The Last Wish

Chapter 1

Summary: Today, Naruto decided to confess her unwavering love for the Uchiha. But it hadn't been the day she thought she would die as well. So what happens when she is a ghost, and Sasuke can still see her? Warnings inside. AU. Rated T to be safe. FemNaru

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Today was the day…

Waking up to the sound of her beaming alarm clock, a tan, seventeen year-old girl rubbed her sleep deprived eyes. Little pitters of rain could be heard tapping along the tin roof, a slight wind whistling as it travelled. Cold air lay still in the small room, while its occupant lay cosily in the bed. Sitting up, blonde hair stuck out in many directions, goosebumps formed on the deliciously olive skin, causing a shiver to run up her spine.

She was actually going to do it….

Throwing the blanket off of her, long legs hung off the side of the bed. Raising her arms up, the female stretched her body in an almost feline way. Cerulean eyes opened, lusciously long lashes framing the beautiful orbs. Three whisker-like deep scars marring her cheeks, with layered blonde hair moulding around her face. Pink, sultry lips parted into a distinct yawn, insinuating the lack of sleep she had gotten the previous night.

Today mattered more than anything….

After having gone to the bathroom, the well-formed girl made her way over to the mirror on top of the dresser. Eyes examined the figure currently occupying the reflective surface. Bruises ran up distinctively along the side of a perfectly toned stomach, with ribs partly visible. Long slender legs showed off her athletic form, muscles flexing under the skin with each movement she made. Silky, blonde hair, reached just below her slightly-below-average-sized chest, spread prettily around her. Reaching into her wardrobe, she grabbed out her school uniform. A clean, bleached white button-up long sleeved shirt with a dark green tie was dressed onto her figure, along with a matching pleated mid-thigh length dark green skirt. Knee-high white socks showed off her lustrous legs, along with slightly heeled black dress shoes.

She was determined to do it.

Collecting her hair behind her head, she tied it back into a high ponytail, letting her fringe fall around to frame on her face. Taking a step back, she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked neat. Walking back over to her dresser, she grabbed out her black school jumper, and headed over to her bedroom door. Walking down into the kitchen, she looked around the lonesome house. It was so empty. Packing her lunch into her backpack, she didn't bother grabbing breakfast; she'd be late to school if she did. Heading over to the front door, she grabbed the keys and went out, ready to start the day. Crisp cold air feathered her face as she walked along her street, light spits of rain hitting down onto the pavement. Looking around her, she looked around for that one person she was looking for. Upon not being able to see him, she felt her spirits go down a little. Until she noticed a familiar black umbrella with a certain clan symbol on it. Taking a deep breath, she felt her heartbeat race a little. Mustering up her courage, she called out to him.

"Oi Sasuke!"

The figure up ahead stopped his footsteps when he heard his name. A familiar face turned around to meet her, causing her heart to skip a beat. Dark raven locks fell around his face, with hair spiked up at the back. Deep onyx pools that held a stoic emotion, lit up in recognition as he saw her face. A tall, lean, masculine figure stood in the middle of the wet streets, looking back at her. The dress black pants making his legs look taller, along with the long sleeved white shirt and green tie, complimenting his pale features. Turning around to face her, he let a small, usually unseen, smile, adorn his pale face. Her breath hitched in her throat. That smile….. It made her speechless every time he showed it….. And the best part was….. She was the only one he ever did…


"Yo Teme! Why do you always have to beat me at everything? Do you think that you're that great?" A small 12 year old, blonde haired girl spoke to the slightly older male. An annoyed look gracing her cute features. A small, raven haired boy looked back at her. Examining the smaller child, he let out an exasperated sigh. She was just so annoying.

Sasuke Uchiha. Twelve and a half years old; Taller than your average boy; Athletic & Good Looking; Genius; Anti-social. Recently moved to Konohagakure due to his parent's divorce. He considered himself to be lucky for the most part; he still had both parents, despite the fact that they were divorced, he was intelligent, good looking, and his family was wealthy. But he couldn't stand all the god-damned attention he received from the screaming fangirls. All of them throwing themselves at him simply for the factor that he was an 'Uchiha.' If it meant that they would leave him alone, he would gladly give up the legacy. But he of course had to be good looking too.

The girl whom had just graced him with the new nickname 'Teme' however, was one of the few that did not fawn over the path that he walked. She seemed to actually detest him. For what reason, he didn't know why. But she was a trouble maker.

"I don't know what you're on about Dobe, but go away." He couldn't even remember her name, and nor did he care either. It had been like this practically the moment they had met, she seemed to hate his very existence, but he just didn't care for hers.

"The name is Naruto, you asshole!" His eyebrows shot up at the language that escaped the younger girl's mouth. Such colourful words were so uncouth coming from a female's mouth. He turned his lips up in repulsion. He let his disgust show visibly on his face, not even trying to hide it. His father always taught him to avoid girls whom were not raised properly, and this girl was exactly what his father described. He may not like this girl, but he did know about her. As she just so politely told him, her name was Naruto. He knew she was slightly younger than him. And also, she had no parents, he didn't know why, but he knew that she was an orphan. But he didn't care either.

Turning away from the girl, he made his way away from her. But she wouldn't have any of that. Grabbing onto his shoulder, she spun him around to face her, her face contorted into anger.

"Oi Teme! I was talking to you!" Clenching her fist tight, she swung it down towards Sasuke's face. But unfortunately for her, Sasuke was much, much quicker. Catching her fist in his hand, which he noticed would have easily broken his jaw bone due to the amount of strength behind it, he twisted her arm behind her back, causing it to be rendered useless. Unless she wanted a broken arm. Glaring at him hard as best as she could, she opened her mouth to retort an insult at him, but Sasuke beat her to it.

"Is that really the best you can do, deadlast?" What caused Sasuke to say such cruel words, he didn't know. But there was something about this girl that sparked a certain interest and attitude in him that he hadn't felt before.

Fuming at him, Naruto bit back.
"Oh yeah! Just you wait till I get my hands on you Teme! You'll be sorry!" Sasuke let a smug smirk form across his mouth at the insult. Something about this, made him happy. In some twisted way.

Naruto supposed that that was when their rivalry/friendship first began….

End Flashback

That had been more than 4 years ago. And so many things had changed since then. They'd grown up, fought, and somehow, in the end, they became best of friends. But something had changed with Naruto around a year ago…..

She noticed things about him she never had before then. She noticed how graceful he was with each movement he made. How gentle he was with her when she was upset. The special way he treated just her. And that was when she slowly began to fall for him. Fall in love.

For months and months she denied herself, telling her it was simply hormones. That there was no logical way that she would actually fall in love with the Sasuke Uchiha. He was her best friend; her rival. Never in all of her years of being alive, would she ever have thought she would consider ever wanting him to be her lover of all things. But fate had a funny way of playing out. Her feelings continued to grow and grow, with each passing day, she felt her heart begin to beat more rapidly every time she saw him. And today was the day she would actually tell him how she felt.

Everything that she buried deep inside the inner most depths of her soul, she was going to tell him. Today would either make or break the deep bond that they'd made together, and to be honest, she was scared.

Scared that he'd look at her with those detesting eyes that he gave his fangirls. That he'd reject her in a cruel manner, or worse. That he would never want anything to do with her ever again. Losing Sasuke was the worst possible thing that she could imagine, more so than being rejected.

But she had to try. She couldn't bury this forever. So she had to say it. She had to.

But it was still scary…

Gathering up all the courage she had in herself, she walked over to Sasuke. This was it….

"Oi Teme, I have something I have to t-tell you..." Minus one point for her for stuttering. She took in another deep breath as she waited for his response back to her. Eyeing his face, she noticed he rose his eyebrow at her, seeming to have recognised her strange behaviour. Sasuke knew she got embarrassed sometimes, that she'd get gloomy, but he'd never known her to stutter….

"What is it, Dobe?" His voice smooth and calm, the words rolling off his tongue. Yet behind the cool composure, a hint of confusion laid dormant. Deep onyx eyes looked over her in worry, locking with her crystal cerulean ones. Pink tints crossed over her scars as she became nervous as what she was about to say. As she opened her lips to speak, she found the words choked in her throat.

Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Maybe she shouldn't. Maybe they'll never talk again. Maybe he'll hate her. Or maybe…. He'll accept it.

It was now or never. Now or never.

Taking in one last deep breath, Naruto let the words come out on their own. She had no control over what she said, so she'd just say it.

"I don't know for what logical reason, but I've fallen in love with a bastard like you." Panting slightly, she widened her eyes at what she just said. That certainly wasn't a romantic confession like she'd hoped, where she'd poor out her heart to him. It wasn't feminine or girly like she thought she'd say it. Instead…. It just sounded like her. It didn't sound rehearsed. It just sounded like how she would talk to him. To an extent she thought that it was good, but it wasn't exactly a lovey dovey confession. But she supposed, it was the best she could do.

Locking her eyes onto his, she felt her heart drop immensely. His onyx eyes were widened in shock, obviously having not expected the sudden declaration. He seemed paler than usual, his whole body tense with not knowing what to say. His pale lips were thinned out into a line that neither had a smile or a frown. His expression was just total nothingness. His dark orbs held nothing; told her nothing of what he was thinking. She didn't know what to do then. She felt her body begin to weigh her down. She hadn't meant for Sasuke to feel troubled by it. And from the looks of it, she'd broken the very friendship she never wanted too.

God she was selfish. She felt so stupid. Why had she suddenly decided to do this? Oh, right. Because she was selfish. Looking at the ground, she felt tears brimming around her eyes, ready to fall onto the already wet pavement. At this point, she was soaked, her white school shirt see through and showing her bright red undergarments.

But she didn't care. How could she? She'd just ruined everything. By her own selfish mistake. But she was going to at least try and make Sasuke feel better. She let a bittersweet smile adorn her scarred face. Raising her head, she closed her eyes, keeping the same expression plastered on. She felt so stupid.

"Just forget it Sasuke, it doesn't matter anyway…. I'll see you at school hey?" With that being said, she ran as fast as her feet would take her. She had to get away from Sasuke before he saw such a pitiful face on her. She couldn't let her best friend and rival see her with such a pathetic look on her face. So she just ran. She didn't know where she ran too, she just kept running. Her soaking body shivering and close to hypothermia. But she just ran and ran. Thunder roaring in the distance. Running for more than half an hour, she began to feel her legs give way.

She'd ran away from Sasuke. Away from the mistake she'd just made.

Panting and wheezing, she felt her legs collapse beneath her, her body weight crashing down onto the road. Holding herself up with her arms, she stared down at the tar on the road. Her blonde hair matted and dripping with rain, stuck messily to her form. Her legs aching and cold. With her arms shaking, barely supporting her weight. She opened her mouth and panted. Exhaustion kicking itself in as she sat on the middle of the road. Tears that had been on the edging of crashing over her lashes, fell onto her hands. And she just cried. Sasuke didn't answer her, but he didn't have too. She'd known him long enough to know what he was thinking. That same look he gave his fangirls, was one, she knew, that if she stayed there just minutes longer, he would have given her. So she just cried. Why did life hate her so much? First she'd lost her parents, and now, due to her stupid mistake, she'd lost Sasuke.

The sound of running, heavy footsteps crashing into puddles could be heard coming towards Naruto. But she didn't care. She just didn't. So so stupid.

A massive honk distracted Naruto from her place on the road as she turned her head to notice an oncoming truck heading straight towards her. Her eyes widened as she noticed it was too late for her to move out of the way. Too late to go and reconcile with Uchiha.

You know how people say that when you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes? Naruto's just did.

A stomach curdling cry.

And it all went black.


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