Hey Princess
A Sisters Grimm Fan Fiction
Chapter 14

Sabrina figured that her best tactic was to try and stall Mustardseed until Puck returned to Faerie. After all, she'd stopped carrying the wooden flute around with her at all times ever since Puck had returned to her. Clearly she'd need to start carrying it again, because it acted as a safety precaution that could save her from just about anything. But, she'd stupidly stopped carrying the wooden instrument just as she'd stupidly allowed her anger to get the best of her once again, something she'd stopped doing long ago, when she'd learned to control it just a little bit better. Since she didn't have any means of escape on her own, she was going to have to try and stall Mustardseed and distract him as best as she could.

"What are you looking for?" She asked curiously, walking towards the desk and plopping down into one of the comfy, fluffy arm chairs that were positioned in front of it for anybody that Puck was in a meeting with at any particular time. She crossed her legs and leaned forward, doing her best to act as innocent, naive, and merely curious as she possibly could. If she acted as if she were fine with being the helpless victim, perhaps her plan would work just a little better than it would if Mustardseed realized how smart she was when it came to dangerous situations that seemed hopeless.

"Something to ensure that my idiot older brother who doesn't even care about being the king can't claim his rightful place as king," He answered, not bothering to look up from his search to look at her. And he didn't even give her a good answer that made any sense. All his answer did was confuse her. It didn't tell her anything more than what she could already assume from his actions and his secrecy.

"Do you have something specific in mind or are you just, you know, looking for something that could get him into trouble?" She wondered, leaning forward even more and resting her elbows on the edge of the desk, her head balanced on her hands.

He didn't bother to glance up at her. She was going to have to work a little bit harder.

"Because, if you had something specific in mind, perhaps I could assist you in finding it," She suggested.

She knew it was wrong, because it would only end up hurting Puck and causing him trouble, but she needed to do something to prolong Mustardseed's success in his search, and she was desperate enough to try anything at that point.

"Why didn't I think of that..."Mustardseed frowned, shaking his head. He glanced up at her and studied her face for a second. "I'm looking for a paper that he signed back when our father first died. The one that gave me claim to the throne. If I can find that, than he has no right being the king. He gave up his right by signing that paper," Mustardseed explained.

Sabrina knew exactly what paper he was looking for. He'd told her about it when he'd first returned to her after his mother's death. And he'd also told her how Titania had veteo-ed the stupid paperwork, since she was still the queen at that time, making the paper no good. The contract had been ripped to shreds and gotten rid of, the remains tossed away at Sabrina's house, long gone by now. But Mustardseed clearly didn't know that, and Sabrina was going to play dumb as she helped Puck's brother look for a non existent piece of paper.

"Oh, he's told me about that! Let me help you. I think he said something about putting the paper in his file cabinet-that one over there with the padlock on it." She said, gesturing towards the large file cabinet, that had a padlock on each drawer, keeping it locked tightly shut. Mustardseed turned to her and gave her a disbelieving, somewhat angry, exhausted look as he rolled his eyes. Clearly he was wondering what good her words were, if he didn't know the combination for the lock. "Oh, he told me the combination before as well. Hmmm, what was it again? Just give me a couple of seconds to think, alright? I think...it was his birthday!" She exclaimed, knowing for a fact that was a lie.

After all, Puck had never once mentioned anything about where he kept important documents. She didn't have the slightest idea what he kept in that stupid file cabinet-it was probably empty for all she knew. But she wasn't going to question anything about it or give any clue that she really had no idea what she was talking about. She would keep guessing random things that she was sure wouldn't have to do with the combo-she was sure he hadn't taken the time to personalize the numbers into anything that mattered-until Puck burst through that door and saved her, doing whatever he deemed as necessary to punish his brother for whatever traitorous acts he was performing.

"His birthday? His damn birthday? How the hell am I supposed to know his birthday? He doesn't even know his birthday. Do you know his birthday, because I don't. We've never celebrated it in the four thousand five hundred years he's been alive." Mustardseed complained. Sabrina didn't know if it was sadder that Puck had never had a birthday before-which was something she now vowed to change as soon as possible-or if it were sadder that his brother didn't even think it was important to remember the date of his birth.

Of course, it was probably something to be said that Puck didn't know his own birthday either. That was just as upsetting as the lack of celebration in four thousand and five hundred years of existence and nobody even bothering to know the date. How could somebody not remember their own date of birth? Then again, if nobody else had bothered, it was sort of hard for a person to remember themselves.

"Well, then, maybe he said it was my birthday. It's-"Sabrina began but Mustardseed waved her off, clearly telling her to shut up, because he knew her birthday. She watched as he put in the numbers, sighing in relief when it didn't work.

"Are you sure he told you the combo?"

"Of course I'm sure!"

"Well then, what was it?"

"What about our annevarsary?"


"Daphne's birthday?"


"Our first kiss?"


"The day we met?"

"Give me the date."

"How'd you know all the others but not-"

"I'm not all knowing! Now give me the date!"

"Fine. God, you're a little rude, you know."

"The date?"

Puck couldn't believe how stupid he'd been to think that Sabrina would actually just go home when she was mad at him.

Of course she'd want to yell at him. Of course she would travel to Faerie, all ready to properly punish him for his pranks after he multiple warnings for them to stop. And of course it had been stupid of him to go to her house.

Mustardseed's thoughts that Faerie would be the last place he'd look for her were utterly wrong and completely ridiculous. Of course he would think of there immediately. With the exception of Ferryport Landing, it was the only other place that tied the two of them together. And he had some crazy idea that she wouldn't be likely to go to Ferryport Landing when angry at him.

So he got to his kingdom and immediately got to his office, shocked to find the shut and locked. He cursed the fact that he never brought the stupid key with him. And if he'd been smart and had been using his head, he probably would have removed the flute from his pocket and played it, calling the pixies to come and assist him in breaking the lock so that he could come inside after their expert lock-picking skills. But he was too anxious to get inside and see what was going on. After all, the last time Sabrina had been in a locked room in Faerie, she'd almost been poisoned.

Actually, she had been poisoned. THe almost had been that she'd almost died. Puck wouldn't let her get in danger at his own stupidity again. So, he ran towards the door, crashing into it with his shoulder and cursing at the pain-he didn't even have the sense to use his magic to turn himself into some sort of strong animal to get to her. At least then his shoulder wouldn't feel like he'd just landed on it after jumping from an incredibly high height and landed on nothing softer than a concrete made street. Still, his plan worked and he entered the room with his now broken door to find his brother fiddling with his padlocks, twirling the dial while Sabrina sat in one of the arm chairs, a panicked look on her face.

"What the hell is going on in here?" He asked.

"Puck!" Sabrina exclaimed, jumping to her feet and turning around to race towards him, wrapping her arms around his neck as she forced herself into his arms, as he wrapped his own around her waist, holding her close.

"What the hell is going on in here?" He repeated, pushing Sabrina behind him as he released her and glared at his brother. "Why are you going through my file cabinet and how the hell did you figure out my combination?" He asked him, crossing her arms tightly across his chest, a hardened glare forming across his face. "And why was my girlfriend in here with you, alone?" He wondered.

"She was looking for her. She was awfully mad at you. And I'm trying to find the paper where you gave me the right to the throne. Remember when you gave up the kingdom? I'm done playing second fiddle to you. You can't just decide you want Faerie now that you can be with Sabrina and rule the kingdom. This isn't a game and I've wanted to be the king since I was little. I deserve it!" He snapped. "And I figured out that the combination was the day you found out you were going to marry Sabrina from your little girlfriend," He smirked.

"That paper I signed...are you freaking retarded? Mom put the axe on that when I came back. She decided that as long as she was the queen, she was going to make sure that I was the heir. You see, some people still believe in the traditions of Faerie. And you know that, you going through my things and trying to take the throng from me is considered treason. And that's a reason to be arrested and put in jail. And I'm pretty sure that me breaking the door down got the attention of the fairy god father guards." He smirked as he turned around. Sure enough, there were the strong, short, winged men. "Take him away," He muttered, stepping aside and wrapping Sabrina in his arms.

"I'm sorry I pranked Bradley. I'm sorry I wasn't here for you. I'm sorry," He whispered into her hair.

"It's okay. I'm not mad at you. I'm grateful you came when you did."

"Did he hurt you?"

"He would have, if you hadn't shown up when you did."

"Do you still have your flute?"

"I stopped carrying it around."

"Don't leave it home anymore."

"I won't."

"I love you. I can't have anything happen to you."

"I love you too."

"And my hero complex wouldn't be this mad if it weren't for how you always manage to get into danger!"

"Shut up," She giggled as she leaned in and kissed him.