are Charles Andrew Swan and Renee Iyazi Nihau my best friends name is Paul Michael Lahote and the love of my life is Annaleah Marie Clearwater and I hate myself."

Why do you hate yourself young one?

"Questioning why I hate myself is like asking God why he put us here there are a lot of reasons but mainly it's just because I hate myself just cause."

One thing I can tell you is your wrong about your mom.


Your mom didn't abandon you or your father she had to choose Charlie learned her secret he put everyone including her only child at the time at risk it was either be who she is and not ashamed or hide who she was because Charlie didn't want her to be herself Charlie threatened to reveal her secret so she had to leave we all must do things we truly do not and leaving you behind with Charlie was one of those things.

"So it's not my fault she left but Charlie's?"

Yes it is Charles fault for your mother leaving listen we can't stay here forever sooner or later your gonna have to face what you did but don't you fret you got people watching your back.

"Why? I mean what's so important about me? Why is everyone so willing to help me now?" It was seriously starting to get to me I mean what the fuck I grew up knowing how unimportant I was and now everyone's in my corner what the fuck?

Is it really so hard to believe that people love you.

"Yeah…sigh…it kinda really is."

Then I must tell you that's a really sad life if you feel like no one loves you cause there are thousands who do your special Isaiah and even if you weren't an Active I think people would still love you I mean you got that broken hearted soldier thing down I hear women love that kinda stuff.

"Yeah but there's only woman I want to love me and I broke her heart."

If she didn't care about you Isaiah why would she visit you in the hospital everyday talking to you, yelling at you, crying out for you Isaiah if that is not love than I don't know what love is but I surely want what you 2 have she loves and adores you as you do her of course when you wake up not everything is gonna be rainbows and ponies but surely it will get better you just have to believe that it will you have to want it to get better you have to know that everything will work out young one.

"What did you mean by I'm special?"

All of gods children are special know that but you more than others.

"And why is that?"

Because you are what we call Active's there are more of you out there but out of the thousands you will come by you are the most powerful you're the one that contains the power that will save us all your what we've been waiting for within you is the moon and the sun you glow just as much as you shine within those 2 different powers holds the asset that will make you unstoppable.

"You just said a whole lot but all I got was sun and moon the rest was a pile of cryptic bullshit."

How bout this? Once you've gotten over the fact you are special and different then I'll explain to you how you came to be? Deal?

"Yeah I guess so how do I wake up?"

Then all you have to do is JUMP! I love that song.

"Still not helping me here."

All you have to do is jump.

He turned around and walked away but not before I saw the tear fall down his face he was gone before I could say anything I held my breath shut my eyes and leapt and just like that I awoke with a gasp.

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