The Last Wish

Final Chapter

Summary: Today, Naruto decided to confess her unwavering love for the Uchiha. But it hadn't been the day she thought she would die as well. So what happens when she is a ghost, and Sasuke can still see her? Warnings inside. AU. Rated T to be safe. FemNaru

Disclaimer: I take no credit for any of these characters, they belong to Kishimoto. I do however, own this story, you may not copy or proceed to use any of the ideas given through this story.

Two Days Later…

Walking through the school, Sasuke mechanically went through his day. Class; quiz; talk; eat. What he seemed to simply do since Naruto left the first time. He wasn't even sure whether what he'd actually seen of her had been real. Whether perhaps it was his mind playing tricks on him, and he was just so desperate to see her again that he'd made her up. He chuckled to himself bitterly. Imagine that, an Uchiha who was mental. That would be a headline in the paper. Almost as big as his father's news story. In frustration, he hit his locker with closed fists, as hard as he could. Why did God hate him so much? Why couldn't he catch a break? He came from a broken family, and now he was seeing things. What had he possibly done to deserve such utter bullshit?! Hitting his locker with his fists once again, he rattled the metal, a large dent caused on impact. A single pink envelop fell through the now bent door of the locker, fluttering to the ground.

Picking up the letter, Sasuke teared open the seam, not caring for its contents.

'Meet me behind the gym after school. –Sakura'

In frustration, Sasuke threw the letter back in his locker. Of all people, Sakura was one he didn't want to talk too. She had been Naruto's best girl friend for years, and had an unneeded crush on the Uchiha. Naruto seemed oblivious to these short comings the entire time she'd been alive, despite what the Uchiha tried to explain to her. Snatching his bag out of his locker, the Uchiha made his way to the gym. May as well get it over with.

**Scene Break**

Long, thick, wet grass was crushed beneath Sasuke's feet as he walked towards the destination. Rain continued to fall as it had nonstop for the past couple of months, sad and unwelcoming. The Uchiha's black umbrella protected him from any water that would have fallen onto him, deep puddles of dark mud sticking to his leather shoes. Sighing to himself, he waited for the one person he didn't want too. Looking around the oval, Sasuke contemplated memories he missed.


A large kick resounded through the air as Naruto hit the ball as hard as she could, kicking it across the field. Sweat gleamed on her forehead as she ran across the freshly mown grass. Sasuke offered to help her with her technique for soccer, seeing as it was a sport she seemed to want to play competitively. A black singlet hugged her waist as she ran, short light blue football shorts clung to her hips, slightly too big for her size. Her flowing long blonde hair was tied up into a high pony tail, tangled and messy from the wind. Dirt marked her face as a sign that she had fallen several times, with marks of dirt and green stains of grass sticking to her long olive legs.

Kicking the ball back over to her, Sasuke instructed her on what to do. She wasn't actually all that bad at playing – she just needed to kick the ball in the right place. Her aim was next to perfect, not a single flaw. But she somehow managed to hit it in the wrong place a lot of the time, causing it to go in a completely different direction. Smirking to himself, he watched as the blonde girl kicked the ball at him once again.

He was currently standing in the goal box, acting as a goalie for Naruto, the Uchiha easily stopped the ball from scoring a point. Throwing the ball at her once again, he lightly kicked the ball back over to her, encouraging her to try again.

The girl let out an exasperated sigh, seemingly hot and tired from having been practicing for nearly two hours. Placing her foot under the ball, Naruto lightly kicked the ball straight up, landing it straight into her hands, signalling to Sasuke for a drink break. Walking over to the stands, she sat at the bench.

"Dude. We've been at it for nearly two hours and I haven't gotten a single goal from you! I don't suck that much do I?!" Naruto spoke exasperatedly, wiping her forehead of sweat. Sasuke shook his head, seeing no real need to deem the girl with a response. Frustratedly, Naruto poured some of the water out of her bottle onto her face, trying to cool herself down. Crisp, burning sunshine smiled down at them as they sat there, taking a breather. Cicadas cackled in the long grass near the oval, as the heat radiated throughout the school. A soft, cool wind, whispered through the dry heat as it lightly massaged their sweaty skin. Leaning back, her arms against the seat supporting herself, Naruto breathed in happily.

"Hey Sasuke?" Her tone curious and questioning.

"What is it?" His tone seemingly snappy, but gentle. Wind rustled through his hair as he sat there with his eyes closed. Turning to face her, he urged her to continue on.

"Do you believe in true love?" Pink lightly tinged her cheeks as she asked the innocent question. Looking away from the Uchiha, she kept her ears open for the response.

Startled by the sudden question, the young teen shot up an eyebrow. Looking up at the sky, he watched as the clouds slowly travelled through the sky, providing little shade on the bright day. Wind lightly played through their hair, silently cooling them down. Looking back at his blonde companion, the Uchiha replied.

"They say true love never dies." His response was simple, neither indicating nor denying his belief of the question. It just was. The blonde gave him a curious look.

"Do you believe that?" She hadn't heard that statement before, so she was intrigued as to whether the stoic Uchiha actually believed in such a thing.

"I honestly don't know." Another minute silence followed after their curt conversation, before the Uchiha stood up, deciding they'd had enough of a break. Walking back over to his post – after having dragged a complaining Naruto back to the field, they once again began their little training session. Sasuke stood back in his goalie post, awaiting Naruto's ball. Naruto however made no action to kick, she simply stood there, contemplating something.

Staring at the ball, Naruto surveyed her current position. If she kicked for a certain spot in the post, Sasuke would catch it. If she kicked at Sasuke he'd catch it. If she kicked a certain way, he'd catch it. With Sasuke, it always seemed that it was a lose-lose situation, but everyone always had a blind spot, didn't they? Looking at Sasuke, she noted his defence seemed to be down partially on his left side, AKA, her right. However knowing the Uchiha, he would most likely have purposefully done such a thing – he wouldn't simply show a weakness. And if she dead on aimed for that spot, he'd most certainly catch it. Time to mix things up.

Taking in a deep breath, Naruto took a few steps back, preparing to kick the ball. Just as she was about to run, she took a few jumps up and down to warm herself up. Landing her feet back on the ground, the girl took a step forward. Followed by another, and another. Just as she was about to kick the ball with her foot, she angled it slightly, that way it partially rolled off her foot, but still went straight ahead. She smirked. Bingo.

Seeing the ball coming straight towards him, he sighed to himself, the blonde couldn't be any more obvious. Positioning himself to catch the ball, he was caught off guard when the ball seemingly changed direction mid-air. Instead of the ball heading straight towards him, it curved around his body to his left side, and straight into the goal. Sasuke was left standing there dumbfounded. How Naruto did that, he had no idea. But he was impressed – not that he'd admit that to her.

"Aw yeah! You see that bastard! I'm so pro!" She was jumping up and down at this point, and hastily make her way over to him, a large widespread grin on her face. Jumping on top of him, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Smiling at her, he spun her around, lifting her feet off the ground with her arms around him her only support. Releasing his form, she jumped away from him, her hands entwined behind her back. A grin still painted on her face, the sun shone brightly behind her.

Sasuke didn't need the sun – he already had his sunshine.

End Flashback

Looking up from the oval, he noticed a pink haired blob making its way over to him, a pink umbrella in hand. The thunder and lightning had ceased last night, leaving only the rain in its wake. Walking closer towards the pink blob, Sasuke soon came face to face with Sakura. Pretty green emerald eyes glittered in the rain, freshly applied foundation and mascara marking her face. Sakura wasn't an ugly girl by any means. But Sasuke had always found her to be so fake at times. She was always wearing makeup, and never let her natural beauty show. And she always seemed more fascinated with dating Sasuke then actually being his friend. But he knew that she actually did like Naruto, and wasn't just pretending.

Plastering on a fake smile, Sasuke waited for her to say what she wanted. A dark pink tinge crept onto her cheeks as she tried to process words.

"Sasuke…. I know the death of Naruto has you heartbroken…. But you have to know! I've always been in love with you…" By the time the pink haired girl finished her sentences, she was practically yelling them.

Looking at Sakura, Sasuke felt his eyes go blank. He honestly didn't care for such a shallow confession. Sakura liked him simply for his looks – nothing else. She didn't know his favourite colour. Didn't know what he was actually like. Just as he was about to respond, a head of long blonde hair behind Sakura distracted him. There. Standing behind the pink blob. Stood Naruto. A bittersweet smile adorned her scared face, as she slowly began walking away from the scene, not wishing to see it.

Sasuke, frantic that he may lose Naruto again, simply ran. Not bothering to give Sakura a reply, since he knew she would already know his answer, leaving her there crying. Running as fast as he could he followed the direction the blond went. Through the garden. Across the school grounds. Out the gate. Onto the streets. Sasuke didn't care how long it would take him. He needed to see her again. Seeing Naruto's transparent figure Sasuke yelled out to her.

"Naruto!" He yelled it at the top of his lungs. As hard as he could. Naruto, having heard his cry, stopped. Only to start running away even faster. Sasuke didn't want to believe that the very person he cared so deeply for would want to run away from him, so he chased her. And chased, and chased, and chased, and chased. Until Sasuke finally yelled out to her once more, his feet no longer able to take him any further.

"Damnit Naruto! If you really meant what you meant that day when you said you loved me, then stop!" Sasuke knew it wasn't a fair line to use on Naruto, but it was the only thing he could think to say. His entire form was soaked, his uniform was see through, and his umbrella was long gone, having been thrown in the beginning of the chase. He was cold and tired, simply ready to break down. He didn't want to lose her, not after he'd just gotten her back.

As soon as Naruto heard those words pass through his lips, Naruto halted her steps. Her back facing Sasuke, unmoving. Having seen Naruto stop, Sasuke began to slowly walk towards her, until he was only several foot steps away from her form. Taking in a few deep breaths, Sasuke spoke.

"Face me." It wasn't a demand. It was a plea. Sasuke very being wishing for Naruto to comply, which she did not. It's not because she didn't want too. It's because she couldn't. She couldn't find the strength within herself to turn to the one person she'd have to give up – but never wanted too. Her fists were clenched at her side once more, her only restraint.

"I said face me, Naruto." She didn't.

"Naruto…" He whispered her name. "If you truly love me, I beg you. Face me." He was shivering and scared, worried about what may happen. Hope flittered within the pit of his stomach, as Naruto slowly, but surely, turned around too him, her eyes meeting his. Cerulean pools of crystal locked onto deep pits of onyx as each spoke emotions that could neither be said nor put into words. So Naruto simply spoke what she wanted to say.

"Sasuke, go be with Sakura. I know you don't like her much, but she is a lovely person. And plus she's real. She's alive. You can't spend the rest of your life with me – a dead person." As Naruto spoke those words, she tried her best to keep a brave face, but was failing immensely. Frustratedly, Sasuke worded back.

"I can't be with Sakura, I just can't." He brought his hand to his forehead, wiping some water from his face. Light bits of rain continued to fall, slowly receding.

"But you have to! Damnit Sasuke! You have too!" Naruto cried out, unable to contain herself. She couldn't let Sasuke waste away his life for a friendship with a dead person, she just couldn't. Bringing her hands to her face, Naruto sighed. She wasn't going to cry, not for the last time she would let herself see Sasuke.

"But….. I love you Naruto." Sasuke silently whispered, the words rolling off his tongue. They were so gentle and few. But they told so much. So much he didn't get the chance to say before.

Raising her head to look at him, Naruto's eyes widened, the world seeming to stop in that very moment. As the words spilled from Sasuke's lips, Naruto felt everything crash around her. She knew she couldn't give Sasuke up, and she never would.

"But when I confessed to you, you-" Her words were cut short by Sasuke.

"You ran away before I could even say anything to you damnit Naruto! I was just so shocked when you decided to tell me that I didn't know what to do. I love you Naruto. Damnit. I love you." Sasuke said to her, not knowing what else to say.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. But they weren't tears of sadness – they were tears of joy. Sasuke, her best friend and rival, her crush, was in love with her. Words couldn't describe how happy she was. She didn't know what to do, other than cry. The rain had stopped drizzling down on the two, little brisks of sun seen hiding behind the clouds.

Sasuke stepped closer towards her. Repeating those three little words that meant the world to Naruto.

"I love you."

Bringing his lips down to hers, Sasuke lightly pressed them onto Naruto's. Both people closing their eyes, wishing for the moment not to end. But they both knew it would have too. By the time Sasuke opened his, the girl he loved had already vanished before his eyes. A single tear slipped down his cheek as he looked up at the sky, the sun coming to shine out from behind the clouds.

He'd finally gotten his sunshine back.

"They say true love never dies."

"Do you believe that?"



Well guys this was the final chapter (: Tell me what you all think! It's been amazing writing for everyone :D
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